Iceland’s feared Katla volcano shows further signs of eruption?

July 27, 2011ICELAND – One of Iceland’s largest volcanoes Katla is showing increased signs of activity as observers today reported an increase in the strength of tell-tale earth tremors. A swarm of earthquakes struck the 9-mile wide volcano, a week after geophysicists warned of an “imminent danger” of an eruption on the island. The volcano is capable of producing four times the ash of Iceland’s last eruption in May. Observers believe ‘unusual’ magma movement deep beneath Katla could signal the early stages of activity that could lead to a huge explosion – the depth of the latest earthquakes, that lasted for 5-and-half hours yesterday, was said to be 3.5km beneath the ground. The earthquake activity around Katla has now been steadily gaining strength over the past five weeks. Katla is known to have erupted 16 times over the past 1,000 years at intervals of 40–80 years. It has not significantly erupted for 92 years, although there may have been small eruptions that did not break the ice cover in 1955 and 1999. Last year’s eruption of Eyjafjallajökull triggered the mass closure of European air space as the resulting ash cloud was thought to pose a danger to aircraft engines. In the past 1,000 years, all three known eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull have triggered subsequent Katla eruptions. Geophysicists first reported Katla stirring in June when measuring devices picked up an increase in tremors. On July 9, the Icelandic authorities started evacuating villages around the volcano after the critical detection of gases – an observation flight over the glacier-topped crater also reported cracks in the ice, suggesting a large meltdown of the glacier on the south-eastern rim of the Katla crater. –Click Green

Harmonic tremors aapear to be increasing under Katla volcano
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19 Responses to Iceland’s feared Katla volcano shows further signs of eruption?

  1. King kevin says:

    WOW! 5 miles wide? Yikes! lol. Katla from what i’ve read could be a pretty nasty volcano. Hope for the best!


  2. Star1111Seed says:

    This is getting pretty tiring – no one is catching on to the facts that all of this stuff is not being caused by mother nature.

    You need to look into what HAARP can do and definitely what: The Large Hadron Collider which was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) can do. Ever since they used this thing to smash atoms the world started to experience horrific weather patterns and such.


    • Sparfy118 says:

      I’m afraid you’ve got your facts wrong. When the Icelanders refused to pay the City of London Bankers (owners and operators of Planet Earth), the Queen had Dr Lizardo max out the power to HAARP. Follow the money. LHC is all about making gold cheaply, nothing else. No more cheesy titanium bars.


      • Star1111Seed says:


        Some of your silliness will side track you – but yes, do follow the money – it shows you who your earthly ‘lord and masters’ are.


    • Italics Mine says:

      Do we need to really care whether the cause is human made or nature made, when the end result is we’re just as dead? At least with natural disasters, we can presume there isn’t a political revenge motive.


    • “Is HAARP capable of affecting the weather?
      The HAARP facility will not affect the weather. Transmitted energy in the frequency ranges that will be used by HAARP is not absorbed in either the troposphere or the stratosphere – the two levels of the atmosphere that produce the earth’s weather. Electromagnetic interactions only occur in the near-vacuum of the rarefied region above about 70 km known as the ionosphere.
      The ionosphere is created and continuously replenished as the sun’s radiation interacts with the highest levels of the Earth’s atmosphere. The downward coupling from the ionosphere to the stratosphere/troposphere is extremely weak, and no association between natural ionospheric variability and surface weather and climate has been found, even at the extraordinarily high levels of ionospheric turbulence that the sun can produce during a geomagnetic storm. If the ionospheric storms caused by the sun itself don’t affect the surface weather, there is no chance that HAARP can do so either.”

      Not trying to be rude, but I’m just wondering why you would think that the HAARP program would be the cause of the multitude of weather changes?


  3. zorar says:

    So I guess yawn haarp is causing the whole entire solar system to heat up.i guess haarp is causing saturn go crazy along with all the other planets,yeah right.


    • Star1111Seed says:


      Back off!!! I have my opinion and you have yours – they differ – except that! I make it a point to value other peoples opinions even when I disagree. You on the other hand have not yet learned how to master that skill.

      For your information what happens on earth affect the universe and what happens out in the vastness of the universe affects what happens on earth. In other words everything The Great One is Master of, is connected in some way shape or form. As it so happens and as unfortunate as it is we, you and I are connected to each other, otherwise we would not be having this exchange. So yes, things that man is doing here on earth can affect what happens to the sun. And if he does not stop it it will destroya lot of us. (This time by fire – not flood)


  4. Katla Volacano begin showing increased signs of activity.
    @Alvin : I only want to share probability a sinificant earthquakes some region…based on coronal holes 27 July 2011 and the solar wind could reach earth 30 or 31 July could disturb magnethosphere and Seismic/earhquakes.

    Allert Major Pacific Earthquakes – based on Corona Holes:July,27 2011
    hopefully useful


  5. luisport says:

    Grímsfjall volcano inflates after the large May 2011 eruption
    Posted on July 27, 2011 by Jón Frímann
    It can be sad that Grímsfjall volcano did not waste any time starting to prepare for next eruption after the large May 2011 eruption. But that eruption was the largest one in at least 140 years or so. This large eruption did mean that there was a large deflation that took place during the eruption. Where the most deflation was around 250mm down, and around 300mm north, and around 350mm east.

    Since then Grímsfjall volcano has however been inflating at interestingly high speed. Currently the GPS data shows that it has reached around 250mm east, north and 200mm up since the eruption. But the magma chamber is going to expand horizontal before it expands upwards (think of this in 3D). So it is going to be a while until a inflation upwards is going to be seen.

    The GPS data is clear on this as can bee seen here.

    is hard to know when Grímsfjall volcano is going to erupt next after this big eruption. But it might take few years until we see a new eruption in Grímsfjall volcano.


  6. zorar says:

    Starr1111 u are right but haarp does not account for all which is occurring throughout the universe,which by the way flips every 25,950 yrs.we are also going through other cycles, such as earths magnetic cycle which flips every 50,000 yrs.The keys to what is happening are electro magnetic forces.these forces affect the rythems of life and the appearance and exstinction of species with the earths mag field.we are witnessing how electric forces alter biological rhythms.we are entering the next ordering of evolution.,A new source of light has now reached our solar system,altering everything and its color is green,contrary to the amber red light.,THis is forcing the species to leave behind its old time cell of perception on the physical,emotional,mental and spiritual levels,this must take place before the species can go into a new time cell of consicousness.These changes throughout the universes are the result of new biological light controls being introduced by the new administrative order in conjunction with the council of nine ether.THese changes are necessary and I can go on and on.So,true haarp is at play,but also new biological forces,as well as different cycles,and merkaba mechanics,sun and nibiru,which is a craft by he way.Hopefully I want get banned from saying what I know.I have been banned from 3 forums including youtube from posting about nibiru/elenin.NOt trying to argue just saying it is more than haarp causing the solar system to channge,but what tilted saturn 90 degrees,NIBIRU?


  7. HAARP is a pancea for the masses. It’s been blamed on everything except the lumps in jello.


  8. zorar says:

    Thanks mods for allowing my post and sorry for the rant.


  9. Franky says:

    Seems all volcanos are getting ready well we stare at goats lol we can’t prepare for what’s comin so they don’t warn us


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