Flooding leaves scores dead and missing in South Korea

July 10, 2011 SEOUL, (Yonhap) — At least eight people were killed and four were missing after torrential rains hit southern parts of South Korea over the weekend, emergency officials said Sunday. Since Friday, as much as 40 centimeters of rain has fallen in South Gyeongsang and Jeolla provinces, leaving tens of thousands of hectares of farmland submerged and nearly 90 homes flooded. On Sunday, two old women, aged 92 and 86, were killed in a mountain hermitage near Boseong, 397 kilometers southwest of Seoul, hit by a rain-triggered landslide. A 68-year-old woman and two of her grandchildren were killed on Saturday when a landslide destroyed their home in Miryang, a city 386 km southeast of Seoul. Authorities also said a 72-year-old woman was found dead near the destroyed house, after being swept away in the floods. In Uiryeong, South Gyeongsang province, a 73-year-old woman was found dead, apparently a victim of a flash flood, and emergency crews are trying to find another elderly woman in the same region. Also on Saturday, a 20-year-old man drowned in a stream near Cheongwon, some 120 km south of Seoul. –Yonhap News
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1 Response to Flooding leaves scores dead and missing in South Korea

  1. Shane says:

    I’m here in Seoul…fortunately not that bad here. Heart goes out to the families… You might be wondering why only old people? It’s urbanization at its finest. Everyone wants to live in an urban area. Farmers however, in order to have the best fields for crops, build their houses as near as possible to the slopes (Korea is very mountainous). It’s also a tradition in Korea for the parents to take care of the grandkids while the parents work to make it in the cities…it’s a zero-sum game in my opinion. Quit trying to keep up with the Jones…rather, the Kims~ Learn to farm and sustain yourselves…If I were able to own some land in the country I’d be there NOW. Alas…alone in Seoul trying to make a living teaching English! Fight on, everyone~


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