Balkan heatwave deathtoll continues to mount: thousands urged to stay indoors

July 16, 2011BELGRADE– The heat on the Balkan region has caused 21 deaths so far. 11 deaths have occurred in Croatia and 10 in Serbia. In addition, hundreds of tourists sought medical attention over the weekend. According to local rescue and medical services, the number of casualties are likely to grow if the heat continues. The Serbian capital was the hottest one in Europe on Sunday, with temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius in the shade. Monday morning, Belgrade had registered 102 medical emergencies. Most of them were people with chronic heart conditions and the elderly. Searing heat conditions are expected to continue over the next few days with no relief in sight. Temperatures reaching 39 degrees and extreme UV radiation prompted Macedonian officials to recommend increased caution over the weekend. Meteorologists say that the scorching temperatures and high UV radiation index are expected to continue in the coming days, with only brief, sporadic rainfalls offering relief in some areas. People have been advised to avoid unnecessary exposure to the extreme heat. The Health Ministry is urging the elderly to stay indoors, and all residents to wear light clothes, hats and protective glasses. “In the last couple days weʼve had a 20-30 percent increase in heart attacks and strokes,” said Leposava Boskovska from the medical emergency centre in Skopje. She said there have also been cases of heat collapse. The Crisis Management Centre is warning of an increased risk of wildfires, which normally sweep the country during the summer. In Albania, The temperature in Tirana reached 33 degrees on Monday at noon, and meteorologist are warning of a hike of four to six degrees in coming days.  In Montenegro, last Sunday was the hottest day in the last 50 years, with temperatures in Podgorica and Danilovgrad reaching a record 39 degrees. –Balkan Insight  & Focusfen
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3 Responses to Balkan heatwave deathtoll continues to mount: thousands urged to stay indoors

  1. Georgi says:

    I live here. Yes, it is hot but we have seen hotter years. Not so unusual so far.


  2. skywalker says:

    i wonder if the reduced amount of ozone in the northern hemisphere is making this more sivere, the reports erlier in the year were that 40% reduction in arctic ozone this year could see large areas in northern countries recieving much higher lvls of dangerous uv rays that would normaly be filtered out by the ozone layer


  3. luisport says:

    And here in Portugal is colder than usual barelly 20c today… too cold!


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