Parts of Croatia devastated by wildfires

July 18, 2011 CROATIA – Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor arrived on the island of Brac to personally inspect the damage caused by one of the worst forest fires in Croatia’s history, according to a report in Jutarnji List on July 17, 2011. “It looks terrible, like the surface of the moon,” said Kosor from the fire brigade’s operational headquarters in the hilltop village of Nerezisca. “I expect a swift investigation into the cause of the fire, and if it was started by a human factor, expect those responsible to be take full responsibility.” The fire, which has devastated the western part of one of Croatia’s most popular islands, has destroyed more than 4,000 hectares of pine forest, vineyards and olive groves and led to the evacuation of 200 tourists from the village of Bobisce. Brac is best known for its Zlatni Rat at Bol, Croatia’s most famous beach, as well as the indigenous white stone, which is used in construction all over the world, including the White House in Washington. –Suite101
(c) RT News 2011                       contribution by Luisport/Mahati
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5 Responses to Parts of Croatia devastated by wildfires

  1. Luca says:

    So many wildfires.


  2. nibikwe says:

    The world-wide geoengineering/aerial spraying of aluminum, among other elements, may be a contributing factor to these incredible fires!


  3. LA says:

    This is terrible!!! Brač is a beautiful island — or at least it was.. Strašno je! Žao mi je!


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