2011 on target for most earthquakes recorded in 12 years

July 12, 2011ROME 2011 is on target to record the largest number of earthquakes in a single year for at least 12 years. Research by Irish Weather Online, using data from the US Geological Survey (USGS), has found that earthquake activity (5.0-9.9 magnitude) from 01 January to 19 June 2011 is already exceeding the total annual seismic activity for the years 2001, 2002 and 2003.  2011’s total number of recorded earthquakes is also expected to exceed the most seismically active year of the past 12 years, 2007. A total of 1,445 earthquakes, ranging in magnitude from 5.0 to 9.9, have been recorded in the year up to 19 June. The total number of earthquakes recorded globally for the entire of 2007 was 2,270. The massive earthquakes in Japan (2011), Chile (2010), Sichuan (2008), Sumatra (2005 and 2008) and Indonesia (2004) have served to remind us of the devastating impact of earthquakes on life and property.  While the number of earthquakes ranging between 8.0 magnitude and 9.9 magnitude have shown no significant increases in recent years, the number of earthquakes ranging 5.0 magnitude to 7.9 magnitude is rising. In particular there has been a sharp rise during the past 12 years of moderate earthquakes in the range 5-6.9. While considered moderate to strong on the Richter Scale and far less severe than 7+ magnitude quakes, earthquakes in this range can still cause widespread damage and loss of life.   Some well known examples include Haiti in 2010 (7 mag), San Francisco Bay, California, USA, in 1989 (6.9 mag), Caracas, Venezuela, in 1965 (6.5 mag), Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2011 (6.3 mag), L’Aquila, Italy in 2009 (5.8 mag), and Newcastle , Australia, in 1989 (5.6 mag). In the last 24 hours alone earthquakes ranging 5 magnitude or more have hit Tonga, Fiji, Panama, the South Sandwich Islands, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Indonesia. Seismologists argue that an increase in detected earthquakes does not necessarily represent an increase in actual earthquakes. The USGS, for example, says improved global communication and enhancements in detection technology have both contributed to higher earthquake numbers being recorded over time. –Irish Weather Online
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9 Responses to 2011 on target for most earthquakes recorded in 12 years

  1. Wiseguy says:

    Hi Alvin, thanks again for your precious information.
    After reading many sites and my own observations, I came to this theory: An unknown object having a huge electromagnetic density is entering our solar system and is affecting our magnetic field, magma movements and core at the same time. This is causing high perturbations on climate and of course earthquakes and volcanoes. It could be Nibiru, Planet X, Elenin… whatever its name, something is perturbing not only earth but every planets on our solar system. And of course, government knows about it for years and prepare themselves for the worst, they don’t tell us because it would be chaos and riots.

    Peace and love to all


    • NickKo says:

      The actual truth may be much more ‘mundane’ than that, but still profound.

      I have read about a theory that some scientists / astronomers have been proposing.
      It has to do with the distribution of ‘dark matter’ through the universe.
      Unfortunately, I don’t recall where I first read this – If / when I find a link, I will post it up later.
      I hope that another reader, can confirm, or deny this information – I am not a nuclear physicist, and some of this information may be erroneous. 🙂
      But for the record:

      The speculation, is that the Solar System (and therefore, Earth by extension) passes through ‘neutrino clouds’ of greater density, ‘than normal’.
      Neutrinos are those ‘quarks’ or sub-atomic particles, so tiny, that they pass through most matter harmlessly, without contacting anything. This includes entire planets ! ( Or so I have read.)
      Neutrinos pass through you and me every single day, without disturbing anything. Perhaps 2 or 3 of those a day, actually do manage to smack into one of the molecules in your body. When this occurs, the nucleus disintigrates, generating a minute amount of heat, “at the molecular level”. ( Not that you or I would notice.)

      Now, place this on a much bigger scale. Neutrinos are (mostly) passing harmlessly through the Earth, all the time.
      However, with a body as large as the Earth, there is bound to be some more “smacking” into molecules taking place.
      It appears that dark matter may not be distributed evenly throughout the universe (which would include neutrino particles, if I understand this correctly.)
      The speculation, is that the Earth passes through some of these ‘clouds’ that are denser than normal from time to time. This would cause more collisions at the molecular level , and therefore, would generate more heat deep within the earth.

      Considering that the other planets in our Solar System also seem to be experiencing temperature increases, I would say that this theory, is quite plausible.

      – Nick


      • Passing says:

        This…….may be the greatest comment ever posted on this site. Wow. An interesting theory to say the least but if you do come upon a link, please do share.

        And STOP with this whole “government knows about Planet X/Nibiru/Comet Elenin, they’re withholding information, we’re all doomed” theory. ITS NOT REAL, NO MATTER HOW MANY YOUTUBE CHANNELS YOU SUBSCRIBE TO.


    • nickie says:

      I so agree with your post Wiseguy, – Especially the last sentence! It is very much a divided opinion I am sure, – Should governments inform the general populace of impending disasters, or not?
      Each view has its pro’s & con’s. Not to keep citizens informed is a crime against the people in many ways. To be open, & inform the people would lead to mass panic, fear, chaos, & a rapid breakdown of society. Order would cease to exist.
      One thing to be grateful for with the various governments refusal to disclose to the people, is that we do have many good people the world over who are ‘speaking’ out and sounding the trumpet (all the ‘Alvins’ of the world), – , enabling those who can ‘see’, and those who are ‘listening’ to prepare.
      If chaos & anarchy abounded, we would not have this chance. (Well, the very rich probably still would, but not the average person, or the poor)
      Keep well & safe all


    • Dennis says:

      Wiseguy; I don’t know. it is hard to believe anything the goverment says. I have read several comments and posts concerning the Nibiru, Planet X, Elenin theory and I am not sure what to think. Today I read a post (not on this site) that the Chinese have discovered an alleged string of UFO’s (6) trailing behind the comet? Sounds like Heavens Gate all over. On another post I’ve read that Elenin is being guided by an unknown intelligence? As for the riots, if the ecomonic situation doesn’t get better they may not wait. So, I guess the next 90 days are going to be very interesting.
      Whatever happens, we must be prepared to cope! God Bless


  2. Thanks much Alvin. I run a group of ‘solar watchers’ and we rely heavily on the information you provide as we follow closely solar cycle 24 and its geoeffects, i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes, etc…Thanks for all you do.


  3. David says:

    I believe it`s just a matter of time till the USA gets hit with a 5.0 or higher mainly the west somewhere,lots of action today, the ring of fire seems to be getting more active.Our turn soon I believe. http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/


  4. Buckworth Jackson says:

    All I can add is: If you put ‘Oregon police drug dealer asset seizure 2010’ into a search engine, you will soon come to an offical State of Oregon website where you will learn that the police/sheriffs in Oregon have siezed less than $192,000 from drug dealers. For the Whole STATE!
    As a retired detective, who has extensive expierence in working druggies, I can assure that this is ‘chump change’, a complete joke!
    So where is the money from the drug dealers going?
    I have a number of sources telling me that the cops are using money that should have went into the public coffers, is being used to buy ‘bug out locations’ which are being stocked with food and fuel, weapons and such.
    The money is being laundered through non-profit foundations, and often the properties are held in the name of such bogus orgs.
    So why are the Oregon cops risking prison to stock up such shelters?
    Because they believe Nibiru/Wormwood is real.
    They believe that Oregon will get hit with super sized tidal waves, earthquakes, and volcanoes going off, and Idaho is the best place to be.
    What’s really sad? Most of them don’t plan on taking their wives/children.
    As they’ll have food, and the means to keep it, they will have their pick of women and/or tender males (ya, they have a lot of homosexuals in the police biz)
    When I had a chat with a federally, he was more interested in what I knew about Nibiru/Wormwood than the dirty cops that run Oregon.
    So folks, take a hint from the Oregon Police and sheriffs, start getting serious about your preps.
    I have!
    (I’m truth4911 at hotmail.com)


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