Canary Islands El Hierro seismic swarm breaches 700 events

July 30, 2011CANARY ISLANDS – Recently El Hierro volcano of the Canary Islands has been experiencing a seismic swarm beneath it, which as of yesterday reached to over 700 events. Most of these events have been at Magnitudes of around 2 (+/-0.5) and are clustered beneath El Hierro whilst the depths of these earthquakes have been roughly between 9 and 16 km for the most part, with the exception of a few shallower and deeper quakes, the shallowest of which has been around 4 km (as of 27/04/11 8am GMT for the plotted data below) but as shallow as 1 km following this. If we look at these earthquakes in two plots here we can see the clustering of these earthquakes is mainly confined to an oval area at 10 km depth. El Hierro is a broadly basaltic volcano which might have been active in 1793 although this is uncertain. –Earthquake Report
contribution Luisport
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7 Responses to Canary Islands El Hierro seismic swarm breaches 700 events

  1. skywalker says:

    wow things realy are warming up now
    hot , hot , hot
    the Earth is like a big pressure cooker , spinning on its axis .
    if for some reason the planet was to become affected by some outside influence that caused our speed of rotation to slow down, then it would only be the crust that would initially slow down,while the molten ,fluid insides kept on going. this would create friction from the magma on the underside of the crust , and we all know that friction causes heat .
    this heat would ofcourse create expansion of the magma and ultimatly cause the world to expand. and here inlies our problem, beacause we would expect to see tectonic upheaval and increased volcanism , uniformly all over the planet at the same time , as a direct consquence.

    this is just an observational theory of an effect with an unknown cause, and i hope its food for thought 🙂


  2. luisport says:

    Morten says:
    July 30, 2011 at 12:05
    Low frequency tremor increasing at Öræfajökull

    I guess it could be the weather, it doesn’t look good:

    Is there any GPS station nearby this volcano? I guess we would need to see a lot of signs before any eruption there as the last one was ~300 years ago


  3. Dov says:

    Fortunately, if I understand things right, El Hierro is not the major threat to the US east coast; La Palma is. Is this correct?


  4. luisport says:

    For those wanting new information on El Hierro:

    only twenty earthquakes today.

    Is you can read spanish, you can go to this forums.

    (forum of Canary islands residents)

    (meteorology and geophysics forum)


  5. carolyn says:

    This web site is really getting to me. I read this article in the morning before we went to the beach ( east coast) and I sat there looking out at the gorgeous blue water, imagining a Canary Island landslide and a mega tsunami coming my way……

    Oh well, it was a really nice day in spite of imagining such possibilites 🙂


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