Cracks found in Mullaperiyar dam after tremor reported in Idukki district

July 30, 2011KOCHI, India – Three minor cracks were noticed on the top surface of the Mullaperiyar dam after the tremor in Idukki district on Tuesday. “The cracks are not serious and it is not clear whether they are linked to the tremors, or were caused by some other factors,” George Daniel, executive engineer of Kerala Irrigation Department at Mullaperiyar, told TOI here. The tremors caused no casualties or damage to properties. –Times of India  If the dam ever failed, it would be an unmitigated disaster. The government of Tamil Nadu has proposed an increase in the storage level of the dam from the currently maintained 136 feet (41 m) to 142 feet (43 m). The dam has a storage capacity of 443.23 million cubic meters. The Kerala government has opposed this move, citing safety concerns for the more than hundred year old bridge and especially for the thickly populated districts downstream. A 10-million-dollar 3D Hollywood movie inspired by these controversies, titled Dam 999, is scheduled for release in 2011. –Wikipedia
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3 Responses to Cracks found in Mullaperiyar dam after tremor reported in Idukki district

  1. luisport says:

    I know by my geology classes that the weight of the whater in a dam can provoque earthquakes bellow it, and even reactivate inactive faults… this is one of the most direct dangers to a dam wall. If the wall have cracks is a real big danger because whater will try to breack that weekness spot!


  2. luisport says:

    A computer failure has caused the emergency shut down of a geothermal power station in the Far North.

    Northland Police responded to reports of “strange noises” coming from Ngawha Power Station, east of Kaikohe, tonight.

    Russell Shaw, chief executive of Top Energy which operates the power station, said a computer failure and subsequent pressure build-up caused unusually loud noises.


  3. Dinesh says:

    It has been talked enough on the gravity of the impending threat of the eventuality. The Dam was built on a technology available 115 years ago and the slated lifespan at that time was 50 years. It has been well over the guarantee predicted. We have enough and more modern technological expertise and capabilities today than 100 years ago. Our nation has been famous for post mortem for any disaster than proactive measures to prevent them. Why are we waiting for another disaster of the centuary, when we can assess the potential threat and take preventive measure to save lives of innocents who are not aware of the threat. Every one has the equal right to live their in this world and deserve to be treated as human. We have several international organisations, who preach human rights and protent to be protecting them in the eys of the media and world leaders. Mullaperiar issue, in my opinion cannot be solves between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Even the Central Governent cannot solve thie issue. These are also politically motivated and injected to the ignorant people by saying Kerala is going to stopp water to Tamil Nadu. The leaders of politics are become true leaders when they guide the followers in the right path.This issue has to be taken up in my opinion to the United Nations level and find a suitable solution on warfooting as we are running out of time as “We are sitting on a Water-Time Bomb”. The water level has to be brought down to the safy level as recommended by the Experts forthwith.
    What are we waiting for??. The 999 years lease agreement signed prior the independence by the british ruler and the local king is no more legally valid. It has to be challenged?? Any common man can understand, how can any agreement be ratified for 999 years when then said property life was slated for 50 years when build and documented. In this case it would have been documented the course of action after the anticipated life of the Dam. The people who had made these have gone. Why the new generations have to put their life into risk in the name of agreement. We are fooling ourselves on a piece of paper rather than admitting the reality and finding a logical solution.


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