Russia, now France terrorized by ravenous wolf packs

July 31, 2011FRANCE – A bloody, stinking sheep’s carcass greets shepherd Yves Vignon as he walks to check on his flock on the foggy Alpine heights. It’s the 17th of his ewes to be savaged in a month. The mountains over Grenoble were once an ideal grazing ground for his 900 sheep. But now, after long banishment, the wolves are back – bolder and hungrier than ever. “We came to this spot on June 24. A week later we were attacked” by wolves, Vignon, 62, said. It was the first of at least four attacks over the past month. “Every morning when I get up, I wonder what I am going to find on the spot where the sheep have spent the night,” he says. “I’m not here to feed those wolves!” Wolves were eradicated in France in the 1930s, but made a comeback in the southern Alps in 1992, crossing from Italy. They have spread through eastern France, first to the Savoy and this year to the Vosges and Doubs regions. The predators have also appeared in the Pyrenees and in the heart of France in the Massif Central mountain range, but the government says these far-flung wolves also originate from the Italian pack. Regional authorities estimate the French wolf population at between 170 and 200 this year, up from 140 to 170 last year. The government says wolves killed 1329 animals, mostly sheep, in France this year up to July 22. “We are beginning to wonder if there is a type of wolf that has no fear … since humans are not doing anything to them,” says Pascal Grosjean, a French government wolf expert. One such pack of fearless wolves swooped on a flock in broad daylight under the noses of two shepherds and five sheep dogs in the Alps in November 2010, Grosjean said. –WA Today
See: Ravenous wolves terrorize Russia
contributed by Gen
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4 Responses to Russia, now France terrorized by ravenous wolf packs

  1. Gen says:

    Alvin, the Atlantic Ocean Air France crash mayhem.

    A grim sign of things to come.


  2. skywalker says:

    wolves dont “terrorize” they are calculated pack hunters that take only what they need to survive , and only kill the sick ,old and injured animals . they are an important part of the natural balance of nature. its a shame some people just dont understand this.
    since we humans have domesticated nearly all the herd animals that they would normaly predate on its no surprise they are eating sheep.
    in the usa the wolves have interbred with the coyote and created an hybrid species of wolf that has little fear of humans,but its unlikely they have crossed the sea by themselves.


  3. Ken says:

    Why don’t the shpherds carry hunting rifles with night scopes?


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