Raging wildfire burns through Jerusalem Forest

July 17, 2011 JERUSALEM – Firefighters are battling a large fire that broke out Sunday in the Jerusalem Forest and Mount Herzl area in the west of the city. The fire is approaching the Har Nof, Bayit Vagan neighborhoods and the Pi Glilot oil refinery. Rescue teams have evacuated the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial nearby. One worker suffered from smoke inhalation and was taken to the hospital. The Fire Department spokesman said on Channel 10 that “large teams of firefighters have been deployed in the entire area, and curious onlookers should clear out. Firefighting planes are flying above us in an attempt to put out the fire.” On Saturday, a fire broke out near the Church of Capernaum on the northern shore of Lake Kinneret, causing significant damage to adjacent banana groves. The fire began afternoon in a brush-field near Route 87. The blaze spread quickly to a parking lot near the church, with four cars catching fire and others damaged. The fire then moved on to a banana grove, causing serious destruction. Three firefighting teams arrived from Tiberius, successfully containing the fire and extinguishing it after several hours. –Haaretz
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5 Responses to Raging wildfire burns through Jerusalem Forest

  1. PansPermia says:

    Palestine will be blamed.
    They will blame Palestine – it was not. Put on your glasses.
    The fight to the end battle is now about to begin.

    *The only consolation I have as well as those of you who are reading my post; is knowing that our Father is on watch and is on stand by. He knows as some of you know that it’s going to be a mighty tough battle – let us PRAY IN earnest and in ALL OUR FAITH that more of us will make it through the fires of hell, than Satan expects.

    [Heavenly Father,]

    I’ve found my purpose for being here! Thank you for forcing my eyes, mind and ears open.

    I have finally realized that when vast numbers of people from all walks of life ask on a daily basis: “why am I here”, “what purpose do I serve on earth, little ol’ me” or “why was I born”? I’ve realized that they are still asleep but have an itch to wake up.

    I’ve realize too that some sarcastically say things like: “get me off this, (rotten) planet”, “life has no true meaning”, they’ve turned us all into robots/zombies, I give up” and lastly they say: “if you can’t beat them join them”. The latter are focusing on and remembering the ones who became impatient while waiting for Moses to descend down from the mountain top with Your first set of instructions.

    The former ones really want to know why they are born and why they live for only a short while and then die. Father, I ask that You help them open their eyes to the fact that they have been awaiting Your final message/instructions. Father I know now that the former ones are Your true and faithful followers, they are the one’s who ask the questions. They are not yet fully aware that they are the “Chosen One’s” sent/born to help You finish the battle against Satan once and for all. Just like their/our father’s and mother’s before us who stood in wait – waiting for Your return. Their loyalty to you Father over the centuries has been unfathomable to many and untold numbers have died in order to keep the truth: Your Truth Alive. Father, Your true believers and followers are resistant to the subliminal messages that have been planted in millions of people minds over several decades. Father You, know who they are but some do not yet know who they are.

    FATHER they do not yet know the reason for being born into this world, (this particular world – time and place) they do not know that they were born to be YOUR FOOT SOLDIERS. They are the ones to whom You gave the God Spark the ones who can see through the subliminal programing/not affected by it; they are the one who truly understand without question that every good General need soldiers on the ground: those, Father are the ones who await further instructions from You. Help them/us Father to continue to know in our heart and minds when it is Your message we’re receiving.

    Father keep us focused on Your Agenda, keep us strong of mind, will and spirit.

    [Father only You could have drawn me here to this site: Extinction Protocol 2012, (a site that I have, now, been reading/watching for a number of weeks.) You drew me here to post, (what some, (I know) will call my post whacked out weird and some type of new age thinking) what I’ve truly now just realized.

    You know and knew Father that Alvin is a good and faithful man who has done an incredible job in trying to get the correct message out to the masses. You knew Father that this is where I should write and post this particular prayer.

    Alvin in his wisdom, (you know of his wisdom father) has attracted the attention of others who like him help get the message out – “waking up”/”guiding” as many people as they can – to help them understand their true calling.]

    It’s a slow process Father as you can see, (as you well know Father) you had to land me on my head for me to actually open my eyes and “lock onto this site” – well today the reason you sent me here: happened.

    I’m putting my prayer top you for all to see.

    I finally get it – and understand all the signs/signals around us; all the messages You’ve been sending over the last few centuries, decades and weeks in particular. **As I write this, only You and I, Father are at this moment privy to my prayer and you know too that I am attempting in the best possible way I know how to articulate this message.**

    (Father grant me permission to touch and or open the mind of at least person who in turn can and will open the heart and mind of another – so on and so forth.) And it’s only You at this time Father who has the knowledge as to whether or not Alvin and or the site’s monitor’s will allow it to be posted.

    I sincerely believe Father that I have accomplished one of the objectives: one of the reasons You my Father allowed me to come/go on this mission. You Father sent me, (another) one of Your Foot Soldiers to post the answer to their questions again – the answer/message they’ve been waiting for.

    Thank you Father for waking me up in time to share my prayer/word: when someone asks; “why they are here”, I answer the words: “you/we are here to help Our Heavenly Father defeat Satan once and for all time…. which by the way for those who do not know: time is infinite. Father thank You too, for opening my eyes to the fact that one of the reason it’s taken so long for me to open my eyes was due to the fact that I always had a fear of being laughed at or made fun of because of my ideas. Thank You for helping me to see that, that fear no longer exist and that those who laugh or make fun are the ones who are Yours and my enemy. Enemies who are very well trained at keeping anyone they can from coming home to you.

    Father, I humbly ask that when some say to me that you are All Powerful and an Omnipotent Being….. and ask why You Father ask for help and why You have have not already destroyed Satan being that You are All Mighty Powerful. Father let us know by name if not by sight the Generals You send, (like Alvin) they are they light that help guide us.

    Allow them to know without question, too, You or I that You Father only ask them to stand by Your side in this battle as a true testament of their faith in You.

    They/we/I must work to prove their/our faith so that we can go/come home to Your Kingdom, the true Paradise. You’ve told us over and over again that in the end Good will triumph over evil.

    Father: In Jesus name I humbly ask: May thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

    Paradise awaits those who of their free will, will follow Him. Those of you who are sitting or standing on the edge – turn around and fight evil in the name of God.


    • Luca says:

      Amen. Thank you for your post. It’s getting more difficult for me personally and I feel like I’m being attacked spiritually and I keep having scary terrible dreams. Thank you for this.

      Blessings in Christ


  2. Coop says:

    Wow Alvin has been pretty quiet on any new happenings. END OF THE WORLD CANCELLED! 😉


  3. Anthony says:

    The San Andreas fault is starting to resonate more. Quake swarm all across California in progress.


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