Neither Nibiru nor a doomsday comet named Elenin holds up under scientific scrutiny

Orbit of Comet C/2010 X1 Elenin (red) visualised with Celestia, showing Elenin at closest approach to Earth. Image courtesy of Ian Musgrave

July 25, 2011SPACEI think there is an agenda out there and one of the reasons for the spreading of fables about space threats is to dilute the reality of what is actually transpiring in the world around us. The first one is that Elenin is a doomsday comet and the largest comet we’ve ever seen and it causes earthquakes by its alignments. False– The largest comet ever discovered by scientists was Comet Sarabat or the Great Comet of 1729. Wikipedia says: “The Comet of 1729, also known as C/1729 P1 or Comet Sarabat, was a non-periodic comet with an absolute magnitude of −3, the brightest ever observed for a comet; it is therefore considered to be the largest comet ever seen.” By contrast, the Hale-Bopp comet had a magnitude -1.3. Comet Elenin should be at its brightest shortly before the time of its closest approach to Earth on Oct. 16 of this year. At its closest point, it will be 35 million kilometers (22 million miles) from us. How many major earthquakes occurred in the year 1729? None. The worst earthquake to even occur 20 years close to 1729 was the Lisbon earthquake of 1750. Comets do not cause earthquakes no more than Jupiter causes earthquakes. Astronomer Ian Musgrave: Will Comet Elenin Hit Earth? No, its closest approach is 0.23 AU on Oct 16, 2011, where 1 AU is the distance from the Earth to the Sun. To put this in perspective, this is only a little closer than the closest approach of Venus to Earth, and roughly 100 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon. Will it Cause Earthquakes, Abnormally High Tides or Other Disasters? No, Elenin is a mere 3-5 kilometres across and has less than a billionth of the tidal force of the Moon at closest approach (as well as a negligible magnetic field). If the Moon can’t cause the poles to tip, cause massive tidal floods or earthquakes, Comet 2010 X1 Elenin won’t. We’ve been closer to other comets before with no ill effect.
Is Elenin a Moon of a Brown Dwarf Star? No. But Brown Dwarf Stars are so Cold, you Can’t See Them. No, coldest detected so far is ~370K (about the temperature of a hot cup of tea), the the warmest are around 2200 K, and most range between 500-1000 K. They may not produce much visible light, but they reflect light. Jupiter has a composition similar to those of Brown Dwarf stars. Jupiter’s cloud tops are a chilly 128 K and it reflects light just fine. Any Brown Dwarf in the inner solar system would be painfully obvious. I Saw Comet Elenin Near the Sun in August 2010/Now: In August 2010 only really powerful telescopes could see Elenin. You saw Venus. If you are seeing something bright near the Sun in the morning sky now, it’s Venus. But it’s bigger than Jupiter! No, that’s the coma , the thin haze of gas and dust that surrounds the comet nucleus. The nucleus of C/2010 X1 Elenin is roughly 3-4 Km in diameter and Elenin has a coma around 50,000 km wide at the time of writing (which is a third of the diameter of Jupiter). The average density of the coma is about the same as the density of the atmosphere on the Moon. A coma is a feature of all comets that approach the Sun closely, for example comet 81P Wild (nucleus 4 Km diameter) had a coma of 50,000 Km and 103P Hartley had a coma of 150,000 Km. The Great Comet of 1811 had a nucleus of around 30km in diameter and had a coma nearly as big as the Sun. Comet Halley is 6×15 km and had a coma 100,000 km wide when it last approached Earth. We survived them all (and 103P Hartley came nearly twice as close as Elenin will), and we will survive Elenin without incident. –Universe Today
9-11 is encoded in the name of the comet Elenin. What does that mean? The comet was named after the man who discovered it- Leonid Elenin. If the name was encoded at birth, his parents probably knew the comet was coming before he did. Discussion about comet Elenin from people like Richard Hoagland has switched from science to the paranormal, citing the comet is being guided by an ‘intelligent influence.’ So this agenda, like the Annunkai, who are supposed to be riding the fabled Nibiru, is all about the alien agenda and fallen demonic angels setting the Earth up for the appearance of these creatures who are under the tuteledge of SatanRevelation 12:9
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  1. TTB says:

    I’m not saying things are or are not, but to assume we know the compositional make up of every object in space is naive. Size is not the end all be all, density and make up is just as important.


  2. Chondra says:

    ARRRG…what are we suppose to believe? So nothing is headed our way to cause trouble, from space? We have had pole shifts due to the hard EQ’s we’ve had…is that the trouble? I believe in the Bible, and God almost always uses natural works (he is guiding them), to pronounce judgement. So Confused!


    • Earth is surrounded by debris fields and comets. There is always a threat but I don’t see anything like Youtube videos are alledging. We will face unknown threats in the future and I think the science will be there to support and outline the potential dangers. In the meantime, the main thing headed our way causing trouble is this:

      Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth, and of the sea for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Revelation 12:12


  3. Dennis says:

    Amen Alvin: Well said!!!!
    people should be careful for what they wish for.


  4. Kelly says:

    Thank you for this post. There is so much garbage on the internet now that it is difficult at times to wade through all of it and sort out the chaff. This is an excellent and succinct post covering the Nibiru/Elenin topic and the various ‘theories’ (and I use that word loosely) out there.

    It is just another example of why I like to come to this site. You always post the pertinent information on all of the important topics that interest me and will potentially affect us all, without my having to wade through all of the bazaar and absurd that abounds on the net.

    Much appreciated!


  5. A_Lad says:

    Thanks for giving us a different perspective on this Alvin. I have done a lot of study on PX. The information is so deluded with disinformation so it is hard to find truth. However while reading your book and my feeble attempt at putting the pieces together I have come to the conclusion that this fable may be a reality. Only time will tell and the ones who believes in this, as I have come too some what, will have to ride out the clock over the next 18 months to see if it actually comes to pass.

    There is so much I don’t understand. Most of what I have learned is conjecture at this point as it pertains to PX. I hope it is a lie and I fine some comfort in your beliefs. When I pray for understanding I am lead to things at times that I want to erase as truth.

    For instance Revelation 12:3,4
    And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

    It is easy to see this as the Winged Planet with a tail that crosses paths with the Earth. Like a thief ( world governments = thief ) in the night, will keep all peoples misinformed. I don’t believe in Comet Elenin being the Harbinger of the end, not at all. But what is interesting is the predictive programming by Hollywood. I came across this video that is so close to our times 7/25/11 that is uncanny.

    Pretty strange. All this could be part of a great deception that is soon to take place here on Earth. Comet Elenin will be the perfect scenario for the Government to flex its muscle by inflicting martial law and create some sort of disaster bringing about the NWO, Hence the parallels with 9-11. It has the Occults finger prints all over it.



  6. Jake says:

    I’ve had a theory that governments have been using these alignments and celestial events/objects as a cover for their weather/ earth modification experiments. Look at the 9.1 earthquake/tsunami in japan this past spring. If memory serves, there was some kind of alignment with elenin around that time. Everyone was expecting something to happen: perfect time to test out haarp! There has since been alignments and predicted space events with no similar results. Hope I’m wrong, but I can see elenin being used as a cover for more devastating experiments.


  7. Stephen says:

    So is this to say that Nibiru/Elenin is a hoax?


    • I think one has to reach their own conclusion but I know an alien agenda is being aggressively pushed on the world- setting the stage for these fallen beings to make an appearance. It’s behind many of these so called objects, stars and things appearing in the heavens. We have been warned. If we want to discuss science, I find no scientific data supporting many of these outlandish claims on Youtube videos about this comet or about a mysterious dwarf star that appears and disappears over Antarctica. Where is it hiding? This is less about science and more about the paranormal. Reference the case of Richard Hoagland Youtube videos claiming comet Elenin in under the guidance of extra-terrrestrial intelligence and others claiming its the End of the world. Does this sound like Heaven’s Gate all over again to you? We are living on the apex of a shift in the universe and many beings will enter this dimension claiming to be distant space travelers, or they are here to guide humanity to the stage of evolution, or they are emmissaries of a reptilian race. Interdimensional beings or demons would be more like it. There is a war going on —- and it’s for the mind.


      • What you say here is EXACTLY WORD FOR WORD what God has revealed to me! PTL! 🙂


      • Jennifer says:


        I stopped here and have not read any more comments as yours seem to sum up what I was thinking. Sort of….lol
        It seems as if there IS a push to bring the Alien agenda to the public. For years we have been lied to and while I understand why, it still is unsettling to think our leaders would constantly hold truth from us. Nasa and the like still say there is no proof, all the while Military, ex Military and Astronauts have claimed they are visiting Earth. We all have heard stories of what really happened at Roswell.
        Point is this…..the public knows there is other life “out there”. Our respected leaders are no longer respected as we are constantly lied to. I do not think they will tell us anything until the last minute….if that.

        My question is this…..How does it fit in with Jesus?

        Are we to believe that if other life forms come here we are to be in fear of them?
        I always thought they (Aliens) must be some what friendly, otherwise we would have been conquered by them already. ??
        I would love to know more from you Alvin as you are valuable to us with insight, truth, and help bring to the table the real agenda…..Christ’s agenda.

        In regards to a celestial object ….I am still on the fence, however it would not surprise me to find out there is a “comet”/spaceship unlike any other that is making its way to disrupt our lives.

        Peace and love to you and yours!!!!! xoxox



      • Jenn to answer your question…it really doesn’t fit in at all. Of all the worlds in the universe, Earth is the only planet that succumbed to Satan’s temptations to eat the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and fell. There is no contact with unfallen humans on other planets because of sin. What’s visiting the Earth is a race of fallen angels or interdimensional beings- the same angels whose nature has degenerated under the leadership of the fallen Lucifer. These are the very same angels that were cast out of heaven (Revelation 12:7-9). Now they are called demons, or unclean spirits and Lucifer is called the devil, Satan or the Dragon. (Revelation 16:13, 14) Christ came to reconcile both man and Earth back into the family of creation and our connection both visible and spiritual will be restored with the universal family in the New Earth but sin must first be allowed to run its course to reveal its true nature and everyone must be allowed the free choice to decide to whom they will give their allegiance in the great controversy raging between Christ and Satan.

        Grace in Christ,


      • Jennifer says:

        Also, I think this is relevant to topic. The story of Elenin may change as it gets closer….and bigger perhaps. Check this out.

        They are showing a lot of interest in the Comet…..time will tell what this is all about.


      • There definitely is an alien agenda. I do not know if the aliens would be benevolent or not – I would approach with caution. I do tarot and so far have avoided the UFO angle because it has, until now, had such a discrediting backlash against any talk about it. I believe that the whole of the universe is God-created, not just Earth, and so I don’t believe any series of entities would be totally evil… though this remains to be seen – pure speculation on my part.


      • idiotbox says:

        Allegedly PX is coming from the direction of the sun. How do you feel about the second sun sightings?I have personly seen somthing that looks like a mini sun in the four o’clock position with #12 welding goggles on many different occasions but only in the past few years and I have been looking for over a decade. I vaule your opinion, hence my question.


  8. jenniferb824 says:

    If they can get pictures of the rings of Saturn I’m pretty sure they can show us a picture of something that is 1.595au away from Earth. If they’ve know about it since 2010 show us a picture of the “Comet Elenin” already!


    • A_lad says:

      Amen to that Jennifer lol! That’s the problem though. I think that if this Spaceball PX is a reality then we will see it with our own eyes at a time it is visible. I don’t believe NASA would be allowed to release any photos because of panic. It seems what they have released are carrots so people can dive down the rabbit hole and get lost and not be able to draw any strong conclusions.

      I also agree with Alvin on this. The paranormal has gotten in the way which makes things more convoluded.


  9. Tomwe says:

    Thanks for this post. There is so much pseudo-science and non-critical thinking out there that this in itself is scary. Conspiracy theorists willing to believe anything abound. I still do not understand how a rational person can quote verses from the Bible, the Koran, of the Gita thinking that somehow this is truth. Although these writings are an early attempt to find meaning in life and the vastness and scariness of the universe – they are based on wishful thinking and tribal belief. Can a writing from people who thought the sun went around the earth have much credibility after so much scientific knowledge has been learned through the centuries, often with a scientist’s martryrdom? Bending scripture to doomsday paranoia seems to be in fashion. However the more we find out, the more we understand how fragile we are and how we are not the center of the universe or the creation of some all-powerful, inscrutable diety. As we learn more, we find more danger and discover that things can be radically changed with a collision, a methane-burp from the oceans, or catastropic warfare among humans. We should be worried – but not of some Zeus’s thunderbolts.


  10. Gail Kay says:

    Thanks for this very practical post Alvin. And you are so right, the battle is for our minds and hearts!


  11. Wiseguy says:

    Whatever will affect earth, I only hope and pray that human will reach a new level of consciousness in peace, love and money won’t rule the world anymore…


  12. Brian says:

    Alvin ~ Thankyou so much for this excellent article…
    These are issues that trouble the mind from Biblical quotes ie hail stones from Heaven
    the Red Dragon and the wroth of our Lord God Almighty on the Human race etc,etc…

    Also the noted sentiment from a lot of folks here, that seem to want this current existance
    of life on Earth to continue indefinately where as id rather like to see an end to this evil on Earth and the start of the 1000 year peace….
    My great unhappiness is seeing the constant terrible suffering on our planet…


    • I so am with you Brian, and anyone who believes in Jesus Christ knows that when they close their eyes in so called “death” in this life they are with Christ. Why does anyone want to keep living in this world!!!!, I have come to the conclusion that “Hell” is being captured in our physical bodies spirtually, mentally, and physically. And Hell will get no worse than
      this…..why can’t people look around and pray that “We All” go to Heaven in the twinkling of an eye…….


  13. Bundy says:

    Well I cannot discount the fact that NASA and other scientists have been talking about Planet X for approximately 3 decades.They were sending out space craft to study it around the 1950’s-1960’s,the talk continued into the late 80’s approx’,then seemed to stop….what happened? As we all have seen the earth changes taking place,there must be some physical explanation for these events.I recently viewed a National Geographic show which was studying pole shifts and the Mayan calender.Apparently we have had very sudden pole shifts in the past,and the scientists have no reason to believe we cannot have another one.The scientists in fact were so open minded,they decided to investigate the 2012 prophecy related to the Mayan predictions.What they seemed to discover was in fact evidence to support this theory,and in particle the scientist who was behind this research Adam Maloof of Princeton University,seemed to hold particle significance of the celestial crocodile that signified the end of the world,which was pouring out water (tsunami/floods) which was a very important piece of Mayan lore….Alvin putting the Bible aside for a moment,what do you see is happening to our planet in a physical sense?Do you consider a pole shift as being a real possibility,and if so do you have any thoughts on what may cause this to happen?


    • The so-called Planet X was a scientific theorem proposed to account for perturbations in the orbits of the outer planets- it had nothing to do with 2012. The planetary body was always thought to lie, if it did exist, in a fixed orbit outside the solar system but somewhere along the line, a Mayan calendar and ancient Sumerian mythology turned this inquiry into a marauding death-star. As I said, hold things up to the realm of science. As far as a pole-shift, there is a very real possibility of such an event occurring and it would be so catastrophic that I think few would survive it. I call these events planet-killers. We have ample evidence of how such tragic events permanently alter planetary system which never recover- Venus is locked in a retrograde spin, the planet between Mars and Jupiter may have undergone a nova-like explosion according to the late Tom Van Flandern, the former Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch of the US Naval Observatory, something tipped Uranus over on its side, Mars suffered a past trauma which nearly carved the planet into two as can be seen from its numerous grabens and the 200 km wide-Valles Marineris rift- the event also likely vaporized its oceans and atmosphere. Jupiter has been stormed by comets which have created fireballs larger than Earth.



      • Brian says:

        Wow ! Alvin You Really know your stuff !
        Always a pleasure to listen…
        Just one small comment ~ I spend a lot of time looking at space & our moon
        and always the constant reminder of the bombardement our moon has undergone
        knowing full well Earth and Moon have a similar trajectory around our solar system
        so odds are we will at some time come in for a another astroid bashing…?


  14. skywalker says:

    if you want to know about nibiru then you need to look at the translated sumerian texts that have been discovered in iraq. there are a few books on this subject and they have been met with alot of scepticism. the cuneform texts are 6000 years old and are written on clay tablets , and there are thousands of these that have been found in wot was described as a huge library of information. alot of the info mirrors many other cultures ancient histories but are probably the most intact version yet to be found and translated.whilst our countries were in Iraq with our troops there was a small team of archeologists under cover with soldiers and they whent about the country digging up ancient sites that were previously off limits to us. this covert operation uncovered many thousands of clay tablets which were removed from iraq for secret translation.
    our governments and their secret organisations have been collecting information from our past in preparation for what the future holds.
    there is so much diss-information being thrust upon us that it is difficult to know wot the truth might be, all we can do is keep our minds open to all possibilities , its not that we are told lies , we are just not told all the facts.


    • And where would you find such translated texts? How would you know that they are genuine? I can read a lot of speculation and very little substance…happy to talk in private if suits best


    • NickK0 says:

      “….its not that we are told lies , we are just not told all the facts.”
      One of the best quotes I’ve read on this site.

      As far as a ‘pole shift’ goes, I think that this would be very very very unlikely to happen ‘spontaneously’.
      Yes, Venus spins ‘retrograde’. I have ready, that some astronomers speculate that one possible cause, was a direct hit from a huge body (a moon or tiny ‘planetlet’), who’s impact was so severe, it caused the planet to spin backwards !

      For such a pole shift to occur, the planet would have to get hit with a Huge impact.
      Never mind the ‘pole shift’….. If an impact that large occurred, to cause that to happen, that would be the least of our worries.

      – Nick


  15. A great sign appeared in heaven(in sky): a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon(red dwarf star) with seven heads(7planets) and ten horns(total 10 moons) and seven crowns on its heads.Its tail swept a third of the stars(asteroids) out of the sky and flung them to the earth.


  16. Mike Swayze says:

    This one bears watching because of it’s odd shape. It breaking apart could radically alter its path. and the timing is close.
    Asteroid (4179) Toutatis to Pass Closely By Earth on Wednesday, September 29, 2004 (1.5million+ miles)

    change the date to dec. 12, 2012;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

    0.0477 AU on december 12,2012 (4million + miles)


  17. Sunumo says:

    Thank you so very much. I concur that C2010/X1 Elenin is but only a comet. Nothing more nothing less. But what has me truly baffled is exactly what is causing all of these massive earthquakes in quick succession in the years 2010-2011 and the rate of which is picking up pace. For every cause there is an effect. What is the cause?


    • Same thing that has caused Earthquakes since the beginning, thermal energy and I wrote about this in 2009. There are many who want everyone to hinge these changes and similar casualites on a comet so when it passes and nothing happens, they can discredited valid scientific research. If people really believed the world was ending because of this comet; tell them to sale all their possessions, work to aid the poor and then conduct interviews with news outlets about their doomsday message to the world. The axiom of logic with the whole Elenin-earthquake claim is ludicrious for if this comet is the cause of earthquakes when it arrives, it must be also be true, no great earthquakes occurred before it arrived and none will occur after.


  18. Kaos says:


    It’s funny that this report has been publisised. I also find it laughable that a brown dwarf or dark star can be compaired (in terms of heat) to a cup of tea..

    I can only say this… …
    A few weeks ago on here, a report was made (By Scientists) saying the sun was going into a 12year period of calm, expecting next years solar maximum to be the quietist yet (you may have read it..)

    Within 1 week of this report, new coronal holes had been detected and sun spots stretching some 200,000 km had been found, and the article was somewhat retracted or discredited!

    Every day, I wake up and check the weather, and more often than not, the weather men/women get it right!!!
    But not always…

    NASA… Yes NASA! Have had many an accident involving millions of $$$ with crashes and exploding shuttles…. Not bad to say they have hundreds of scientists all saying “it’ll be or8”

    I would like to ask the questions to these scientists..
    Why has iras and Hubble been closed off to the public???
    Why has google earth digitally altered and blacked out a section of spaceon it’s program??

    And this may be the penultimate question…

    Why is it, that I can come here “Extinction Protocol” and see actual news.. About earthquakes, volcanos and earth changes!
    And on BBC or SKY news there is nothing… Just a load of bullshit, like dogs getting married or feel good drama!!
    (see below)

    I leave you with this..

    You have the reign of a country and have the knowledge of an impending disaster, extinction level event or otherwise!!!

    Would you tell the world and see It turn to rat shit in front of your eyes (before the event even happens, losing control of the very thing your in charge of)
    Forcing chaos across the nation/globe..

    or would you keep your gob shut and plan to save your own ass when it happens..

    I know what I would do..

    I can’t wait for society to crumble and will only feel sorry for those who who didn’t open there eyes!
    I may not be prepaired for a nibiru or pole shift.. But I am prepaired to leave this greedy and torturous shithole we call society!

    Open your eyes!!
    And don’t get me started on the bible and god!!!!


    • Brian says:

      < KAOS ~ I find myself thinking these same thoughts… lost nothing here – Time to boogy outa here and become an Inter-Galactic-Space-Traveller , so much to see, so much to do .
      Free of this Earth bound Evil…!!

      Like you , waiting for the transporter….


  19. Nkosazana says:

    Alvin you represent the cause of Christ with much grace and wisdom. I am proud for you. It seems the combination of matching both earthquake dates and the constellation requirements of Revelation would be statistically way beyond anything that could be called coincidence?

    Agreed that if it is the size they say it should not have that much impact, however statistically it is compelling. Nkosazana


  20. Brandon says:

    Alvin, I do not believe in Planet X either. But something is causing these crazy earth changes. I’m getting worried about it. Alvin I know we don’t know dates but are we getting close or do we have alot more time left before the Tribulation catastrophes decimate earth?


  21. David says:

    Not even a single leaf on this earth can move without the permission of the LORD. I think there is nothing like HAARP , it is only a toy gun shown as a real gun to keep the world under their feet. LORD wants us to come out of 3D (mental , physical and emotional) and enter 4th D (spiritual) where he is waiting to embrace us with his arms open. The days of the demons are near and LORD wants us innocent people to enter his kingdom that is full of joy and happiness.


    • lili-ni-viti says:

      David this reminds me of something the LORD told me on 11 April through this verse from the Bible, Hosea 13:13 (The Message) “When birth pangs signaled it was time to be born, Ephraim was too stupid to come out of the womb. When the passage into life opened up, he didn’t show.” I was worried about who might be making up this “Ephraim” – for what is already unraveling on this planet, making peace with all around you and particularly with one’s Maker should be priority. If you are not sure, it is time to study to find out, you are looking for someone who isn’t lost, He is there closer than a brother, call out to the Lord that you need help to understand and to know that you know the real truth and not the many many counterfeits.


  22. idiotbox says:

    If Nirbiru is a fable why is it under scientific scrutiny? Are we in the business of spending tax dollars in the investigation of myth?

    If Nirbiru is an invisible brown dwarf how can NASA see it? If it can’t be seen how can it’s existence be debunked?

    What is causing the documented magnetosphere havoc that is occurring during quiet solar activity?It seems by coincidence to have global earth quakes as an effect, as well as unexplained weather activity, not to mention movement of the poles.

    There is a documented earth wobble occuring what is the cause of our planets irregular rotation?

    These are but a few questions that go unanswered by our mighty NASA we would be led to believe that the information they provide us with is to go unquestiond yet they have NO answers to any of the questions above.

    There is much information about Nibiru, historical and modern, the question I ask is who benefits from the denial of it’s existence? If it is indeed a ‘fable’ why would science even bother to address it? If it is not, than there is many reasons, being that it would have allready been a topic of scientific discussion for decades if not centuries,
    if that is the case, our scientific community is not going to be well thought of if Nibiru is proven to be a reality. When or if this ‘fable’ is proven to be, by it’s visible presence, remains to be seen (literally) and when or if that occurs, the chaos on this planet will be severe, to say the least, at that point NASA seems to think they can slip away in the night unnoticed and free of blame (and that is most definitely not the case) so it is in there best interest to lie to the very end.

    I ask anyone to come up with a better explanation for the events in our history and present including the questions above, and to come up with a “better” explanation than Nibiru, when you included it in the big picture it seems to become much more clear (or at least it did for me).


  23. Patty says:

    Thank you Extinction Protocol. I also am in agreement with your assessments. The alien invasion began a long time ago and is being quickly brought into fruition. Mankind through its penchant for enjoying wickedness has definitely set a perfect stage for the manifestation of all different breeds of aliens and bad spirits. Most of mankind has had some kind of contact with the knowledge of Jesus Christ, hell and heaven and rejected it. These UFOs, aliens hate us and they love to see us falter in our Faith in Jesus Christ and we have done a good job of it. Through their UNHOLY spirits and whispers and lies they allow people to believe in all sorts of things. Our technology is now severely damaging the food chain and the devils inspire humans to wipe out other humans through war. Is the beastly world-wide statue not the television? When they only allow programs that are propaganda in a myriad of clever ways, people will worship how wonderful the Beast is. If our human rottenness allows it, I have no doubt that one of our leaders will be able to hold a televised interview with a chosen fallen angel who will tell us that they are there to guide us “home” and set the world all right if we follow their superior intelligence. Even devout, decent people at diverse churches are babbling away in “tongues” thinking they are invested with the Holy Spirit. This is not speaking in tongues, nor is it holy. It is hard to tell the difference anymore. True angels speak a person’s particular language very clearly. Print out a photograph of an alien and your favorite picture of an angel. Put them next to each other and think about the difference in what you see. I believe that Revelation’s thunderclaps that St. John was not allowed to write about held this mysterious information. Jesus Christ needs very much for us to realize that we have to be very strong in Faith in Him – 100% inside us and outside us during these times. With that said, Jesus the Divine Physician prescribed the following three items to keep our minds, hearts, and strength “exorcised” of these UNHOLY spirits and UFOs: Prayer, Repentance and Penance (through sacrifice, fasting, and rejection of worldly comforts.) The only comet signal I would take heed about is one that manifests in the sign of the Cross across the sky – all of us will then for at least one or two minutes know exactly who Jesus Christ is and understand with tears and sighing that all of us actually are only a mixture of dust and spirit and the real war is far greater than our singular efforts can possibly deal with


    • That’s all that is coming out of Hollywood these days and the public appetite for alien invasions, zombies (the immortality of the soul) and the occult is insatiable.

      aliens (ye shall be as gods)
      zombies, werewolves, and vampires (ye shall not surely die – immortality of the soul)
      occult (your eyes shall be opened) means ‘hidden knowledge.’

      The 3 lies Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 3:4,5) People, wake-up…you’re being played.


  24. King kevin says:

    I lke how you broke it all down in the way you did, personally i don’t believe Elenin is doom comet. Although discrediting the existence of something we can have no idea about is proposterous! it is more probable this “Nibiru” exists than not, considering there are BILLIONS of undiscovered planets in the solar system. How far away, and it’s location is whats in question in my opinion. You could call ANY rogue planet Nibiru if you want, as a matter of fact, Nibiru could be something we see all the time! Who REALLY knows? Nobody. It’s simply an argument between the stubborn close minded people, and the ones who believe in more than what they are told. Either is possible. We can hardly make claims for 100% when plain as day there is no way for us to know the honest answer 100%. Improbable, but not impossible. Keep up the good work


  25. King kevin says:

    thank you for reposting my original comment. I love the site, love the work you do. Was pretty offended I’m not going to lie. Lol. Keep it up Alvin, you definitely do your share of waking people up. Take care


  26. bj says:

    Yeah listen to science, they’ve had a perfect batting record so far……LMBO


  27. Bob says:

    The greatest threat to earth is from within and not from space.


  28. idiotbox says:

    If Nirbiru is a fable why is it under scientific scrutiny? Are we in the business of spending tax dollars in the investigation of myth?

    If Nirbiru is an invisible brown dwarf how can NASA see it? If it can’t be seen how can it’s existence be debunked?

    What is causing the documented magnetosphere havoc that is occurring during quiet solar activity?It seems by coincidence to have global earth quakes as an effect, as well as unexplained weather activity, not to mention movement of the poles.

    There is a documented earth wobble occuring, what is the cause of our planets irregular rotation?

    These are but a few questions that go unanswered by our mighty NASA, we would be led to believe that the information they provide us with is to go unquestiond yet they have NO answers to any of the questions above.

    There is much information about Nibiru, historical and modern, the question I ask is who benefits from the denial of it’s existence? If it is indeed a ‘fable’ why would science even bother to address it? If it is not, than there are many reasons, being that it would have allready been a topic of scientific discussion for decades if not centuries,
    if that is the case, our scientific community is not going to be well thought of if Nibiru is proven to be a reality.

    When or if this ‘fable’ is proven to be by it’s visible presence remains to be seen (literally) and when or if that occurs the chaos on this planet will be severe, to say the least, at that point NASA seems to think they can slip away in the night unnoticed and free of blame (and that is most definitely not the case) so it is in their best interest to lie to the very end.

    I ask anyone to come up with a better explanation than Nirbiru for the events in our history and present, including the questions above, when you include it in the big picture it seems clear (or at least it did for me) that it is the most logical explanation.


  29. I have an increasing number of clients tell me that they think there was real contact and that most of the US defense weapons and spacecraft are the result of UFO crashes and subsequent reverse engineering. I am open but don’t have a particular spin on it.


    • So said Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO who is supposed to have admitted this in his deathbed confession. When allegedly asked how alien technology propulsion works, he is supposed to have responded like ESP works. Which gets back to what’s I’ve been saying…behind the technical marvels (which fallen beings certainly possess the knowledge to build) is the paranormal and the occult.


    • skywalker says:

      in 2000/2001 there was a press conference called ” the disclosure project”
      this was launched with 200 top ranking officials who had all signed the official secrets act, and had all decided to break their oaths and spill the beans on wot they had all been witnessed to, because they believe it would be a crime to humanity to stay quiet . they all told their stories and made video of their statements and all agreed to stand up in congress to share their truths.
      google this and look on youtube
      before this date , all syfy was in denial, and after this date all syfy changed its opinion and started to prepare the public , even the pope and the vatican agreed that it was
      more likely that aliens etc do exist , rather than believing it an impossibility, and a taboo subject.


  30. olivia says:

    The fact that this Nibiru post has raised such an amount of comments is surely a sign that it is roaming our minds. Our subconscious seems to find a common pole of interest. I would never dare dismiss ancient scripts. Call it mythology, it is definitiely the dwell of the collective human subconscious, ie the thinking realm in another dimension , the meeting and mingling with the other dimension. We are alienated today into just one mode of thinking, the material one. Cuneiform is the first written language of the human, after so many years their ” Nibiru” is still causing havoc within our ” civilised ” society…surely they must have a serious reason to script it down on clay, unless they were tripping and enjoyed inventing stories to keep their clay factory busy


  31. All these responses and you have yet to reply to my post. I hope the reason is because you are examining the wealth of evidence available that I pointed out and not because you are unwilling to risk changing your stance.


  32. john says:

    I came across this web site several month ago and i love the information presented. I most like the comments because for the most part no one uses foul language or trashes other posters opinions. what i would like to know is what other posters or your thoughts alvin are on REV 8. 11. regarding wormwood.I hated going to church in my youth but i did listen and for some reason now i feel a sence of urgency .I have dusted off my bible and began reading again.Is it too late for me? i dont know , but i accept any hope is for my 2 disabled children.


    • John, it’s never too late as long of the door of mercy in Christ is open to the world to accept freely as a gift- no obligation. Love is the only hope for this world. We don’t know yet what Wormwood is…some prophecies in the Bible may have future implications that are yet to unfold.

      Blessings to you and the family,


    • Dennis E. says:

      John: Dennis E. here…….It is not too late. This posting might be late, but its not too late for you. That sense of urgency is God’s Holy Spirit tugging on on your spiritual heart for you to repeat and receive the Gift of Salvation /Pardon thru Jesus Christ if you haven’t already have. Today is your day. Satan will tell say you have been too mean and God won’t forgive you. Satan is a liar.
      God bless


  33. Brian says:

    Alvin when you have a moment. would you share your thoughts on these issues for me please
    as i do so value your input. You can email me direct if you like …

    Are we through world events to believe that there is a destiny for all and everything in order to fit the Lords time continuem, in other words ~ No Devine Intervention to what must take place through our Earth history to the end conclusion / result ?

    I have over the years come to understand that a number of Satans Angels have interbred with a group of humans, a family tree from biblical days who are now the illuminati aka New World Order/ Freemason’s , British Royal Family & Zionist ?

    I Also understand that Satan was cast out of Heaven and given Dominion over the Earth for a Short
    time ~ In other words this evil entity was given Total Control over everything on Earth is my understanding of the word Dominion…?

    Am i correct in the understanding that the battle between Our Lord God Almighty and S
    atan is restricted to the Earthly domain until its conclusion, so any alien life should in effect be of a positive nature only exploited by mankind who have come into contact with alien life forms ?
    As this would explain why aliens watch us but avoid contact at all times where possible
    I being a pilot and space nutter believe i have seen with witnesses present ~ two Alien craft in my life and have reported both sightings to our relevant authorities…?

    In conclusion , my thinking is that any alien life forms that have the ability to time travel through space would most definately have the ability and skills to wipe the human race off the planet
    or bring about a total possitive God fearing and loving environment free of sin,evil & Satan ?


    • Brian,

      When Adam sinned. Satan claimed Adam forfeited dominion of the world to him as He was not the world’s rightful ruler. He also claimed all those who passed under the curse of death were his trophies as death was the penalty for breaking God’s law which could not be changed or altered. This was seen in the Bible when Satan disputed with Christ (Michael) claiming the body of Moses in Jude 1:9. There was no way out for man…but Christ told His Father He would give his life for man to ransom the race back from sin and the penalty of eternal death. He announced to the angels, who were not permitted to interfere, that should he be victorious, He would ransom the Earth back from Satan and destoyer him in the final judgment at the end of the world. Satan is barred from celestial paradise heaven but he still goes up to its breadth to make accusations to God and the angels about why God allows mercy to his children who continue to sin and make decisions that doubt their very love for Him. The book of Revelation claims, Satan “accused them before our God day and night.” Revelation 12:10. Satan was also permitted to travel to other worlds and tempt the unfallen humans but he only had access to them through the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Earth was the last planet created. Adam and Eve were the most naiive and the they fell. In the Bible, fallen angels are called “demons” or “unclean spirits.” They are spiritual interdimensional beings that are not confined by the physical laws that govern this material dimension. They can appear in any form as they possess powers superior to humans. They can also hypnotize or delude the mind. Angels cannot reproduce- the Bible says, they neither marry nor or given in marriage. (Matthew 22:30). This has not however prevented these beings from conducting genetic experiments on man in alien abduction scenarios. These tortourous abductions are the source of the genetic contamination in their dark, vile contact with the human and animal species. The mutilations, and torture stories are very common in these alien contact scenarios. Sin must be allowed to run its course as Satan accused God before the universe of being a tyrannt and that his way of personal freedom was better. The whole universe is watching the drama unfold on Earth, just as they watched what Satan inspired men to do to Christ during His crucifixion. Christ suffered the cruelest, most ignomious death at the hands of the very creatures he had not only created but risked the forfeiture of the glories of heaven to redeem. I think in the end, this drama will play out for the world to make an enlightened choice to whose way is better and God’s righteous judgment, his mercy for a dying world, and His law will be vindicated.


  34. jpmartin says:

    Most ill informed information I have ever read.

    Please refer to this:


    • There is a psychological hysteria over perceived threats from comets which are not on a collision course with Earth. Comets have been perceived as harbingers of doom since the beginning of time. Elenin is miniscule in regard to the mentioned comet Holmes but a comet’s coma of a gas cloud is not solid mass and represents no specific mass-gravity ratio in respect to the very Sun’s gravitational field that is still holding it in elliptical orbit. The mass diameter of the comet Holmes, like comet Elenin is miniscule. A comet’s magnitude brightness can increase by a factor of half a million, as Holmes did, but what does that mean? Holmes brightness outburst went from 17 to 2.8 in 42 hours but it still was not brighter than the Sarabat comet of 1729 which was -3.0. Why? That is because comet brightness is gauged in magnitude on a descending scale, not ascending. As you go into the negative, the object becomes brighter. See:

      Holmes is a periodic comet that has come before and will return in 2014. Did it destroy the Earth before? No. Did it destroy the Earth in the past? No. Did it cause any earthquakes? No. Holmes passed in October of 2007. The only notable earthquake in 2007 was the Southern Sumatra, Indonesia 2007, an 8.5 magnitude event that happened on September 12, one month before the comet arrived and had its brightness outburst. Finally, in summation: if Holmes was more fearsome in coma size than Elenin, why should people be fearing Elenin? You haven’t refuted the article…you’ve only confirmed it.


  35. Coincidence or not, the two biggest quakes of recent times have occurred during an Elenin alignment, easily checked by visiting NASA’s tool of its path.

    I have enough faith in amateur astronomers to accept that it is just a comet of the size the experts have assigned it. So therefore, if the quakes are not a coincidence, the Electric Universe folk have the answers…


  36. Iamthe1 says:

    Sorry Alvin, but under any type of scrutiny your article borders on ludicrous.

    Lets look at some TRUE irrefutible FACTS:

    First, none of us “Doomsayers” believe Elenin is Nibiru. By basing your article on that, you muddy the waters and detract from the issue.

    It is what Elenin hides with its coma that is worrisome. A brown dwarf could easily hide within its confines or follow close behind without anyone knowing, except IRAS.

    Lets look at the ancients, mainly Sumer. This society popped up out of nowhere. Their accomplishments include making a 400 letter alphabet, a base 60 math system which allows for working with very large numbers, they knew of every planet in the solar system and described what they looked like, a calender that is superior to ours to name a few.

    So this very smart civilization that invented all those things decided to base their entire civilization on the concept of Nibiru and the Annunaki just because?? Highly unlikely.

    The basic argument against this is that the ancients were just making up myths for things they didnt understand. On its face that is laughable.
    My retort to that would be this…every Bible in every religion is based on ANCIENT texts. So the 6.5 billion people that believe in a Bible in some form must be suffering from some sort of mass delusion? Its very arrogant to assume that one set of ancients is right, while others are wrong because it doesnt fit mainstream views. More laughable is that all Bibles are based in some fashion on Ancient Sumerian texts.

    Now lets look at real Science sir:

    It is FACT that almost all star systems are Binary….again…arrogance abounds to think ours is any different.

    It is FACT that Elenin is like no other comet we have observed in history. No other comet has had such a long orbit around our Sun.

    It is FACT that we will in fact be caught in its tail. Do your math sir. The jets protruding from the coma are more than 50 million miles wide, easily within Earths atmosphere.

    It is FACT that noone, especially a lay-person such as yourself knows anything more than what NASA has told us. You are suggesting FACTS by basing them on conjecture.

    It is FACT that comets hold electrical charges as they travel through space. Most liky Hayley and Bop are able to release these charges after a short time. Elenin (according to NASA) has been in deep space for 10,000 years building up a massive charge. That is why its coma is so big, and getting bigger. As it gets closer to the sun and the charged particles from solar wind reach it, it glows brighter and brighter.

    HAARP technology is based solely on this FACT. Noone, especially a lay-person such as yourself knows what will happen when this massive electron charged comet gets close to the sun, but we got a glimpse of a possibility when Elenin crossed Saturns orbit…. The biggest storms ever recorded. The storm season for Saturn is TEN years from now which is why NASA was so interested in them.

    It is FACT that NASA has released only one picture of Elenin and has since shut down public view of pictures from Hubble and IRAS. I will bet they do the same with Stereo-B soon.

    It is FACT that just last year, an asteroid the size of the Sears tower came just 45k miles from Earth. It would have taken out a whole continent. Bet noone ever heard of it…because your government didnt tell you til it passed.

    It is FACT that Science cannot and has not proven everything. Their stories change from year to year on most everything.

    It is FACT that all governments have feverishly been building underground bunkers as of late. Denver airport is one example. They know.

    It is FACT that the Earth has gone through massive changes every 3600 years and the people who survived told us of what to watch for: Massive animal die offs-happening now. Many earthquakes-happening now. Weird weather patterns-happening now. Strange sights in the heavens-happening now.

    It is FACT that NASA has retracted its statement that the Sun will be going through a low cycle this year. They did a 180 and have been warning of massive CME’s at any time.

    It is FACT that a Brown Dwarf cannot be seen by ANY telescope without infrared filters. That is why amatuer astronomers cannot and will not see it.

    It is FACT that when Elenin passed Pluto, it covered the planet in a red dust which suggests that it is not a dirty ice ball but made of iron. The red dust is iron oxide.

    All of these FACTS directly allude to Elenin being of very large significance.

    For you to say with 100% certainty that Elenin is harmless is insane at its core and very inappropriate considering this is supposed to be a news site.

    I would like for you to refute any of the above FACTS and set me straight. Im a reasonably smart guy and my common sense tells me theres more to Elenin than what we are being told.

    All in all I do like most articles on this site and Im in no way trying to be condescending. I just feel that too many people blindly follow articles on their face and fail to scrutinize anything the writer states as fact. As a news outlet you must be scrutinized and it is your duty to reply.

    Hope I didn’t waste my time writing this only to have a moderator trash it because it doesn’t fit your views. All credibility of this site will be lost if that happens.

    In any affect, I hope you are right and I am wrong….only time will tell.



    • As far as me muddying the waters, I don’t think you properly read the title: Neither Nibiru nor Elenin holds up under scientific scrutiny: According to, the word ‘Nor” is “used before the second or further of two or more alternatives.”

      Brown dwarf stars are not comets. If a brown dwarf is inside Elenin; it has a fixed orbital path around the Sun- then how could it possibly be the Sun’s binary if the Sun has determined its orbit? That means it came into existence after the Sun and not during- which makes it no binary star system. The fact that a comet is long-period also does not make it a killer. Hale-Bopp had a 4200 year orbital path and was harmless.

      The tail is 50 million miles wide and swipes Earth- This is where not examining these events in the proper scientific context gets one into trouble. In the presence of the Sun, the tail of a comet is always pushed away from the Sun as you clearly know and when Elenin crosses the path of Earth is at a right angle from the Sun, so the tail would never be in Earth’s direction. See

      Now refer back to the picture in the article to see Elenin’s orbital path to see what I mean.

      This has nothing to do with your intelligence (you obviously have that judging from your detailed summation), however, it has everything to do with science and I don’t see any science there with this comet that makes be believe this is anything more than hype- but don’t take my word for it, see what the Leonid Elenin says about the comet himself:


      • Greg says:

        Can’t keep up with you on all you said, but that’s okay.
        Thinkin Nibiru is following elenin, close, astronomically speaking.
        Thinkin there has been/will be some really big energy from it, that creates major problems, on a larger scale than what has already been seen; opinon only and based upon the beleif that nibiru and not haarp is causing most of the current world wide geological activity.
        Agree, it is the mind. Crucial point, the battle is for the minds/hearts of humanity. The grand delusion and false messiah, or, believe in Christ crucified and resurrected.
        Think personally, that the coming events of elenin followed by nibiru will be maximally chaotic. The perfect stage setup for the grand delusion plan, GDP for short- REal chaos destruction, followed by FAlse peace/prosperity. The slogan; just allow your mind to “ascend” to participate in the very fleeting moment of a pseudoheaven; let us harvest your mind’s figs prematurely and out of season. I don’t want my mind pregnant with evil’s truth when the real Messiah comes back.
        Scientifically, I ain’t a scientist, but know they have a lot wrong and right. They won’t accept some aspects of physics:they can’t, it brings science and God/energy on the same page. Preconditioning won’t allow it. So, I’ll stick to my best pee poor judgment: that judgement is tellin me to pray, and get ready for all hell to break loose, whether man-made, nibiru, or both, troubles comin.
        The Book says; Don’t fear. I will obey, and refuse to have my mind taken over by fear; thereby feeding into what evil would like. Won’t provide my thought for evil’s food.
        “I pledge allegiance to the lamb, with all my strenght with all I am” song from a great artist.

        The mind is the prize. Look at the affects of GMO foods, polluted flouridated water, air pollution, electromagnetic pollution. All affects the mind. This study done in Ca, peer reviewed shows bt bacteria living in the guts of mammal host, and same poison in the blood of fetuses, mothers. It affects genetic change; how far, how much don’t know?
        But the imposter wants to be God:much of humanity is willingly working to make it happen.
        The link to study:

        My thoughts to all that beleive; keep the faith, Do Not Fear, keep the temple/body clean and stay away, as much as possible, from their **&#$% junk. Let’em eat their own rancid frankencakes. When you can throw a sausage Mcmuffin under your car seat when it is new, and it lasts longer under there with no mold, than your car…. houston, we have a problem. Over 70% of packaged and processed food is frankenstiened; 90% of US corn, 70% of US soy. The FDA says it’s fine, based upon, “political”, science- Another reason, one needs to think for themselves, right or wrong, at least the outcome was personal choice, not another’s.
        All my opinions.
        Thanks for this site


      • People can’t except the whole comet thing was only hype from the beginning because their egos won’t let them admit they were deceived. Now you know why the Bible says “the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth and their angels were cast out with him.” Revelation 12:9.

        I eluded in statements that it appeared to be one well-organized campaign and the back-lash and angry comments I got because I wouldn’t post their propaganda was the first clue these people were pushing an agenda. All those who are not standing fully on the word of God and following Christ will be continue to as they say in German: Wie Schafe zur Schlachtbank geführt which is Like sheep led to the slaughter


  37. Awakeduringscienceclass says:

    Where did the idea that Elenin aligning with anything, could cause earthquakes, come from?
    What caused earthquakes before Comet Elenin showed up? Barney the purple dinosaur.
    Earthquakes are caused by shifting tectonic plates.
    There are a lot of people on the net that obviously slept through highschool science class.


    • Iamthe1 says:

      I would suggest you goto the Cornell University and read recent scientific studies that show alignment of celestial bodies cause most earthquakes 6 and above on the Richter Scale.

      It was shown that in cases where Elenin happened to fall into one of those alignments, the quakes were more severe.

      Maybe a Cambridge trained physisist now teaching at Cornell is not to be believed?

      Furthermore, Mr.Leonid is not an amatuer astronomer as we were told. This guy has been published in numerous scientific journals. It just so happens that the same physics professor at Cornell who wrote the above thoery also had spent time in Russia teaching thoeroetical physics to Russian Astronomers….one of which was Mr. Elenin himself.

      To make matters worse, when one studies the appendix of the above mentioned paper, it credits Mr. Elenin as a participant in the study.

      Sounds a bit hooey to me.


    • Greg says:

      Yea, good point, but think most people know about tectonic plates… natural movements. Personally, am looking at the acceleration in number and magnitude of quakes and potential outside influences. Electromagnetism lifts tons of scrap, at a time, in salvage yards. The earth is a magnet of sorts. If a passing object is ore, of extremely high mass, and highly magnetized, and close,…….? Well, the sun may be a little late, …… or early, with, potentially, a lot in between??


  38. Nomad says:

    There is quite a lot of scientific evidence that suggest there is massive perturbation occurring across all planets in the Solar System at present, there is also a lot of supported scientific theory that suggest these and unusually high solar mass ejections on our Sun are caused by external electromagnetic forces from the Galaxy such as alignment to large nearby mass objects in and outside our solar system, as well as alignments to centre/core of the Galaxy.


  39. TTB says:

    So..people find it hard to believe a comet might have some unknown element in it, causing a little havoc as it goes along, BUT…a literal dragon with seven heads is completely believable….LOL


    • TTB says:

      I understand the reference. Just finding humor in saying there is no way possible the comet might have an unknown element or compositional makeup thus making it interact with the planets in a way never before seen. A multi headed dragon though, now that is to worry for.

      Seems to me, Sept is a mighty close date and some sites don’t wanna have to retract or see a fall off of numbers if they are wrong. I’m not saying Elenin is anything more than a little spaceball of dirty snow, just laughing at all who act like they ‘know’.
      Personally I think it is prudent to stay away from such things, and find any Christian propagating them as blindly leaving stumbling blocks for unbelievers. We have to stay mindful of such things. Sound doctrine. So don’t mistake me, I dig the decision.

      Though the site doesn’t endorse elenin, it still figured a way to use it to drive some traffic. Smart. (hmm, maybe it does affect more than you know lol)

      By the way, I am a Christian and do believe the ‘dragon’ reference. I just believe its body/heads/horns are misunderstood as literal things, instead of what they are. Nations, its beliefs and leaders. The ‘little horn that grew’ is the ideal and now nation of America. The wolves in sheep’s clothing are the Freemasons, who follow in the order of king Solomon. The number 666 was meant to point us to Solomon. See the mistake with how he built his kingdom. Know his followers would lead the world down the same road.
      Their own arthur Manly P Hall wrote, ” The pagan intellectuals re-clothed their original ideas in a garment of christian phraseology but bestowed the keys of the symbolism only upon those duly initiated and bound to secrecy”
      Their sacrifice of corn, wine and oil…corn a nod to the sacrifice refused by Cain…wine and oil are symbols of ‘serving’ man. Instead they are used to seduce us, just as the bible foretells.
      And for the record, they do not consider themselves ‘evil’. They are worshippers of knowledge, and they thank the one that brought them the light of knowledge,,,Lucifer. They consider the Almighty Lord of Hosts as a unfair tyrant who wrongly punished the faithful like Cain and king Solomon.

      Long story short…all mythical sounding ‘dragons’.. points to us people. Our ideals, institutions, nations and actions. In looking for mythical things we blind ourselves from real understanding.

      Side note back on topic…I do wonder about.. like the picture on the back of the Swiss franc 10…I must say i find the argument for the comet being named after Leonhard Euler a little compelling.


  40. tyroneb says:

    Actually, no one really needs a fancy science lab to know what is going on, just look at the moon. In my area, it normally travels in a East- West arc, but now, it will go due North some evenings.
    Also it’s rise and set are not in accord with published charts.
    Very soon according to my Amer-Indian friends, a man with a good rifle, a bag of corn and good shoes will be considered wealthy.


  41. Sargon says:

    It is actually not nibiru. The is a big star called VV Cephei and it has 7 planets. This sun is 1900 sun’s diameter and has perturbed all the planets in our solar system. I actually believe that we are being pulled into it’s orbit and our solar system is becoming part of it’s planet system.
    The original star wars movie depicts a new dawn when Luke sykywalker looks towards the morning sun rise seeing two sun’s, one like ours and the other to the bottom right appearing further away although the same size in appearance the furthest sun in this binary star system is reddish. Now red spectrum of light is longer in wavelength and so the shorter wavelengths will not arrive to earth however the red spectrum will making it appear a little reddish in colour.
    The SOHO observer for the last month has shown a star moving from the right to the left close to the center viewing of the observer camera and around it the seven planets can be seen by studying multiple frames and zooming and they appear like a house when drawing straight lines connecting them. Refer to Wikipedia VV Cephei to see the seven planets that orbit this third largest discovered star.
    I live in Australia and have followed this star for the past three years taking casual pictures at sun down and have discovered that the star is getting bigger and that today the star appears proportional and positionally accurate to that od what is shown in SOHO.
    The reason why I believe that this is VV Cephei is that because of its non spherical shape and parallax the distance could be closer than what is measured wikipedia tells us that It is 2400 light years from earth with 20%error.
    Revelation 12:1-6. I believe it talks about the earth being clothed with the sun and the moon underneath her feet was ready to deliver a conquerer who would be called up to God. This is Jesus Christ Our Saviour. Then it talks about a dragon that had seven crowns and drew stars from it’s tail and cast them to earth. The earth has been hit by many space rocks and yet it tells us that the body of this dragon is so big that it draws a third part of the stars in heaven and cast them to earth. We understand that stars are angels and Saran and a third of the angels were cast down to earth. There is a lot of parallel to what happens in the spiritual realm and what manifests in the physical realm. To me it is like the physical world is controlled by forces of Good and evil almost the same as a player who plays characters in a video game and his action is manifested in a simulated world of gaming. This eary connection may nit be far from the truth. We are told that the woman fled into the wilderness for 1260 days. The earth s traveling through the wilderness of space and day may not be our solar days but a cycle of a greater picture. The war in heaven by Michael and Satan and the casting down of the dragon to earth is a pending event between earth and VV Cephei a climax to the end of physical time. I make a observation that the devil wants to reign for ever and he has claimed this earth for himself yet he would figh to maintain the fabric of time and space in the physical universe where the Holy Angels in the spiritual realm are ordered to take it apart that is dismantle creation in the same way God Created it and sustained it God send his Devine orders of that is it stop time full stop. That is why when the devil sees that the devinve orders are given he fights to maintain the stability of the physical realm so that the evil he has sowed in the world and universe is maintained for ever. God claims to everything that is good and the devil claims the opposite in spite and in disobedience to God. That is why the satanic agenda of pop cult is to push society to a Sodom culture of sexual imorality and the Holy Bible tells us that the end shall be when there is a falling away.


  42. Sargon says:

    Hello All nice to see such bright people on this site with intelligent comments.


  43. Nomad says:

    Click to access 1104.2036.pdf
    Note: Many modern Astronomer have known for quite some time..planetary alignments in our own solar system cause perturbation….
    In 1846, the planet Neptune was discovered after its existence was predicted because of discrepancies between calculations and data for the planet Uranus. Astronomers found the new planet almost exactly at the position predicted by the calculations of Leverrier (Adams had also calculated the position independently).


  44. Nomad says:

    Gravitation is an electromagnetic phenomenon. There is no primary motion inherent in planets and satellites. Electric attraction, repulsion, and electromagnetic circumduction govern their movements.
    ….. I thus recognized the fact that not gravitation, but electric attraction and repulsion and electromagnetic circumduction govern the solar systems…source IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY 1946
    Also ref Tesla and Joseph Farrell re Electromagnetics….and its impact across the galaxy/universe


  45. M.A. says:

    Nomad, are you the anon who wrote/co-wrote that 90+ page paper? If so, I read that and am beyond intrigued. If you are the author, I must speak to you about the mentioned October dates.


  46. Gage says:

    You ruin your scientific credibility by posting a quote from Revelations.


  47. bl8ant says:

    Elenin disintegrated….debris ? not the top of my worries, i just ran out of insulation tape half way across the ceiling….agh


  48. Clare says:

    Thanks again Alvin for a wonderful write. I took the liberty of linking to this page in my blog today. I want other Christian’s to read your work.

    Bless you and stay safe, we many look to you for sound sense and biblical references.


  49. Garth Whelan says:

    If Elenin does come between Earth and the sun, then maybe it’s tail will pass through the earth. Remember, a comet’s tail always points away from the sun, as the solar wind pushes the small particles away from the sun. If we should pass through it’s t5ail, then go outside with a camera, and try to get a good shot of the many shooting stars that will come as a result.

    Maybe governments are fabricating stories to people with little knowledge of the physical make up of the universe, in order to test new weapons like HAARP or Russia’s ‘Woodpecker’. I just ignored all the hearsay about Elenin, Nubiru, etc. Maybe the Mayan calendar ended on 2012 because they ran out of space.

    The sun and the CME’s are the things to watch for. Remember Revelation says that God gave the sun power to scorch men for 5 months…

    How about some feedback to this question:

    Supposing Red Supergiants like (Betelgeuse) or Ras Algethi (Hercules) which are among the brightest stars in the sky should turn supernova, would they affect Earth in any way?


    • Elenin’s October 16th pass was a non-issue just as I said it would be from the beginning despite the criticism I took from people who flooded this site daily with their comet-doom stories and youtube videos. They’ve disappeared now just like the comet with no explantion. However, a gamma ray burst is always a very real danger to this planet.


    • nickk0 says:

      “Supposing Red Supergiants like (Betelgeuse) or Ras Algethi (Hercules) which are among the brightest stars in the sky should turn supernova, would they affect Earth in any way?”

      No threat to Earth, that I have read / heard about.

      In order for these to be a real threat to Earth, their ‘poles’ would have to be pointing at us, which is where the vast majority of the energy from a Supernova is directed.

      Try a google search on the start “WR 104”, to learn more about this. 🙂

      – Nick


  50. yamkin says:

    Exclusive! Nibiru Photographs Finally Released By Wise Telescope: Must See To Believe!


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