Record temperatures seen as heat wave plagues 15 U.S. states

July 11, 2011TULSA – A heat wave is building and could reach dangerous levels in parts of the Midwest, the Plains and the Southeast this week. Fifteen states are under heat advisories, which means temperatures are expected to exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Kansas City and St. Louis in Missouri are under an excessive heat warning, along with Tulsa, Oklahoma; Memphis, Tennessee; and Evansville, Indiana. In these areas, the heat index, or how hot the body feels due to the combined effects of heat and humidity, will reach between 110 and 115 degrees this week. The advisories and warnings will remain in effect until at least Tuesday. Several high-temperature records have been broken recently. Wichita, Kansas, hit 111 degrees Sunday. The National Weather Service says temperatures of 111 degrees have only occurred there 10 times since July 1888. Also on Sunday, the temperature in tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri, hit 106 degrees, and in Springfield, Missouri, it topped 102 degrees. Both of these temperatures bested high-temperature records set in the 1980s. Oklahoma City hit a record high of 108 degrees Thursday, the same day that Tulsa hit a record high of 104 degrees. –CNN
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6 Responses to Record temperatures seen as heat wave plagues 15 U.S. states

  1. Dennis says:

    So true So true. Where I live at I’ve never seen forecasting to include several days of continuous 100 degree temperatures and I live in eastern North Carolina. Tuesday the heat index will be near 110! This is not normal for our region.


  2. Adam Taylor says:

    I live in Kansas City and embarked on one of two of my weekly 10 mile walks yesterday….I knew it was hot, but didn’t realize HOW bad it was. Hit about the 5 mile mark and realized my eyes were nearly closed, I was stumbling and not sweating any longer. A good friend got me home and after getting sick for an hour and half an hour in a cold shower and some time trying to rehydrate fell asleep and slept until this morning, 10 hours. I think I nearly killed myself. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck today.


  3. Lauren says:

    I have become convinced that we don’t have global warming but galactic warming , at least. The wrap about global warming is just a NWO tactic to institute extreme fines and taxes based on ones use of fossil fuels.


  4. heathern says:

    A few months ago it was like that for us too and then all the rain went away. The rain started back a few days ago thank God and the grass is attemptimg to turn back green. The heat is slowly returning though.


  5. whatchagonnado? says:

    Tennessee hit 109 heat index today.. tomorrow hotter… no rain…. when you go out, the hot air takes your breathe away.
    Ready from some good news!!!!!!!


  6. Andy says:

    we share the heat wave here in Europe for the whole month of July:


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