Climatologist blames hotter nights for rise in number of destructive storms

July 21, 2011OTTAWA – The freak windstorm that toppled the main stage at the Ottawa Bluesfest may be a sign of weather to come, warns a top climatologist. Provincial investigators combed the gnarled wreckage at the grounds of the festival on Monday for clues to explain how a violent summer gale destroyed the stage during a Cheap Trick concert the night before. But one of Canada’s foremost weather experts has his own theory: climate change. Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave Phillips said it’s not the days that are getting hotter — it’s the nights. According to Phillips, there are more and more nights when the mercury stays above 20 Celsius. That means there is less time for the air to cool down at night, causing a build-up of hot air. When a cold front comes in, like it did on Sunday night in the Ottawa region, it’s the perfect storm fuel. “You do get the element of severe weather under something like this, when it’s so hot and humid,” Phillips said. A century ago, Toronto would get three or four nights a year above 20 C. Now it’s more like 20 nights a year, he explained. “It’s the fuel that drives storms.” He said Canadians can expect more of the extreme weather that howled through the concert grounds, sending thousands of people scurrying for cover as scaffolding buckled into a heap. The storm also killed two people in boating accidents in west Quebec. –Yahoo News
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1 Response to Climatologist blames hotter nights for rise in number of destructive storms

  1. Wiseguy says:

    This is right, usually, there’s few nights in summer you can swim and not freezing when you go out of the swimming pool, but this summer, for more than 2 weeks, nights are keeping the heat. But, again, they always have good explanations concerning weather madness, it would be so easy if they could tell the truth… El Nino, El Nina, bla bla bla…


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