Climate mayhem: Blending of the seasons reported in Bangladesh

July 18, 2011BANGLADESH – Lengths of winter, summer and rainy seasons in Bangladesh have increased, while spring has decreased, changes that are likely to have an adverse impact on agriculture, said a study based on farmers’ perceptions. Winter, traditionally around two-and-a-half months long, now prevails for three-and-three-quarters, while summer takes five months, almost double the past usual length. On the other hand, rainy season, normally two-and-three-quarters, prevails for around three-and-a-half months, while spring is now one-and-a-half months, nearly half a month less than before. Autumn and late autumn continue to remain the same, it says. “It is expected that an increase in the length of summer season will adversely influence crop plantation and an increase in the rainy season will adversely impact ripening and harvesting,” it said. The study “A perception study: Climate change and food security in South Asia” was conducted from October to November in 2010 on 1,200 farmers — 300 each from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The farmers revealed their experience on climate change during the past 11 to 20 years. –The Daily Star
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1 Response to Climate mayhem: Blending of the seasons reported in Bangladesh

  1. John says:

    “And in the days of the sinners the years shall be shortened,
    And their seed shall be tardy on their lands and fields,
    And all things on the earth shall alter,

    And shall not appear in their time:
    And the rain shall be kept back
    And the heaven shall withhold (it).
    And in those times the fruits of the earth shall be backward,
    And shall not grow in their time,
    And the fruits of the trees shall be withheld in their time. “—Enoch


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