CME hurled towards Earth from M1-class solar flare eruption

August 3, 2011EARTH-DIRECTED BLAST: Magnetic fields above sunspot 1261 erupted this morning at 0619 UT, producing a long-duration M1-class solar flare. At the peak of the action, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation around the sunspot: The blast also hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) almost directly toward Earth. Space-based coronagraph images from SOHO and from STEREO-A show the cloud racing away from the sun at almost 900 km/s. Minor to moderate geomagnetic storms are possible when the CME arrives on or about August 5th. –Space Weather
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24 Responses to CME hurled towards Earth from M1-class solar flare eruption

  1. Yamkin says:

    UK government has briefed the National Grid power company and their counter parts to expect a major solar storm anytime leading up to end of December 2012.

    The UK & US Meteorological guys are now working hand in hand in order to monitor the early stages of the major solar flare event.

    Due to the increased events of Earthquakes, Volcano eruptions and other disasters around the world, the UK government is preparing Marshall Law codenamed WATERMARK.

    It’s time to start preparing your survival.

    Governments & the elite have already got their underground bunkers to hide in.


    • andy says:

      i hope you are joking


    • Star1111Seed says:

      Yamkin thanks for the post. Some people think that when we talk about underground bunkers being prepared for the elite that we are joking. People need to wake up and get serious – if we can’t go then they much not go. Also a fact is that people are not putting pieces of the puzzle together fast enough and seeing one of the real reasons that so many people don’t have any money. No money = no place to go for safety.


  2. luisport says:

    M6-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: Earth orbiting satellites have just detected a significant M6-class solar flare. The source appears to be sunspot 1261. Increased energetic proton fluxes are possible in the vicinity of Earth. Stay tuned for updates.


  3. Desilk says:

    M6 this afternoon… its heating up!


  4. AWatchman4Him says:

    There have been four M-class flares in the last 24 hours, check it out.


  5. Cosmetic Brain Surgery says:

    M6 due on the 6th, sunspot 1263 shows potential for x-class flares. It’s going to be interesting…


  6. Kenny moore says:

    Look for ”scientists” to name the big flare to come after the MARIANA TRENCH! That is what I saw it was called in a dream I had from the Lord.


  7. I wish they would tell us what to expect. They must know by now.


    • Star1111Seed says:

      Douglas Allan Johnson

      You are kidding correct? Don’t you realize by now that they don’t intend to warn the public. As far as them knowing by now – they have know for a long time.


  8. Texas Listening Post says:

    It would seem that the sun, no matter how large it is, would have a CME that would suddenly turn the solar engine off. The sun darken as in scripture, maybe restarts maybe no. I think we are mislead by scientist about when this will happen. This sun event is always presented as far into the future. Do they really know, with any certainty, once a star becomes unstable the changes happen very quickly. It would seem that more accurate estimates are available of the amount of “fuel” the sun still has. How much fuel is lost if any by the CME’s?


  9. skywalker says:

    this m6 cme is hot on the heels of the m1 cme from yesterday, so be carefull if you go outside in a few days time , our magnetosphere is already weakened from the flare a few days ago, these 2 in succesion could be unpleasant , if sunspot 1263 also erupts in next few days with an x-class cme we could be in for a spot of bother .
    be aware , take care


  10. Pagan says:

    It hit 35.1c in my backyard yesterday where I live in South Australia & I’m not in the Northern part of the state. Never have I seen it this warm in early August. Ever. I am dreading this coming summer, we’ve had record amounts of rain which means new growth which means bushfires. It’s going to be a long, hot, horrid season.

    I’m no Scientist, but could these flares from the Sun cause these extreme Winter temps? I’m curious about it – From burning wood in a combustion heater for heat & then debating whether to use our air con in Winter two days later? well something just isnt right.



  11. The sun darken as in scripture, maybe restarts maybe no


  12. Desilk says:

    M9 flare @ 03:57am – 1261 strikes again!! What does it mean??!


  13. skywalker says:

    STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY: For the third day in a row, active sunspot 1261 has unleashed a strong M-class solar flare. The latest blast at 0357 UT on August 4th registered M9.3 on the Richter Scale of Flares, almost crossing the threshold into X-territory (X-flares are the most powerful kind). The number of energetic protons around Earth has jumped nearly 100-fold as a result of this event.
    so that makes 3 consecutive flares in last 3 days
    a triple whammy


  14. luisport says:

    This makes the 6th M flare since July 30th
    two of them being M9.3 Flares
    That is just under an X flare

    the last M9.3 just happened
    and produced a massive CME

    This IS earth bound

    M9.3 Flare on 8/4/2011 @ 03:57 UTC
    M6.0 Flare on 8/3/2011 @ 13:48 UTC
    M1.7 Flare on 8/3/2011 @ 04:32 UTC
    M1.1 Flare on 8/3/2011 @ 03:40 UTC
    M1.4 Flare on 8/2/2011 @ 05:19 UTC

    M9.3 Flare on 7/30/2011
    M1.1 Flare on 7/27/2011

    as of right now, we have 3 inbound CME’s
    the first one should arrive late tomorrow Aug 4th


    • Phoenix says:

      Ignorance is not bliss. In fact it will be deadly. Pull your head out and look around you. There are many eye openers to learn- starting with govt, Nasa, science, astronomy, the Ring of Fire,and in other directions-spirituality, Hopi Prophicies, Mayan ect.. Lets hope you are able. Study Nibiru and learn about it’s extreme electromagnetivity and the effects it is NOW having on the planets and the sun. These CME’s are expected and will get worse. And this is only the beginning……..


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