4 Responses to Clandestine plan to decapitate top-level officials involved in Iran’s nuclear program continues

  1. Jake says:

    Can you imagine the sort of training, planning, expertise from the top to the bottom of this operation, that went into this necessary act or others Israel has carried out of this sort? It’s fascinating to me!

    If you recall, there was like 8-12 people implicated in that assassination of that Hamas arms dealer inside of that hotel room in Dubai, and that is a country you can basically “walk” right in to with the proper paperwork. How Mossad agents inside Iran manage to carry out their tasks is pretty darm cool if you ask me.

    If there are any ex-Mossad agents that visit this fine site and are viewing this awesome thread, and have infiltrated Iran to carry out a kill-mission, I’d love to hear exactly how that sort of operation is carried out. lol :0)

    The Lord God of Heaven and Earth watch over Israel whose redemptions draws nigh. Amen.


  2. Gen says:

    Jake, I don’t think Israel should automatically be blamed for these killings. I am sure there are many anti government, anti nuclear Iranians who do not want their country building nuclear weapons.

    Actually, I have been wondering if the whole US debt ceiling default matter has been engineered as a smoke screen to take attention away from other things. It just seems odd to me that this debt crisis thing seems to have suddenly come to the fore only a couple of weeks prior to August 2. Maybe it has been going on longer than the media has reported.

    Just a thought. Maybe I have been watching too many Mission Impossibles. Or Spy Game type movies.


  3. gopaul angappan says:

    Why target innocent individuals in a system not of their own making in such violent manner.
    Does he not have a mother father brother sister friends and relatives who love him.
    What about his wife and children
    This killing makes him a HERO in front of his close family and country MEN
    Killing at this Insane level does not make others run away but further unites the people to a cause whether right or wrong.
    US killing of Pres Salvadore Allende in Chile on 11sep1973 resulted in 911 bombing of twin Tower by Chjlian Youth.
    Guised as moslem radicals.


  4. Gen says:

    Jake was right. Mossad shot the scientist according the following link.



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