Is genetically modified food linked to the obesity epidemic?

July 24, 2011WASHINGTON– The epidemic of excess weight gain and obesity among young Americans began about 15 years ago, a new study finds. “Our research documents the emergence of the obesity epidemic among adolescents in the later half of the 1990s, and among young adults in 2000,” said Hedwig Lee, who led the study while at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is now an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle. “The jury is still out about all the possible causes for the increasing weight gain among adolescents . . . as well as for the entire population,” said Lee. However, she cited a number of possible factors, including a rise in time spent in front of computer or TV screens and longer time spent in post-secondary education, “transitioning” to adulthood. According to Lee, poor diet and couch-potato lifestyles rise when young people leave the parental home and go out on their own, before starting their own families. The research focused on a measure called the body mass index, or BMI, which calculates a relationship between weight and height. As BMI grows, so do concerns arise about obesity-related illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, stroke, liver disease, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis and fertility problems, Lee said. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of Americans are now either overweight or obese, with slightly more women than men affected. The study of about 100,000 adolescents and young adults used four large national databases tracking the BMIs of 12- to 26-year-olds from 1959 to 2002. The results showed that BMIs increased “sharply in the adolescent ages beginning in the 1990s, and among young adults around 2000,” especially among black females. Overall, BMI increases started earlier and rose faster for females versus males, according to the study, which was published online this month in the Journal of Adolescent Health. –U.S. News  July 21, 2011
GMO’s arrive in 1990s: GM foods were first put on the market in the early 1990s. Typically, genetically modified foods are transgenic plant products: soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil. Animal products have also been developed, although as of July 2010 none are currently on the market. –Wikipedia
 If GM foods are contributing to the rise of autism, obesity, diabetes, asthma, cancer, heart disease, allergies, reproductive problems, or any other common health problem now plaguing Americans, we may never know. In fact, since animals fed GMOs had such a wide variety of problems, susceptible people may react to GM food with multiple symptoms. It is therefore telling that in the first nine years after the large scale introduction of GM crops in 1996, the incidence of people with three or more chronic diseases nearly doubled, from 7% to 13%. –Food Matters 2009
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23 Responses to Is genetically modified food linked to the obesity epidemic?

  1. Gary says:

    Is genetically modified food linked to the obesity epidemic?
    One word …..NO!
    You still have to put the stuff in your mouth and that’s called choice.
    People choose to eat too much of the wrong types of food and then look everywhere except at themselves to lay the blame!


    • Marshallrn says:

      The problem is that no one is realy teaching our youth how to care for them selves. And these big fast food companies are making it too easy to want to just buy their food. Choice ….. I agreed and I am making mine count. Yet the price of good food is up and GMO/fast food is down. Start with early education….. Wait that’s where the US cuts it’s spending first. I think all of America is in agreance….. The youth is not important…… Yet instead of letting them start just give them bad education and sell them bad food for a hope for an ok life of debt after school. God bless America…. No realy we need all the prayers we can get. Thanks.


    • goodbyemilkyway says:

      I say yes it can be..

      GM Foods, look(to average Joe), taste, smell…same as naturally grown foods. It is NOT.

      GMO has no nutritional value, might as well eat the box./ now, since people are eating what they “think” is “healthy” choices…it really is shit! nutrients feeling of full–or a brief feeling, so therefore eat more, so therefore gain weight(and all the side effects that go with that)..but that’s why it is made/grown in first place…the medical industry makes a shitload of money off of ill people..preventable diseases too…many will die because of GMO foods.

      Read you labels ppl…they have distracted you by saying read for calories etc…you should be reading labels for the word”MODIFIED” IN IT..anywhere…PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF…eat our great great grandparents..non processed. no shit, no
      takeout..alkaline diet.


    • nibikwe says:

      Your response, or is it a reaction to the GMO/obesity link is very emotional. Is your statement based on scientific fact, conjecture, or something more personal? The idea that modern humans put food in their mouths based on choice is misleading. Monsanto has nearly got a stranglehold now on the world’s available food supply. They continue to stymie efforts by concerned citizens to require marketplace foods be labeled as genetically altered. If people really had choice about consuming untested, potentially negative health-altering ‘food’, then why all the secrecy?


  2. John A says:

    Part of my own theory/understanding on it is that, in part, we are more addicted to fast-food and food with little nutritional value, therefore we must eat more to obtain more nutrition. Also, we of course eat a high carb diet, rich in sugar and desserts. The third part is that a lot of this sugar and carb consumption leads to a bacterial flourishing of the system and/or fungal growth which seeks to convince us that we need to consume even more.

    I personally am getting back on a more paleo-centric diet after some years off of it. The other benefit of such a diet is good dental health.


  3. sinoed says:

    Never agreed with this….although nature cross breeds it doesn’t do it across the species barrier…when will we learn that messing with the mother is not a good thing….all mothers get miffed when you take the piss, and as far as I concerned, she is entitled to be so….and like all mothers when you miff them off….you pay the price!!


  4. Gen says:

    I think we need to be very sure about every thing we eat before we eat it.
    We need to make up our own minds on food safety and not rely on being told that certain foods are safe. We need to listen to what our bodies are telling us after eating certain foods. What is okay for one person might not be for another.

    Flavour enhancers 627, 631 and 635 often mask MSG. I used to eat a lot of instant noodles and pasta with these and continually had headaches. I see that these, along with flavors and colors are now being replaced with herbs and spices such as turmeric, paprika etc. Very recently in potato chips/crisps. I hope soon in savory biscuits and crackers.

    Some links here.

    Canola – genetically modified rapeseed plant.

    Lower gluten content in wheat 100 years ago.


  5. NickK0 says:

    Welcome to the American Food / Medical / Pharmaceutical Industry.


  6. d daxx says:

    When you realize that the people have been “dumbed-down” for the last 100 years so that they elected an imposter into the White House, how can you expect them to recognize that they are being fed poison?


  7. skywalker says:

    well being comes from a healthy lifestyle of fresh food , clean water and exercise. as most people dont get any of these 3 in todays lifestyle its not surprising we are seeing mass obesity.
    eating proccesed food is a major part of the problem,cos its dead food,and no amount of it will help the body,infact the more of it you eat the worse the problem becomes.
    fresh food has lifeforce in it which is wot the body needs. the longer you store it the less it has, the more you cook it the less it has , and ofcourse proccesing it removes all the life force.
    most fruit and veg is imported from other countries and its all irradiated first so it can make the long journey to your mouth before it goes mouldy.
    just eating carbs , protein and fat isnt enough to stay healthy .
    and ofcourse cooking any food in a microwave oven reorganises the molecular structure of it and the body dosent recognise it as nutrition and just passes it through as waste.
    dairy products have alot of fat in them , that the human body just cant procces or pass , so we become blocked up .
    fresh water comes out from a spring , well , borehole, but tap water is so heavily proccesed its dead when it comes out your tap, and most people only wash in water as they prefer to drink soft fizzy drinks instead.
    most people dont recognise the difference between the sensations of hunger and thirst. they are similar ofcourse, but most people eat when they should be drinking water instead, which means that most people are dehydrated all the time, without even realising it.
    we live in a world full of labour saving devices which have made us all complaicent and lethargic, and these devices give us more time to relax and do nothing ,whilst becoming more brainwashed by our own ignorance of the plight we are all facing.
    our environment is becoming more poisoned every day , so that we can have an easier life with more freedom to do as we please ,whilst ignoring the warnings of any consequences to our childrens future on this planet we call home.
    we think of ourselves as gods and beyond reproach for our deeds ,we meddle with forces beyond our comprehension to understand, and we show no regard for any other living entity on , in or of this planet ,including ourselves .

    when the heavenly host returns to earth , the judgement will be swift and merciless , for we have already judged ourselves with our actions, which have led us to the here and now.
    no amount of gold will provide our deliverance.
    only our daughters will survive to breed the new race of humans to sead this worlds future
    we are just cattle , and our lives are forfeit.
    only the meek shall inherit the earth, for they live by their truth in the face of all adversity.
    we can either clean ourselves up and shine , or we can remain and be consumed by our guilt.
    the choice as always is our own free will to make,
    blessings be upon those who heed the call.


  8. Nator says:

    People need to take responsibility for their own actions. GMO’s didn’t make you supersize your Double Quarter with cheese meal at the drive through window, nor did it make you sit on your butt for 12 hours straight. If we would start looking inside ourselves for answers vs. blaming outside forces, this, and many more problems problem would not be an issue.


  9. Rozee says:

    We go to the food bank so our choices are very limited. Once we qualify for food stamps we’ll be able to make choices. We’ve joined a co-op which is our best bet for healthful food. I worked in pet food industry for many years. Ingredient sourcing research gave me a view into food business. Yikes.


  10. I can recommend DEMETER Food. You will find it in all country’s.


  11. Maiden PEI says:


    In the picture . . . they need whole body protective gear to work/be around GMO?

    I wonder what ‘their’ explanation would be for that.


  12. A_lad says:

    Lies lies and more lies. What is the flavor of the month and who’s pocket do want to load up with dollars this month? I think it’s a globalist problem and who’s in line to get there share of profits from disinformation. One week coffee is bad for you and next week it helps heart disease. Paleeze already!

    Michelle Obamas begins a campaign against this issue and suddenly there is an onslaught of commercials promoting fast food and other foods that prevent getting fat and the majority of the companies are connected to Globalists.

    It’s hard to trust much anymore. Get people addicted to something then share the antedote….. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer….


  13. jones says:

    Yes, I believe GMO foods are linked to high obesity rates in North America. I am African, and when I was a kid all we ate was pure organic food. I never had an issue of obesity during my years of eating organic food. Since I relocated to North America, my weight has exponentially increased and I DO NOT EAT A LOT, as some people will like to suggest. I have also noticed that the size of a majority of Africans, that were brought up in Africa who now live in North America, compared to Canadians and Americans in North America are exponentially smaller in size and weigh far less than the Average North American. Every North American looks huge, or has traits of looking huge! All the men are either extremely tall, extremely muscular, thick or extremely fat and all the women have some form of cellulite or are extremely fat – white, and mostly black. The only reason I find to be the cause of this is GMO foods. Everything we buy here is from the grocery store. No one has access to their own dairy, or meat.


  14. Nymphaea says:

    Protein signalling is the most important pathway in our bodies and proteins are large molecules with very specific folding. The problem with GM crops especially ones that use gene guns and indiscriminate splicing can result in incorrect folding in protein molecules. The thing about this is our bodies through evolutionary processes have developed specific lock-and-key mechanisms to deal with proteins coming into our bodies and when that is compromised by incorrect folding, the result is broken pathways and digestive processes are corrupt. Protein signalling will also be compromised. Think of the number of proteins that are involved in enzyme pathways and hormonal axes. Corrupt proteins are also capable of being infectious as in prions (infectious proteins) that cause Creutzfedt Jacob disease, the human variant of mad cow disease. The problem really is commercialising products without adequate safety studies to turn a quick dollar and turning us all into guinea pigs. So when pigs are fed GM grain and cannot produce piglets our collective alarm bells should ring loud and clear. We should consider how these unnatural products are affecting the hormonal axis and protein signalling of the pig because the very same thing will probably happens to us if we consume similiar foods. This is just the botanical side of things. Then there is also the manipulations of raising livestock – large livestock require interventions that make them large and when we consume these animals we incorporate all the things that went into making them large and the end result is alarming. There was a report last year of pre-schoolers in the UK becoming pubescent and it made an argument for hormonal disturbances associated with food. Gene splicing without fully understanding the flow-on effects is the standard today – a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


  15. Mike Swayze says:

    “In fact, since animals fed GMOs had such a wide variety of problems, susceptible people may react to GM food with multiple symptoms.”

    I’d like to see a link to this data/report. I’m a beleiver in Moses and the snakes (the medical symbol origination). GM food may or may not be linked with people, but animal data should be obtainable that has some indication certainties..
    ?? BET in GM corn products….


  16. Duncan Ragsdale says:

    Mark Starr, M.D., reports that there is an epidemic of hypothyroidism-type2 in the US due to our drinking water that is treated with chlorine and fluoride,and contaminated benzene, and other toxins. “Type2” means that the uptake by each cell of T3 is blocked by the toxins. T3 is a protein with three iodines attached that is necessary for the nucleus of each cell to replicate DNA and to produce RNA. The energy producing organelle, the mitochondria, require sufficient RNA to metabolize glucose to producce TPA, the energy we need to function normally. When T3 is blocked, mitochondria are unable to metabolize glucose and it is stored as fat. The fats we consume are likewise not metabolized and are stored. Mixedema is the physical appearance of low thyroid function. Myxos means mucus. The word means a layer of mucous under the skin that is seen in puffy eyes, jowels,and faces, and thickness of the outer upper arms. Hair loss, low temperatures, constipation, and many other signs and symptoms are the result of low thyroid uptake. It maybe that GM foods also block uptake of T3, adding to the process.


  17. Alicia Bridges says:

    It’s a dangerous and life threatening situation. We can’t even eat a healthy diet by relying on fruits and vegetables and lean meats anymore. Oranges, bananas, tangerines, all fruits are filled with GMOs. The same with vegetables. Even your salad veggies are GMO filled. Meats also.
    It is one thing to say “stay away from fast foods”. We do stay away from fast foods from the drive through as well as in our freezer.
    We must by products which specifically state, NO GMOS. All others, are most likely, GMO filled foods. It is criminal what the GOVERNMENT (not the population) has done to our food supply. I think it’s time to stop blaming the general public. Yes some do over eat. Some eat more fast foods than others. But when your regular tomato, celery, potato, lettuce, chicken breast and eggs are all full of GMOs and the meats with hormones and other unsavory chemicals, what is the general public supposed to do?
    I would not want to be raising children in this world today. All this is put upon us by our government. Then we look at each other and blame ourselves for things that are completely out of control.
    We do the best we can to find the NO-GMO products. Then, just recently, one of our most favorite ORGANIC/NO GMO food companies has sold out to the non organic and GMO trend. Where we live, in the south east USA, choices and availability of healthy No GMO / Organic foods are hard to find, and supplies are limited.
    The blame goes on the government of this country and not on the general public. I shop for us on a weekly basis. We’ve stopped using so many food items. We started being seriously food conscious in 2004. We’ve also changed all house cleaning and bath products as well. The people who sell these healthy foods .. ( the supermarkets ) can’t be depended on to keep products and produce available. One grocery chain in our area has done a remarkable job. But the other stores, quite frankly don’t care.
    We will continue to strive to eat as healthy as we can, which also means ordering some of the non perishables online. But this is the fault of our government process or non process. They’ve ruined the water, the air, the food chain, and our weather as well. What next?


  18. Unfortunately I found this forum somewhat late, whilst doing some research on the subject.
    Having read all the posts, there is definitely a case to answer, not by me but by the powers to be. Yes for decades humans have suffered all these health problems. Asthma, diabetes, heart and lung disease, obesity and many more. Medical science has continued to search out cause and remedy, results some good some not so good. Then along come the worldwide cry for help. Much of the world’s population are starving. So science comes running. A means of being able to modify crops seed and in turn animal feed.
    Now enters a new, world changing episode, the introduction of the GMO’s. Loud shouts of praise for the backroom boys. We now have a Saviour for mankind, no more empty bellies, but a small voice asks. Please Sir, at what price?

    Here in the UK, at one time preservatives were used in foods. Now everything has a sell by date and a use by date. Thousands of tons of good food is dumped every day. The outside world, folks are still starving.

    Back to GMO’s. I have found in my research that even in the field of science, no one is prepared to offer a comment as to when, the active ingredient of the GMO that causes the plant etc. to productively explode and produce so much more, and at the same time, tending to remain silent when such questions as here are raised.
    To me it appears that once again, for instance medical science is treating the symptoms rather than the cause. Whilst the cause is allowed to continue.

    Once again here in the UK. Many cattle had to be destroyed due to mad cow disease. Bovine encephalitis. This was accredited to feeding herbivores animal remains. I know of a case where a young man contracted the disease and died.
    In conclusion. Might I say. Please don’t always blame the recipient, the sufferer .


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