Massive June explosion on the Sun continues to mystify NASA scientists

July 12, 2011 – On June 7, 2011, Earth-orbiting satellites detected a flash of X-rays coming from the western edge of the solar disk. Registering only “M” (for medium) on the Richter scale of solar flares, the blast at first appeared to be a run-of-the-mill eruption–that is, until researchers looked at the movies. “We’d never seen anything like it,” says Alex Young, a solar physicist at the Goddard Space Flight Center. “Half of the sun appeared to be blowing itself to bits. In terms of raw power, this really was just a medium-sized eruption,” says Young, “but it had a uniquely dramatic appearance caused by all the inky-dark material. We don’t usually see that.” Solar physicist Angelos Vourlidas of the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC calls it a case of “dark fireworks.” The blast was triggered by an unstable magnetic filament near the sun’s surface,” he explains. “That filament was loaded down with cool1 plasma, which exploded in a spray of dark blobs and streamers.” Plasma blobs are funneled toward sunspots by magnetic fields.The plasma blobs were as big as planets, many larger than Earth. They rose and fell ballistically, moving under the influence of the sun’s gravity like balls tossed in the air, exploding “like bombs” when they hit the stellar surface. Some blobs, however, were more like guided missiles. “In the movies we can see material ‘grabbed’ by magnetic fields and funneled toward sunspot groups hundreds of thousands of kilometers away,” notes Young. SDO also detected a shadowy shock wave issuing from the blast site. The ‘solar tsunami’ propagated more than halfway across the sun, visibly shaking filaments and loops of magnetism en route. –NASA


The Sun’s behavior is mercurial and unpredicatable. One day it nearly goes blank and the next few days, it is peppered with sunspots as seen in this latest breakout. In the 3-D simulation of the Sun, a massive dark coronal hole is also seen on the farside of the Sun.
contribution Skywalker
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17 Responses to Massive June explosion on the Sun continues to mystify NASA scientists

  1. terry says:

    Look like a planet crash into the sun to me. It could be one of the planets that revolve around Elin or Nibiri


  2. skywalker says:

    there is an amazing piece of video for this , which is well worth looking at
    this link should take you to the page to watch the video 🙂


    • Shane says:

      Thanks for the links…really beautiful, awesome (not in its juvenile sense) activity…scary, but beautiful. I hope we don’t have to deal with that stuff directly.


  3. nitewarlok says:

    Alvin your opinion please on noctilucent clouds,,if they r normally centered around polar areas and r now seen in various locations wouldnt it suggest global cooling. the LORD BLESS you.


    • Nitewarklok. I have always believed that the noctilucent cloud formation phenomena is related to one thing- CH4 gas or methane in the mesophere. As the phenomenon started at the polar region- it is there, we find our first clue to what is transpiring. The melting of Arctic permafrost (which is being hastened by underwater volcanism) and the release of methane into the atmosphere, or more specifically the mesosphere as the gas is lighter than air. Our atmosphere is morphing before our eyes and this is the first clue that something has gone wrong on this planet. This has diabolical implications for the planet- all of which, I do not have the length to go into but the planet’s climate is changing rapidly. Methane levels have doubled in the last 100 years and the fact that noctilucent cloud formation have diffused from the polar regions is one more warning sign akin to the dead canary in the coal mine. Below are two links which should provide more background research. and

      As far as the clouds being indication of cooling- that is not necessarily the case. We have to look at the planet as many interconnceted systems- the oceans and the internal thermal mechanics of the planet being in separate operation from the atmosphere. An air-conditioner chills the air inside of a car but it also simultaneously increases thermal strain on the engine and one, in effect, does not cool the other. It also similar to having chills though the body is burning up with a fever. Bottom-line; the presence of cooling temperatures is not an indication the planet’s interior isn’t warming- it’s further verification it is.

      God bless you as well,


  4. kristoffer94 says:

    the sun is very intense!

    Hello, you probably know me, it is kricco, or kristoffer,

    here is a blog I have:


  5. dougjohnson1950 says:

    I love this site and the blogs on it.


  6. Tracey says:

    Agree totally with Doug , I m in the UK and visit this site every day for updates , keep it going Alvin you have many fans !


  7. Josh says:

    Lol! I visit every day too!


  8. kathrin says:

    Every morning and every evening I look on your site to know what´s up in the world.
    Thank you so much for your work.
    For me, in Gemany, it´s like living in hobbit land.
    Everythings fine, live just comfortable where as the world is turning.
    Do we have the ring?


    • Kathrin, we’re fortunate to have your support and dedication. The more comfortable one’s life is and the most isolated one is by the creature comforts in this world- the harder it will be for this message to penetrate the layers of indifference and complacency. When most of the world wakes up to the somber reality that the Earth has moved towards a period of catastrophism- the anguish of being unprepared for what ensues will be physically, spiritually and psychologically overwhelming. Let’s all swallow our hardships now and let any of life’s advertisies strengthen our resolve for the difficult road ahead.

      May God’s hand be with you on the path,


  9. idiotbox says:

    How can one be mystified by their own lies? The scientific comunity, most especially NASA, should be ashamed of the lack of information they are sharing with the public.
    The human race could be prepared for whats coming if the established systems of power would stop the lies and denial of the facts. The sad thing is most of the public only believe what the main stream media presents and due to that, will be decimated waiting for a truth that will never be told.


  10. Christie Yu says:

    the most powerful activity of the sun is gonna be in 2013..probably will happen in May. i got this information from chinese website . it is also a prediction, but i think it really gonna happen. lol


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