Rare July snowfall covers Zheduo Mountain in Sichuan Province of China

July 15, 2011SICHUAN, CHINA – A rare scene of drifting snow in July appeared on the Zheduo Mountain, Kangding County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, while people in many other places were suffering from hot summer. Snow and drizzling fog covered the Zheduo Mountain section along State Highway 318 around 07:00 on Wednesday. The snow was over 30 centimeters deep. This sudden snow fall caused trouble to passing vehicles. However, some people enjoyed the scene. They walked out of their car and took pictures. “I came from Nanjing City of Jiangsu Province. I’ve come to Sichuan for a tour. I never saw snow in July. It is indeed rare. Even in winter, I rarely saw snow in Nanjing,” said a woman. According to meteorologists, two reasons caused the snow on the Zheduo Mountain in July: first, the elevation of Zheduo Mountain is around 4,000 meters; second, there has been continuous rain with low temperatures. The temperature of Zheduo Mountain was below zero centigrade degree on Wednesday. –CCTV
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7 Responses to Rare July snowfall covers Zheduo Mountain in Sichuan Province of China

  1. Terri says:

    With all the volcanic eruptions, the earth is starting to cool down and the ash is causing much more rain to happen. Watch for this to continue to happen even more …


  2. Dennis says:

    Some people have said that the earth could actually have another mini ice age. Do you think that is possible?


    • I’ve always said we will see partial glaciation of the planet and extreme heat-waves during the summers because the climate is actually collapsing and gyrating between extremes and will continue to do so because the planet is moving more towards the chaotic model brought out by an entropic process. Winters will get colder and summers, hotter. These extremes will become more pronounced with time. An ice-age can be induced by nuclear-winter scenario brought on by massive volcanic eruptions but that still brings us back to the original problem that the planet is over-heating.


      • Stephen says:

        heck, the world is in deep trouble.


      • Dennis says:

        i agree. I believe you. When terri made her comment i just thought that with the number of volcanoes erupting and increasing(and they will increase) due to magma moving and pressure in the earth, that in the future it would have to have a affect on our temperatures in the future. I admit I’ve had thoughts if we have a winter as we’ve had a summer, its going to be trouble. It seems the only person who believes me is my mother who has a wood heater insert in her fireplace at home and has a pantry now.
        Do you think this coming winter might begin to mirror summer in reverse(temperature) somewhat or do we still have a little time for that? So we must prepare for both extreme events but remembering that in the end it is the heat that will rule.
        God Bless

        PS ~having my first cup of coffee with hash browns with EP on a saturday morning


      • Yes, the extremes will continue and Earth, as I have always said, is not sliding into one condition, it’s vascilating between several. The winters will become more harsh…the summers more firey until regions of the planet will become almost inhospitable. Glad you’re tuning in.

        God bless,


  3. A_lad says:

    I would Love some record breaking snow here in Southern Arizona 🙂


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