Small quake swarm at Ascension Island magma plume hotspot

Ascension Island – A small earthquake swarm has erupted at the Ascension Island magma plume hotspot which straddles the boundary dividing the South America and Africa plates. According to the European Mediterranean Seismic Center, three quakes have been registered- a 4.7magnitude and a 4.8 and a 4.9 magnitude quakes. This means we’ve seen quakes at 3 deep magma plumes today- Java, Hawaii, and Ascension and volcanic activity at the shallow plumes of Iceland and Mt. Etna in Italy. We can confidently say thermal forces are definitely astir today within the Earth.
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4 Responses to Small quake swarm at Ascension Island magma plume hotspot

  1. olivia says:

    Ascension !


  2. abuze tahi says:

    itz happenng all over the world…are scientists to afraid to tell us whats really happening?….


  3. Mavis Stucci says:

    Have a look at USGS site re 9-7-11 quakes in Kermadec Is.-NZ region. Volcano next? Scientists are too busy getting grants for promoting the carbon = global warming furfy so they can research what really interests them. They have flat-line ethics. BYW does anyone know what governments are actually going to spend carbon taxes on? Themselves?


  4. dradioman72 says:

    And now an additional quake in the northwest pacific off Japan. Something is going on…


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