Violent midnight storm on Lake Michigan generates 6 ft waves killing 2

July 18, 2011MICHIGAN – Two sailors died when their 35-foot sailboat capsized in a storm, while six crew members were pulled from Lake Michigan by another boat competing in the annual Race to Mackinac, the Coast Guard said on Monday. The midnight storm generated four- to six-foot waves and WingNuts, a boat registered out of Saginaw, Michigan, capsized and issued a distress signal. The crew from the boat “Sociable” radioed authorities and pulled six people from the temperate lake waters, Coast Guard Petty Officer Lauren Jorgensen said. Two Coast Guard vessels and a helicopter found WingNuts overturned 13 miles northwest of Charlevoix, Michigan, and the bodies of the two sailors were discovered close by. The victims were WingNuts captain Mark Morley, 51, and Suzanne Bickel, 41, both of Saginaw, race organizers said. Morley had 44 years of sailing experience, including six Mackinac races. Several other boats had abandoned the race to help in the search, race organizers said. Several boats retired and others were “limping home” following the violent storm that produced torrential rains, high winds, and sheet lightning. Lake Michigan generates some of the steepest waves of any body of water anywhere, because of its geography and depth, according to sailing experts.  –Reuters
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16 Responses to Violent midnight storm on Lake Michigan generates 6 ft waves killing 2

  1. luisport says:

    The news you post today make me think we are think we are very close of precipice… today i’m scared! I know it’s a strange fealing to a guy with faith in God, but it’s the human fealing of fear that i feel.


  2. Jake says:

    Such a sad, sad story. Just like the story of the people playing in India before being swept away in an instant. Goodness. One minute you are having a grand old time while living life, the next minute nature’s fury ends all that fun on a dime.

    For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now – Rom 8:22

    Yes, it’s true, even creation itself is longing for the new order of things long since foretold. The One who walked on water and calmed the stormy seas will His kingdom where death will have no stinging effect. The whole earth and everything it will be at peaceful ease then. That’s gonna be awesome!


  3. Blaze says:

    All I can say is OMG! I doubt waves that size are the norm. Incredible.


  4. SC says:

    I’m from Chicago, and Lake Michigan is a force all it’s own. I’ve seen major waves come from that lake during storms. My mother told me that in the early 1960’s Lake Michigan had a tsunami wave 4 stories high that hit downtown Chicago. I’ve never checked for accuracy of the story, but I can attest to witnessing some very scary waves.


  5. Jim says:

    This is nothing! Back when I was on Tatooine we had to navigate shifting sand dunes 12 feet high. While gassed up on swamp juice from the local cantina.


  6. A_lad says:

    It seems that capsizing ships and boats around the world are becoming very frequent.


    • DENNIS says:

      A_LAD—Off post question. You say you live in Arizona? Are you being affected by any of the dust storms? They just had another one.


  7. Dave says:

    Two problems. One: the Great Lakes produce enormous waves (for lakes) due to their size and direction of wind running in the same direction as lots of open water. Making a claim of 6ft waves is almost laughable. A breezy summer day can produce 6 footers. I’ve seen small thunderstorms drive 12 to 16 footers in to some of the headlands and the photo certainly looks more like 20 footers which would be consistent with a bad storm.
    The other dumb comment was at the start of that article. The author said “While a tsunami will never strike Lake Michigan.” Although earthquakes are rare around the Great Lakes they do happen so the comment is kind of idiotic. What on earth would he make a statement like that?


  8. DENNIS says:

    It does. About 3 months ago, Alvin posted an article that reported that waves in the sea are getting taller,faster and louder in the past twenty years. The posting was called “Earths Oceans growing more turbulent – Scientists unsure why” posted on 03.25.11 under freak waves and strange high tides. Also the discovery channel has run documentaries on rogue waves.

    Have a nice day


  9. Tomwe says:

    I really appreciate the information this site provides. Definite on the effects of global warming, and it’s uncharted territory. But we also live in an age where news about events around the world can be found instantly. 20 or even 10 years ago information on what happens in Chile or Kyrgyzistan would not even be heard of. It’s apparent to me that we live on a very fragile planet which is constantly changing. I think we do have a lot to worry about with overpopulation and the impact of man on the planet. Buy prophesizing doom has been in existance since the first people could talk, I’m sure. Kinda strange to see the linkup of religiosity and this site, though. Seems like some Xtians are lookling forward to doom.


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