Flooding from torrential rains kills 10 in Nigeria

July 12, 2011NIGERIA – Lagos experiences 178mm of rain in18 hours. It was destructive, but the rains will boost harvest. The Sunday heavy downpour which continued up till yesterday has thrown some families into mourning as no fewer than 10 persons lost their lives in the accompanying floods. In spite of this, weather experts warn that more downpours should be expected, adding however, that farmers should be rejoicing because they are to expect bumper harvest as their crops are already well grown before the heavy rains started. Lagos last Sunday experienced a torrential downpour that literally grounded the entire city, sacking homes and paralyzing economic activities. The rain led to serious flooding and damages to lives and properties in the state. Those who died were said to have drowned in a canal in Agbado Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of the state. Austin Arogun, vice chairman of the council, who disclosed this while briefing journalists on Monday, said the sad incident was a direct consequence of the persistent rain in Lagos between Sunday and Monday, pointing out that the victims got drowned because they could not distinguish between the roads and the drainage channels concealed in the flood due to torrential rains. –Business Day
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