5.9 earthquake strikes the Gulf of California- the latest in a string rattling the globe

July 26, 2011CALIFORNIA – An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.9 struck Tuesday in the Gulf of California, off the coast of the Baja California Peninsula in northwestern Mexico, officials said. The earthquake’s epicenter was 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico’s National Seismological Service said, and about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) from Tijuana, Baja California. No damages or injuries have been reported from the quake. Regions in the U.S. state of California and the Mexican state of Baja California register frequent seismic activity due to the presence of the San Andreas Fault. –CNN

Shaky Planet: A string of moderate earthquakes have rattled the globe over the last 24 hours. They include quakes in the Kuril Islands and Molucca Sea, a 5.2 on the Peru-Ecuador border, a 5.2 quake in Papua New Guinea, a 5.7 on Mid-Indian Ridge, and a 5.1 in Mindanao Philippines, double quakes in Kamchatka (5.8 and 5.4), a 5.0 in Iran and earthquake swarms in Puerto Rico, the Canary Islands and Western Turkey. Seismic activity also appears to be increasing in Northern Italy- the region has seen 3 earthquakes in recent days.  –The Extinction Protocol
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12 Responses to 5.9 earthquake strikes the Gulf of California- the latest in a string rattling the globe

  1. pam says:

    I’m counting 33 quakes up and down the California coast (some off the coast) to Baja since midnight – (14 hrs) – everything from 1 to the 5.9. Things are shaking.


  2. Dan says:

    Sorry, I misread the story the first time through I guess, I tried to remove my post but was unable. My bad.


  3. Sheila S. says:

    Washington State has had an increase that I think only locals would notice. About 6 months ago on the USGS page for WA and OR there were on average 8-10 EQ’s showing up for the week, mainly 1’s and 2’s. Now there are between 22-25 EQ’s for a week, still mostly 1’s and 2’s but this weekend there was a 3.4 on Saturday and a 3.7 on Sunday. Just like the rest of the world – a gradual increase in shaking. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if we didn’t see a 4 or 5 up here sometime soon.


    • Golfdad641 says:

      Darirngton and Friday Harbor seems to the hot spot this week, a few weeks back it was Shoreline. But with all these quakes happening all over the Ring of Fire getting more intense, I kind of wonder when the West Coast starts to increase in intensity.


  4. Wiseguy says:

    I’m always wondering, are we about to witness a global catastrophy or it will be one area by one area… Mother Nature is full of surprises… Wait and see…


  5. Dennis says:

    Building up to a Major quake in September?


  6. AWatchman4Him says:

    Rumor has it that between Aug. 1st – 15th things will heat up considerably and that it may have something to do with comet Elenin or whatever it is. NASA is supposedly going to redirect the SOHO Sat. for 2 hours a day from you guessed it Aug. 1st – 15th. Why they wont take photos of it now is beyond me but all the talk is that the weather patterns and earthquakes are in some way connected to this thing. Should be an interesting next couple of weeks if there is anything to these stories.


  7. Yamkin says:

    Movement at Yellowstone and Canary Islands Volcanos. The way all of these quakes etc are going, it looks like a matter of when and not if with ellowstone and Canary Islands Volcanos.


  8. Shilpa says:

    Hi Alvin,
    I am an amateur astrologer studying movement of planets and their effect on our daily life. My Uncle is an expert but nowadays after tsunami in japan he is not able to predict anything correctly, could u please explain. But he says one thing confidently that the month of August will be horrible and by the position of the planets everything may be over by October 2011. According to him he is not able to predict correctly is because the earth has shifted from its original place , and his predictions for August and October were done before tsunami in Japan.


  9. Luca says:

    I don’t want a big one to happen soon though I know one will happen just don’t know when. And not to be rude Third Adam but i have to say Shame on you for acting excited about it and saying lets get this party shaking when thousands of lives will be lost in one. 😦


  10. sue says:

    joy or fear, our human emotions aren’t going to alter what mother nature needs to do to keep herself in balance. People suffer and people rejoice, but mother nature simply does what is required for the planet. Also, predictions change nothing, although some people will choose to move to another place on the planet. If we get some really severe changes from Yellowstone erupting, then we’ll see who wants to live no-matter-what, and who wants to give up. Both are valid options.

    There is some science that wants to tell us that much of the earthquake activity is a result of the earth settling into altered weight patterns with the ice melting going on. Some insist it is alterations in the sun’s outputs, and so forth.

    I do wish our news channels would give us volcanic news….etna is erupting again. You’d think that would be of some interest.


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