Tilt: South Pacific seismic crisis moving towards geological catastrophism?

July 9, 2011KERMADEC  – The seismic crisis involving the convulsion of earthquakes along the trench underpinning the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates may be entering what appears to be a new phase of more aggressive geological activity. The spasm of new earthquakes have been of a strong 5+ magnitude range. The diffusion of earthquakes are moving further along the tectonic plate boundary line and we also have activity at another magma plume- Java. Double earthquakes have occurred in the Tonga region- a 5.8 and a 5.3. We’re also seeing an extension of this crisis with seismic activity reported as far away as the Mariana Islands and the New Ireland region of Papua New Guinea registering 4.9 and 4.6 earthquakes. It is only my assessment but I think New Zealanders should prepare for the potentiality of an increase in seismic events or possible tsunami threats starting with the North Island. What we’re seeing is more than typical aftershock patterns.    –The Extinction Protocol
Anomalistic triple seismic waves Australia (left) and stronger reading for New Zealand (right)
Same pattern on seismograms under Mariana Islands (left) and Papua New Guinea (right)
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29 Responses to Tilt: South Pacific seismic crisis moving towards geological catastrophism?

  1. Any change in patterns, particularly increasing activity, warrants increased vigilance and preparation. Better safe, than sorry.


  2. kiwi heading south says:

    Alvin – thanks for the heads up.


  3. skywalker says:

    2 quakes at Raoul Island , just north of New Zealand in the last hour 5.1 and 5.8 which makes x6 quakes in this area sofar today over 5,and there was this many yesterday aswell and the day before,looks like something really big is brewing up here


  4. kingkevin says:

    Definitely not ur typical swarm of aftershocks. Stay safe new zealanders…and everyone else. Eyes open,mind open guys.


    • Logman says:

      The Kermadec swarm is very much your typical aftershock swarm. No pre-quakes, a large 7.6 quake, and then 5-6 aftershocks per day around magnitude 5. Can’t get more typical than that. It’s Earthquake 101.

      Even the other quakes near it are atypical tectonic behaviour after a large release of energy. The area is unstable right now and a large quake could hit NZ at any time, but I very much doubt we’ll see something larger than what has already transpired.


  5. A_lad says:

    My iearhquakes app on my iPhone has been buzzing alot in the last 12 hours. N.Z is rumbling.


    • Frinn says:

      Look a bizzt clzoser. It isnt just New zealand,,, It appears to be THE WHOLE of the SW plate on The Ring Of Fire!!!! Im in the UK and even Im anxious of The MASS ACTIVITY in the Pacific Basin!!!!! Here,, We are not restful as We Have Iceland only 1000miles away and She’s A BUBBLING also!!!!! Something REALLY MAJOR is going to Happen and SOON. NOT later AND in more places than The Pacific!!!! Mother Nature is PISSED OFF and will soon let ALL of US KNOW this!!!!! :((((


  6. christopher says:

    I think we all know what these are FORESHOCKS I think the people in that area need to prepare themselves for a very large earthquake 9.0 or higher when will this happen? I believe Monday 7/11/11 why? Well we all know how special that number 11 is to certain people who run this planet not to mention we all know how they love to give us hints in movies and what not well what is plastered all over the place in the USA? That seven eleven store chain and I’ve always thought something would happen on 7/11 ever since the 3/11 japan quake I been keeping a lookout for the 11 dates take care friends we got a big coming our way PEACE N LOVE


    • Oddly enough, the number eleven is somehow encoded in every disaster and I trace that in my book all the way back to the Great Flood of Noah. It’s the doorway representing the death divide. Whether we are talking the Japan March 11, earthquake or the February 22 (11 + 11) Christchurch tremor or the Joplin Mo, tornado outbreak on May 22 (11 + 11) or the great New Madrid earthquake of 1811 or the 1755 earthquake in Lisbon Portugual occurring on the 1st day of the 11th month of November.


      • Logman says:

        There are so many disasters that surely some are going to be on an 11 days, 11th month or 11th year. I don’t buy into the 11 theory, it’s just coincidence. Also christopher states, “we all know how special that number 11 is to certain people who run this planet not to mention we all know how they love to give us hints in movies” which means he subscribes to the HAARP theory, which is pseudo-science and has no basis in logic and the fact that “hints” are given to us in movies? I’ve yet to see an alien invasion or see any sci-fi movie come true. Not sure where all the hints are. Didn’t see a film about the WTC or war in Afghanistan etc.


      • Gordon says:

        No hint in a film about the WTC, you say? Check this out:

        Neo’s passport expiration date, from The Matrix, which came out in 1999.



      • love this site , great info and great people , i really see a big event coming from the pacific , as more of our planets start to align , the more unstable earth will get , also theirs a lot of comets and big rocks near us too, more then usual and i believe its because the alignment is happening , their for causing changes in other planets gravity the more they get aligned the more of a chance comets and big rocks will enter our inner solar system, but all of it plays a roll i think in whats going on these days ,, god bless


      • It certainly looks that way in the Pacific. Thanks William from all of us,

        peace and blessings,


  7. Reece says:

    Around a week ago I kept thinking about wednesday 13th July. I wonder if a significant event will occur then; time will tell.


  8. Gen says:

    Well we are in the 11th hour. Whether people want to believe it or not, we are further along concerning Book of Revelation prophesy than any one except Alvin realise.

    If there is one thing I have learned in life it is NEVER SAY NEVER.

    Logman, on Alvin’s 6 July Kermadec post I commented on pre tsunami Japan quakes. They were not the normal M7.0 aftershock pattern.

    Thank you Alvin for preparing the New Zealanders. I am now a little concerned that a very large area from Tonga to south of Kermadec Islands could let rip. Especially when there is a volcano stuck in the subduction area. I will look for that link.


    • I always say numbers are not the cause; they are the effect and you can’t predict events by them because it’s not science anymore; it’s numerology but there are interesting patterns within them. Yes, I do believe we are in the 11th hour. We will have to watch and see what happens —– we know the region around Java, the Sundra megathrust produced the 3rd largest quake ever recorded so we definitely want to keep an eye on this whole region of the Pacific. It has a violent history.


  9. Gen says:

    Alvin I was looking for the link I mentioned and found these.

    Macauley sounds worrying.


    I may be confused with volcanoes being dragged into subduction zones. You covered the expedition looking at those areas previousIy. I will keep looking.


  10. Gen says:

    That first link had a typo. Would not accept correct one so I have put it under Malaysia.


  11. A_lad says:

    I was born 7/11. Maybe that’s why there is always a war going on in my mind 🙂


  12. Levi S. says:

    Fascinating comments from everyone. 11:11 Is such a common theme for so many people and yet there as many explanations and theories for this numerology phenomena as there are people that experience it, it would seem. The above comment is correct when saying that they are not the cause but somehow do factor into the equation. Obviously there are higher powers at work here and while this earth descends into it’s inevitable abyss of destruction and change, we can only hope to adapt to survive in the short time it will take for this planet to make it’s changes and hopefully when it is all said and done there will be a new respect for how we treat this planet and each other. God bless and watch out citizens of planet earth because the storm is on it’s way.


  13. Levi S. says:

    Fascinating indeed. The time stamp says 01:11 Somehow these times and dates with these numbers keep showing up in different scenarios all over the globe and it begs the question; “what’s really going on?” What does it all mean and how do we interpret it correctly ? Is it meaningless numerology coincidence or is there a more hidden, deeper message trying to be heard or shown here? One must wonder in awe of the mysteriousness and attraction of these events containing these times and dates that have shown up through time during great events and ordeals throughout history.


    • I think they are significant. Everything in the Bible is conducted in number sets and at specified times- leading us to believe everything happening in the providence of God has time and numerical relevancy. We live in a multidimensional world and that means everything and every event has a specific matrix point in time and space as it perforates our dimension just as the internet calibrates IP addresses. Behind every user action and every word typed is grid points, codes, algorithms and sequences of 1’s and 0’s though most pay these things little mind. Should we not suppose the same is true in an intelligent universe where physical objects are governed by the fixed laws of science rather than random chaos? It’s an abstraction and like I said the effect, not the cause.


  14. Bundy says:

    If we’re looking at numbers couldn’t we also look at today.11/7/11 wonder if anything comes of this?…I agree Alvin about the unrest in the Kermadec’s,only yesterday morning I looked at USGS and thought there are way too many big aftershocks for the main event,very unsettled.


  15. Levi S. says:

    Great reply alvin and I’m left wondering and have been wondering for quite some time what is in store for us on 11/11/2011 ?? That should be an interesting date for sure.


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