Indonesia’s Mount Lokon erupts- hundreds to be evacuated as volcano raised to red alert

July 11, 2011INDONESIA – Officials will evacuate hundreds of people living near Mount Lokon on Sulawesi Island after raising the volcano’s alert status to the highest level. “We raised the volcano’s status to the highest red alert level last night,” government volcanologist Kristianto told AFP. “There was a significant rise in volcanic activity since July 9. The volcano spewed ash 500m into the air over the weekend. “Today we will be evacuating people living within a 3.5km radius around the volcano as a precautionary measure, in case of a bigger eruption which may be accompanied by deadly searing gas.” Around 28,000 people live within the evacuation zone but only “hundreds” will be moved today, those in the path of the ash, as officials continue to monitor volcanic activity, disaster management agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said. Officials said tourists would also be barred from going on popular day hikes to the 1580m Mount Lokon, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia and located 20km away from North Sulawesi provincial capital of Manado. The volcano erupted in 1991, killing a Swiss tourist. Mount Soputan, another volcano in North Sulawesi province, erupted early this month, spewing ash and smoke 5000m into the air. The Indonesian archipelago has dozens of active volcanoes and straddles major tectonic fault lines known as the Ring of Fire between the Pacific and Indian oceans. –
Note: Double earthquakes, a 4.9 and a 5.0 rocked Sulawesi Indonesia today. Volcanic pressures within the Earth, as we noted from the magma plume activity, are increasing.
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10 Responses to Indonesia’s Mount Lokon erupts- hundreds to be evacuated as volcano raised to red alert

  1. Coop says:

    Wow so that makes what, 7 or 8 recent new volcanic eruptions in the last 60 days? I heard there were some slight earthquake swarms at mount rainier in the United States! If that starts erupting we better start to plan for major problems! That is too much of a sign that things are really becoming unstable!
    From what I’ve seen on extinction protocol. Major moderate earthquakes 7-8 newly erupting volcanos, marine animals in mass deaths in rivers, oceans, mass migrations out of normal living environments, extreme droughts, extreme weather (flooding, toronados) major jellyfish population growths and migration and more and more.


  2. Dennis says:

    Good morning Alvin! Having my first cup of coffee with EP.
    Not only volcanoes but land fissures also. I mean, if there is pressure, magma is going to come out somewhere,anywhere.


  3. pam says:

    Mt. St. Helens has had more EQs lately than Rainier – Interesting times….


  4. King kevin says:

    Yea I keep waiting on the slow down, it just keeps surprising me everyday. I think okay today is the day crazy things won’t happen everywhere, and every day I’m wrong…I don’t know how long earth and animals including humans can take this type of activity day after day after day…definitely are interesting times pam


  5. G.McCray says:

    Is there any website that has a listing of current eruptions/awakenings?

    I have yet to find an updated one. Perhaps the powers that be don’t want the sheeple to be alerted to the unprecedented rising geothermal activity!


  6. J Guffey says:

    Each time I visit EP (several times a day) I am still amazed at all that is happening. Just think, we are probably just seeing a very small tip of the iceberg.

    I appreciate everyone that adds such an array of articles and videos to help educate those that come here. God bless.


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