Nature’s new destructive force: Sudden cloudbursts create havoc across the globe

July 18, 2011SCOTLAND – A flash flood created havoc for residents and businesses in Perth by turning streets into rivers. About a foot of water collected in some places around East Bridge Street during the one-hour downpour. The flash flood happened between about 1300 BST and 1400 BST and was followed by thunder and lightning. Chris McCulloch, 44, said: “I’ve never seen rain like it in Scotland. All the streets coming down off the hill turned into streams.” Mr. McCulloch told the BBC Scotland news website he was trying to pick his 11-year-old daughter Chrisanne up from a friend’s flat after she got soaked “from head to foot. It was an absolute downpour,” he said. “The water was going into the flat and I couldn’t get down to her because the stairs down to the flat had turned into a river. A BMW got stuck in the water but then the police came and stopped people going through.”Mr. McCulloch also said a local tearoom was flooded and water also got into other business premises. He added: “As we were going across the Tay Bridge you couldn’t see Kinnoull Hill.” –BBC
Cherokee, NC — Thousands of fish were killed when a wall of water swept through the Cherokee Fish Hatchery. The flash flood washed many of the young trout out of the raceways where they were being raised as well as taking down about 75 feet of fence surrounding the facility, hatchery supervisor Doug Reed said. The hatchery has about 800,000 fish at any one time. Reed said Saturday he and other workers were still trying to determine how many had been killed as they cleaned up the mess. He estimated the damage at about $30,000-$50,000. “It overflowed the raceways and poured the fish out onto the ground,” he said. “It washed leaves and sticks into the raceways.” The flooding, produced by a cloudburst upstream in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, struck around midnight Thursday. Reed, who lives on the property, said he was in bed when it hit. “All I heard was a big boom and the rocks hitting together,” he said. “I jumped out of bed. It was kind of scary. “The wall of water was about 8 to 10 feet high. It came down the road. It lasted about two hours before it started dropping a significant amount.” –Digtriad
 NEW BRIGHTON, Minn. — The flash flood that hit areas of the metro early Saturday morning caused headaches for many residents just waking up. Many first floor residents are now displaced at Mirror Lake Condominiums in St. Anthony. Resident Melody Pomerenke says the water kept flowing into her apartment and nearly reached the height of her knees. It kept getting higher and higher,” Pomerenke says. “Water was running in.” Pomerenke says she placed towels at the bottom of her door, but that didn’t stop the water. She says rainwater seeped through the walls. She managed to save her favorite chair, but some of her other furniture is damaged. Just outside Pomerenke’s unit, Nick Sweiven attempts to dry out his dad’s original 1966 Mustang. Want to keep the ‘Stang nice, we’re about to fix it up hopefully,” Sweiven says. we hopes the car is passed down to him someday. But over at Garden View Apartments in New Brighton, the flooding situation is worse. Jennifer Giroux was in tears while carrying her belongings from her flooded garage. “It was just pouring massively,” Giroux says.  Up to 50 cars in the parking lot are now totalled. Many float in their spots, waiting for owners to push them to dryer ground. –Kare11
MANILA, Philippines – A five-year-old went missing after being swept away by heavy current in a flashflood incident in Cagayan de Oro City. In its latest report today, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) reported that the victim Angel Inso went missing while crossing through a wooden bridge with her mother at Sitio Bantiles, Barangy Bogo in Cagayan de Oro. The flashflood was caused by the overflowing of a creek near Bantiles Bridge due to continuous heavy rains. The Philippine Coast Guard is still conducting search and rescue operation for the missing victim. –Philstar
3 killed and swept away by sudden flashflood this weekend in Patalpani, India (unedited)
These ‘extreme weather’ events will become more numerous and deadly as global temperatures continue to rise and atmospheric conditions across the planet grow increasingly more unstable. This is the new face and force of natural destruction. It is deadly. It can strike in an instant. It is horrific and it will soon become the norm. In the space of less than half an hour; these unbridled forces of nature can obliterate ecosystems, alter landscapes and completely wipe man off the face of the Earth.The Extinction Protocol, page 145
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18 Responses to Nature’s new destructive force: Sudden cloudbursts create havoc across the globe

  1. luisport says:

    My God this is really crazy… and impredictable!


    • PansPermia says:


      Please be aware that God knows this. He as well as we, are dealing with a very powerful enemy. Winner takes all – we’ve got work to do.

      It is foretold that God will win this battle. Although at times it may not appear to be that way. Just know in your heart of heart that God will be the Victorious. He will reward us most kindly, especially those stand strong and fight along side Him in faith..

      I’m sure you know by now that we are at the beginning of this “fight to the end battle” with God’s, (and our nemesis) Satan.

      Stand tall and proud, (proud to be on God’s side) and allow God to affix His protective battle shield to your body.

      Go with God……


  2. says:

    really sad watching this, just shows that the force of nature is not to be messed with. If only they made their move across the river a few seconds earlier, there was no way they could’ve withstood the force of that water 😦


  3. saisuji says:

    Alvin, you are simply awesome. You seem to have your finger on the pulse of all events. We watched on tv the flash floods sweeping away those people in Indore,India. One minute the people are enjoying nature, the next minute they are scrambling to get out of the roaring waters. The people who died were from the same family and were a group of 5. It was horrifying. Meanwhile state of Karnataka is being pounded by heavy rain these past 3 days. Many villages are under water and reservoirs are almost full. Saisuji


  4. Brian in Georgia says:

    Two things this summer really stand out to me. One is this extreme rain and the other is the number of large, out of place hail storms. The Earth seems to be over correcting in extreme ways. I’m fearful for Florida and the entire Gulf coast this September when the Hurricanes roll that way.


  5. Luca says:

    Heartbreaking; that video. I pray that those who died are with God now and I know they are but I pray they didn’t feel pain or suffering and that the good angels came to take them to Heaven to be with God forever and ever. Events are getting scarier and scarier. Praying always for those in the midst of it.


  6. sophia carlson says:

    Hi Alvin, Could these flooding events be the result of the massive solar flare that was due to hit the Earth on the 19/7/11?


    • I think this is something related to the climate processes unraveling altogether. If you noticed, I hightlighted two of the storms took place at midnight and while not all that strange, we typically don’t think of that time of night as being the time the atmosphere is most turbulent from temperature flucuations. We’re losing the ability to accurately forecast the weather and that means sunshine one moment and life-threatening weather the next.


  7. Greg says:

    One of the most horrific things I ever watched.


  8. ashuka says:

    unreal video!!!! I pray for the family members of those who were lost from the flooding.


  9. Brandon says:

    Alvin, the rapid escalation of these events and the intensity is becoming more alarming. I just wonder how much more could happen before Earth kicks Man off her back for good.


    • It is esclating and unfortunately…this in many ways, portends more ominous things to come. The geological forces of the planet are beyond human comprehension and can overwhelm all of us at anytime. We have some difficult days before us.


  10. DUMON Jacques says:

    There is no clear and acceptable explanation why the “extreme weather” events (in the cold or in the hot temperatures range) may be caused by the global warming theory. Anyway the supporters of the CO2 /greenhouse effect claim the extreme weather events are the result of the CO2 increase in the atmopshere, but cannot bring any proof of it.
    So far as I know, the global warming has stalled since the peak temperatures of 1998. Those who strive to say the contrary are liars.
    Perhaps a supernatural explanation?


    • It has never been global warming. It’s planetary warming and its effects are global. C02 has never been the cause of anything other than debate.


      • Shawn Bash says:

        From what I have been reading isn’t the whole “global warming” thing just a natural phenomenon of the earths atmosphere?a constant warming and cooling over?thousand? years cycles? Not that human factors aren’t causing horrible problems globaly…. Your thoughts Alvin?


      • Shawn,

        I don’t believe in such a thing as atmospheric global warming. The atmosphere traps heat certainly, but it’s not creating the runaway chain of events some are claiming it is. The ocean traps more heat than the atmosphere. Gas, because of molecular density, is the worst conductor of thermal energy [that’s basic chemistry] and if it wasn’t, it still could not heat the planet uniformly as I outlined by scientific thesis in my book- therefore these changes we are seeing must be rooted in other causes like ocean heating, interior gradient fluctuations, radiant energy fluxes, and magma expansion.

        peace and blessings,


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