5 Responses to Banks and hedge funds behind land grabs in developing countries

  1. collomoseti says:

    Let african land belong to africans,period.


  2. skywalker says:

    its an absolute disgrace.

    about 12 months ago there was a documentary shown on tv made by sir david attenborough , and he spoke about the worlds population increase in his lifetime and our ability to produce food.
    he explained that we have maxed out on our food production and there isnt anymore available land left to grow crops on that could sustain their production. he added all the hectares up from around the world and then divided that by our population. and it worked out to about 2.1 hectares per person. he then showed a world map and the figures for how much each country was actualy using/consuming. china was the only country that was at 2.1 many others were below that number,alot of them were below 3, europe was at about 5 and usa was at 7.

    its amazing that so few can eat so much and then complain about obesity problems, while there are so many that eat so little and have to rely on aid from those that are eating more than their fair share.
    there is so much waste its unbelievable ,and most people have no idea what its like to go without food for even 1 day

    i was a homeless person for a while a few years ago and i was dissgusted to see supermarkets throwing skip loads of food away every day, and not because it was unfit for consumption ,but because it had reached its shelf life. the food was still eddible for another few days ,but they would pour bleach over the food to stop anyone getting a free meal from their skip.

    there is no reason on earth that any human being should go hungry, but they do because of greedy corporations who’s only interest is profit.


  3. pam says:

    Unfortunately we have something similar here – well – not quite – but with the weather so bad this year for farming, we’ve got major investors going in and buying up US farm land. Now, you know THEY’RE not going to work the land, so it will get resold (I’m guessing) to big agri-business (unless it’s repurposed) –


  4. EdgarLongenecker says:

    Of course, to be culminated by shiploads of natives, being shipped to this country; gotten out of the banksters’ way, so their natural treasures can be exploited, and, American sheeple can subsidize their scams, by, supporting the displaced sheeple; as if, we need any more sheeple…


  5. sinoed says:

    They don’t want the land for food…just for bio fuels…so that the they can still feed themselves…after all why care about africa, they don’t care about themselves they just fight about who should be in power…mmmmmm just like the west really


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