Magma plume activity: Mt. Etna erupts with fountains of lava

July 20, 2011ITALY – Iceland’s gotten all the press of late, but there are other volcanoes in the world. One of the more famous ones, Italy’s Mount Etna, spent Monday night into Tuesday morning sending up cascading fountains of lava and throwing out car-sized molten rocks. The volcano’s southeast crater began to show fractures on the Monday afternoon, says volcanologist Tom Pfeiffer, who leads volcano tours through Volcano Discovery. At just after midnight Tuesday morning it began to mildly erupt and the tour group walked to a viewpoint on the rim of the Valle del Bove. At around 2:30 am the volcano began to send up fountins of lava 1,600 feet into the air, Pfeiffer said via email from Italy. “At the peak of the eruption at around 3 am, the fountains pulsated between an estimated 500-800 m height, with large incandescent bombs visible more than 1 kilometer above the vent and landing behind southeast crater,” he wrote. “The fountains gradually decreased by around 4 am and the activity turned into exploding giant lava bubbles, detonating with loud noise, and throwing large bombs up to 1 km in spherical directions above the crater. This activity slowly waned until dawn. While the fountains lasted, the crater wall was completely covered by incandescent lava.” –Science Fair
contribution Luisport
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12 Responses to Magma plume activity: Mt. Etna erupts with fountains of lava

  1. Brandon says:

    One more volcanic eruption, one more sign of a dying planet. Alvin I think this is getting serious. The Tribulation period may staring us in the face. We can’t send Bruce Willis to destroy this one.


    • Erik says:

      I rather see it as a new beginning, not a dying planet. Vulcanos create new land and that land is very vertile (dont know if thats the right word) Volcanos have always contributed to the cycle of the magma flow and the tectonicplates. Ofcourse its a bit scary but i wouldnt worry about the planet if i were you;). earth will be fine i think.


    • skywalker says:

      this planet we call “ours” hehe , is not dying, but our camikazi way of life might be coming to an end tho


  2. Stephen says:

    These are one of the signs that many people ignore. God bless us and those who watch.


  3. A-rab says:

    Alvin, how many volcanoes have erupted this year alone?


  4. goodbyemilkyway says:

    ..signs of a changing Earth..a dying World..


  5. ashuka says:

    I agree with your comment Stephen.


  6. Steve says:

    So I guess all of this can be attributed to the brown dwarf? When the brown dwarf reaches us in 2 months and and 5 days and passes between the sun and earth is all life on this planet, besides the governments, Nasa and wealthy who will be already safely in their bunkers, going to be eradicated? And how exactly is that going to take place when the brown dwarf starts its slingshot around the sun. Will our bodies be able to handle the mass of the brown dwarf spinning the earth faster and pulling the earth towards it? And please don’t say its just a wimpy comet elenin out there…as nasa keeps telling everyone


  7. Dvora Pearlman says:

    we see the earth changes- they are coming, they are here. it is the time of change. what dose it mean? what can we do about it? this is the only question that matters.
    spirit says: stay in your heart no matter what happens on the outside. be strongly focused withing because this is where you hear the divine, where you’re all one: divine, man and earth. stay trusting with open heart and all will enfold as it wills. it’s all about love and trust!!!!


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