Massive coronal hole turns earthward- geomagnetic storms may ensue

July 15, 2011CORONAL HOLE: A dark gap in the sun’s atmosphere–a “coronal hole”–is spewing solar wind toward Earth. Estimated time of arrival: July 19th. This morning, UV-filtered telescopes onboard NASA’s Solar Dynamics Obervatory photographed the opening: Coronal holes are places where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows hot gas to escape. A million mile-per-hour stream of solar wind flowing from this hole could spark polar geomagnetic storms when it arrives early next week. High-latitude sky watchers should be prepared for auroras. –Space Weather
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30 Responses to Massive coronal hole turns earthward- geomagnetic storms may ensue

  1. Stephen says:

    Solar storms, earthquakes, drought, floods, famine, nuclear leaks, economic and financial collapse, wars and rumors of war, pestilence, and living in fear. The unthinkable has come.

    Pray that we, the children of God, will be saved.


    • whatchagonnado says:



      • Vicky says:

        Do not be afraid Stephen. Our Father who lives in heaven knows our names. For lo, our Bridegroom is coming. Fill your lamps with oil and trim your wicks. Watch with wonder as God fulfills His Word, as He declares His name. No more will the earth groan under its curse, no more will sin have reign. For a short time there will be suffering, but then all suffering, pain and death, all evil will be done away with. Lucifer raised his head and try to declare himself king but his kingdom is one of darkness and death. He has failed. Glory to God in the highest. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.


      • goodbyemilkyway says:

        Blessings..we are not part of this World..we are part of the Earth

        be mindful , centered…


    • Leigh Ann says:

      the Bible says that a “remnant” will survive…but I wonder if any do survive, what they will survive to face… with all ecosystems degraded, much of the earth’s natural resources plundered, a totally messed up atmosphere, etc. I can’t imagine it — but I am ready for a New Heaven and a New Earth!!

      I empathize with the fear, though I really try not to let fear get a foothold. I’m sorry to admit that I kept my poor husband up too late just last night telling him how much fear I do feel sometimes. I’ve been spending more time in scripture lately. So here’s a couple that have helped me. I hope they also lift you up:
      1 Corinthians 15:50-58 and Philippians 4:4-9

      I am willing to do whatever God’s will is — if it is to live, then to live in Christ; if it is to die, then to die in Christ. Either way, death has no victory… for the Truth is I have Eternal Life!!

      Stephen — may prayer, fasting, study and mental self-control lead us out of fear and into a joyous Purpose-driven life. Let us labor together here in these last days. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!! It is actually a cause for rejoicing!!

      May the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard your heart and mind,


      • Stephen says:

        Thanks whatchagonnado, Vicky, godbyemilkyway, Leigh Ann. God bless us all. And this site is a place where God allows us to see what is really happening in this world that we do not belong to. We are of God’s. And yes Vicky, we need not be afraid. We must rejoice instead. The things happening around us is a revelation from God. May God continue to use this site and Alvin to reach out to more people who are still in the dark.


      • Dennis says:

        usually a remnant means those who have not gone astray and worship other gods.
        those who are faithful regardless of the mass opinion and are faithful to death. those through who he reach a lost and dying world

        god bless


  2. conni89 says:

    No wonder why it feels so hot , this is NOT normal summer heat . I have worked outside for 8 years .


  3. idiotbox says:

    We are about to enter the dragons tail, watch the magnetosphere twist in its grasp.


    • Maiden PEI says:

      Where’d the dragon go?

      Did I miss it?????


      • idiotbox says:

        He’s hiding behind your sarcasm.


      • Maiden PEI says:

        No seriously . . . what ‘dragon’s tail’?

        I’m asking because I thought the ‘dragon’ referred to Nibiru/Planet X or maybe Comet Elenin, but as far as I know, neither has gone by . . . or has it but without the cataclysmic effect prophesied?

        I wasn’t being sarcastic, I was trying to be funny . . . but I guessed I bombed instead! :_



  4. pam says:

    Gorgeous photos. Thanks, Alvin, for posting this.


  5. nothing says:

    So what does this mean Alvin? Will we be ok?


  6. No, this means that we have to buy a gasoline generator, to keep the refrigerator food cold & safe for three to four days when the electricity goes off.


  7. Gail Kay says:

    I wonder how often this sort of thing has impacted earth before? Will it interfere with flight navigation systems in planes? Is it one cause of the heat wave to hit the States this week? SO many questions and so few answers! Thanks for keeping us updated Alvin. It is appreciated.


    • Sure thing Gail…

      peace and love


    • jackrorabbit says:

      To bother airplanes the CME would need to be in the X-25 class or higher. I don’t know what this level will be.


    • Certainly the reality will be somewhere in the middle. The outages will be longer than four days more like four weeks or four months. Internet down four months means no access to money possible loss of electronic records and wealth not recorded on paper. Some nations may go to war launching a few nukes during this period, earthquakes and massive thunderstorms and tornadoes likely as well. Loss of life may approach a percentage of the planets inhabitants – those who have food and water killing and being killed by those that need it. Not a pretty scenario but certainly should be survivable if one does a minimum of planning. As to the suggestion of generators – how much gasoline can you safely store? 20 gallons? 50 Gallons? How many gallons does your generator require per day? Not a likely useful option if the outage lasts more than a few days. Solar panels and deep cell batteries are a more likely useful option. Maybe a small top loading energy efficient freezer. But keeping Food should be third or fourth on the list behind Water, Shelter (within acceptable temperature ranges), Weapons. You can live quite a while and easily stock food that does not require refrigeration. Defending that water from those that need and want to take yours is another mater entirely.


    • 13000 years ago the fossil records indicate the worlds forests were all burned to the ground. There is debate as to the cause most believe it was a CME aimed at the earth as is feared in 12/2012. Others in the minority have argued it was caused by a meteor storm.


  8. Tiffany Marie says:

    Impressive photo of the Sun.


  9. James of Wagga says:

    Yeah yeah, sure sure…..its the 20th of July here now, and we’re shivering our butts off in eastern Australia. The only way our world here is going to be plundered is by our totally useless Australian government, headed by the world class con-artist, Ju-liar Gillard. If the answer is Ju-liar Gillard, the question must have been absolutely awful……


    • James of Wagga says:

      If there is a way PM Ju-liar Gillard can impose a carbon tax on that awful emitter of pollution, the sun, then her government will do it……. oh, btw, its the 20th July 2011 here in Australia, and we’re still here – and we’re shivering through this global warming…..


  10. Vicky says:

    Here in America a big part of the reason for the unusually high heat is due to the intense flooding we have had in the central and northern part of the country, with a heat wave, probably helped by this solar flare-up held in place by some cool air coming from Canada. The humidity from the flooding is raising the heat and heat index. We are more used to it down south here as we, and I say we in particular because where I live the particular little region I am in is in a geographical depression. A bit of a hole so to speak that holds in the humidity along with the swampy area we are surrounded with. Sometimes you just can’t breathe it’s so hot when you go outside. But I heard on the news that the flooding is contributing to the high heat indexes. I was only half paying attention at the time but it did have something to do with heat coming up from the Gulf Coast being held in place by a bit of coolness from up north combined with the flooding. I remember in the 70’s it being in well over 100 degrees, up to 110, for about two weeks. I remember it well because I was a kid and I had 3 acres of grass to cut with a push mower every week and it took me 3 days to do it. And that water was HOT coming out of that water hose.


  11. Ron Smith says:

    For those who may leave planning to the last minute.. Wanting a way to store large amounts of water in December 12 maybe look into a small kiddie pool – like this one maybe - stores 1,590 gallons of water and only costs $79 – plus if you have no need for it in January should we be blessed to find that nothing happens it can be returned. I’m just saying its pretty cheap for insurance.


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