New study finds minor planets in asteroid belt have highly unstable orbits

July 14, 2011 – Astronomy & Astrophysics is publishing numerical simulations of the long-term evolution of the orbits of minor planets Ceres and Vesta, which are the largest bodies in the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is 6000 times less massive than the Earth and almost 80 times less massive than our Moon. Vesta is almost four times less massive than Ceres. These two minor bodies, long thought to peacefully orbit in the asteroid belt, are found to affect their large neighbors and, in particular, the Earth in a way that had not been anticipated. This is showed in the new astronomical computations released by Jacques Laskar from Paris Observatory and his colleagues. Although small, Ceres and Vesta gravitationally interact together and with the other planets of the Solar System. Because of these interactions, they are continuously pulled or pushed slightly out of their initial orbit. Calculations show that, after some time, these effects do not average out. Consequently, the bodies leave their initial orbits and, more importantly, their orbits are chaotic, meaning that we cannot predict their positions. The two bodies also have a significant probability of impacting each other, estimated at 0.2% per billion year. Last but not least, Ceres and Vesta gravitationally interact with the Earth, whose orbit also becomes unpredictable after only 60 million years. This means that the Earth’s eccentricity, which affects the large climatic variations on its surface, cannot be traced back more than 60 million years ago. This is indeed bad news for Paleoclimate studies. This unexpected discovery comes at a time when both objects are the targets of the NASA/Dawn mission. The Dawn probe will encounter Ceres in February 2015. At present, Dawn is approaching Vesta, and the flyby will occur on this coming Saturday, July 16, 2011. –
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9 Responses to New study finds minor planets in asteroid belt have highly unstable orbits

  1. idiotbox says:

    So all of a sudden two tiny “planets” a tenth of earths mass are effecting the gravity of it? Why a sudden concern for mass effect? Are we actually going to hear the truth about our earth wobble? Or the magnetosphere twisting thats clearly documented, yet strangely absent from the media. I venture to guess more sad excuses such as this will appear in the coming times to explain away the truth that will soon seen by all in the skies.


    • skywalker says:

      if you look in an astrolabe world ephemeris you see 4 asteroids listed as having a significant enough effect on us to warrant being in there with the rest of the planets
      and of course everyone always forgets chyron with its strange orbit.
      dont forget that all these small objects are the remains of the recently destroyed planet ,that used to be where the asteroid belt is now .


  2. LA Fulkerson says:

    Could someone please explain more about why and how the earth’s eccentricity (suddenly now?) cant be traced back more than 60 million years? And what does it mean that the earths orbit “becomes unstable only after 60 million years.” This article just sort of pulls that point out of the blue… What does that have to do with these asteroids? And how do they figure that? This article is confusingly written. Is this smacking of DISinformation?


    • idiotbox says:

      Every part of this article is based on pure lies there is no way of determining our orbital pattern over millions years, records only date back 6000 years and the irony of those records is they had determined an orbtial anomaly that periodically effected our solar system and earth and it was not a couple of space pebbles such as these. Magnetic force is at work here and we all know from grade school science that the only thing that can perturb a magnet is a larger magnet. There is a magnetic force larger than our earth or that of the other polarity charged planets now in this solar system. It is effecting the sun and in turn the sun effects it and a magnetic pushing match ensues with the earth caught in the middle. This magnetic body is know to our scientific community as it was to our ancestors and those before them yet they will not name it and the lies will continue. Look to the the past, for it holds the truth of our future.


      • Leigh Ann says:

        Thanks for the input. I assume its the big bad brown dwarf wolf that’s come to huff and puff and bloooooowwww the house down?


      • idiotbox says:

        Choose your assumptions wisely you may find fact in them if you bother to try.


  3. Dave says:

    I’m with idiotbox. This sounds like one hell of a cover up for something much bigger coming to a world theater near you.


  4. skywalker says:

    On July 15, NASA’s ion-propelled Dawn probe will become the first spacecraft to enter orbit around a main-belt asteroid. Dawn will orbit Vesta for one Earth-year, studying the giant space rock at close range to help scientists understand the earliest chapter of our solar system’s history.

    hopefully this mission will shed more light on the subject


  5. Luis D. Rey says:

    Idiotbox ought to change his ID !!
    Yet, I agree 100% with him,
    It’s believed that the first human civilization was The Sumerians who left records (clay cuneiform tablets, etc.,) translated by the No 1 best translator, the departed professor Zecharias Sitchin,
    where their recorded history was left for us to know where we came from, etc.,
    Everyone of us ought to read his greatest book, Planet Xll and come to our own conclusions,
    But we do have to concur that a lot of things, too often have been happening to our planet, especially since the end of 2004, etc.,
    And if we were to believed the Mayans and all the others who have predicted that a polar shift, to say the least, will be occurring in the very near future, then, where are we going to hide? I am not kidding !!
    “You can run, but you can’t hide”, etc.,
    Or are we going to blame G.W. Bush ( Georgi Girl) for the calamities that will be taking place here on Earth within our life times?


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