U.S. heat wave claims as many as 64 lives

July 27, 2011ILLINOIS  — The massive heat wave that baked half the country in triple digit heat indexes last week may have caused as many as 64 deaths in 15 states, the National Weather Service said late on Tuesday. Forecasters said the area still suffering from the excessive heat has diminished significantly, but some regions could suffer from a return next week. “The high pressure system responsible for the recent heat wave will remain in place across the central U.S. through Thursday, then a brief reprieve is in store,” a National Weather Service statement said. “The long-range forecast has heat rebuilding into the Central and Southern U.S. by early next week,” the forecast projected. On Wednesday a portion of the Central U.S., Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois, remain under excessive heat warnings. Most of the fatalities came from that region. Livestock has also been greatly affected by the heat wave. A poll of Iowa Cattlemen’s Association members indicates as many as 4,000 head of cattle died in Iowa. Thousands more cattle were likely killed in other states, the weather service said. Dal Grooms, spokesperson for the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, said farmers are doing all they can to protect their animals, but cattle are especially vulnerable as they don’t sweat and rely only on respiration. “I’ve talked to producers who’ve been out there just constantly looking for things to do to protect those cattle,” Grooms said. “When it gets to be hot and humid like this, it is just very difficult to stop all losses.” Some parts of Iowa last week had six or seven consecutive days with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and heat indexes as high as 110 degrees. The state remained under a heat advisory on Wednesday. –MSNBC
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4 Responses to U.S. heat wave claims as many as 64 lives

  1. luisport says:

    Tornado over Czech Republic. First one in history that has damaged private property.

    Local news report 15 destroyed roofs and one construction hall and a few cars hit by the debris.

    The world has changed


  2. K80 says:

    Very hot in Oklahoma right now, it’s been breaking records.


  3. kiwiprep says:

    I just heard about this on the radio here in NZ. We have just experienced about 10days of severe southerly storms and apparently hundreds of thousands of dead sea birds were washed up on beaches nationwide. The species mainly affected was the ‘broad billed prior” (an oceanic seabird). However there were other including a rare seabird. The Department of Conservation officer described it as unprecedented, and unlike anything that had occurred worldwide in terms of scale. He said they were clearing away dead birds by the truckload, and that it appears to be an event triggered by the extreme weather.
    Source: 95Bfm radio Auckland, NZ.


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