20 Responses to Earthchanges subject of political bandy- new articles hit the pressess

  1. genomega1 says:

    Its way past time to put these people in a straight jacket.
    How anyone can believe that a slight increase in a trace gas – 0.039% – by volume of earths atmosphere can destroy the earth is mind numbing to put it mildly. Look up the history of Greenland and you will find that at one time it was lush green farmland. Applying a little common sense will help also.


  2. Stephen says:

    A minister just pressed the alarm button. Let the others follow suit.


  3. Logman says:

    AGW is one of the biggest scams in recent times. While no-one can argue that global warming isn’t a big problem I’m sure we aren’t the cause. I’m even reading articles these days that state that rising temperatures are going to cause cooler weather. These nutcases are really covering all the bases. No matter what the weather, hot or cold, it’s carbon emmissions. Now hand over that carbon tax.


  4. Brian says:

    Spinning the Al Gore Spin < CO2 Global Warming…
    South Africa being one of the leaders in this event , believe it or not !
    Me ~ I like to call it what it really is :- illuminati aka New World Order/G 20/UN
    Money making & Population Control BS…Even our prolific president, the goat herder
    with a two year education has convinced his ANC to charge us " Green Tax " which is
    pocketed by his factional neptist friends as he Zum'z back and forth between G20 & NWO
    meetings with his European Controllers…
    Yes ! the very next Global Warming Summit is to be held again in Durban South Africa.
    As our child brained Zuma ANC likes to impress…

    The Sun will have revenge…


  5. Chris says:

    One minute we are being told Europe and the UK is on the verge of a mini ice age, now we are threatened with global warming (again)… It can’t be both! The only reason why there will be wars etc. Is because everyone is tired of these clowns running the country feeding us BS that they expect everyone to believe!

    I see another excuse for a tax rise coming to pay for all the nuclear power stations and windfarms they are planning!


  6. Debbie says:

    The USGS recently released a report as to the huge negative impact the human population has on the earth. We are like a volcano that won’t stop, spewing billions of tons of poisonous gases, poisoned waters and poisoned wastes on to it. The earth is a living organism that will rid itself of the pestilence of the human population.

    All prophecies throughout the world are unfolding. Lack of intelligence or close mindedness is not stopping fulfillment of prophecy. They have also stated that mankind must change its ways in order to change prophecy, but most are too selfish, self-absorbed and egotistical to do that.

    What is coming this year is far from a random event. December 21, 2012 is the beginning of a new world. The cleansing will have already taken place. It has already begun.


  7. goodbyemilkyway says:

    oh no…oh no, oh no………………….too soon


  8. goodbyemilkyway says:

    what a change of tune from 8months ago….hummmmm…PHHT!!


  9. goodbyemilkyway says:

    climate change………………………………………PHHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Sheree Dill says:

    I’m sorry, but I just have to disagree with you on this one. Telling people that global warming or climate change is caused by human “carbon emissions” is like telling a small child that “9/11 happened because you touch yourself at night”. Do you realize that every planet in our solar system has also started to experience dramatic weather changes, climatological instability (compared to the norm), etc.? Well, the elite of the planet know this ; But instead of telling the people what’s really going on with these earth changes, they are continuing their war on the people of this planet by chastising them constantly about being the cause of “global warming”. Meanwhile: 1)their buddies at Halliburton got away with their shoddy “cement job” at the BP oil rig
    2)GE gets away with poisoning the entire northern jet stream with radioactive waste.
    3)Now, Exxon will get away with causing even more instability near Yellowstone.
    Oh, yeah, WE’RE the bad ones.


  11. Australia: My first reaction when I read this article was shock – and great concern for the poor primary school children who are being terrified by what they are being taught (and their parents, who have to deal with the consequences). Governments seem to think we adults cannot handle ‘bad news’, yet they are frightening young children by teaching them they will be responsible for ‘death, injury, destruction and devastating disasters’ unless they ‘take action’ (?!). Young children are very trusting and tend to believe what people in authority tell them – especially people who are employed to teach them.

    What is the Australian government thinking? Why haven’t the teachers rebelled against teaching this ‘terrifying’ information to primary school-age children? Are primary school-age children now to be held responsible for preventing or reducing climate change, and to be terrified of the consequences if they can’t?

    Whether this information is accurate or not (and I don’t believe it is) it should NOT be taught in this way to children of this age.

    There is no mention of the parents’ reaction to what is happening, but hopefully it will be very vocal and powerful enough to make the ‘powers that be’ think again!

    Messenger Spirit


    • Nymphaea says:

      Messenger spirit – The powers that be in Australia have their instructions from their puppet masters, the Greens Party who advocate a one world parliament and subscribe to eugenicists ideals. Hitler had his youth program where children were encouraged to denounce their parents so the idea that a government endeavors to brainwash the young to achieve their agenda is nothing new. The idea that their parents’ generation have caused the climate crisis and that refusal to accept the carbon tax is an extension of their lack of concern for the next generation is part of the propaganda.This just part of the dumbing down process that has been going on in schools here for some time now. Fluoridation of our drinking water probably helps in the process. There is very little critical thinking displayed by the majority of teachers and I doubt if it is encouraged in students. Those who question mainstream thinking are often marginalized and sometimes vilified and the use of terms like ‘climate change deniers’ or ‘climate change skeptics’ are simply to confuse the issue and encourage linear thinking. They don’t use the term ‘carbon tax skeptic’ to describe dissenters. Climate change is all around us and to a young person if the issue is over-simplified and a ‘them and us’ explanation is is given, it is only a matter of time before they can be utilised to control the dissenters in their own families by denouncing them. Making people feel helpless is an important part of the ‘Nanny State’ syndrome.
      The good thing really is, I don’t think the ‘Nanny State’ has time on its side to achieve its goals if Natural disasters keep escalating the way they are. One would expect a responsible government to teach these young children vital information about disaster survival techniques along with all the doom and gloom and not just leave them to their imaginations as to what they can do.


  12. David says:

    If this is true it just goes to prove that while climate change is happening, we are not the cause of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5U1FTP-D1E I believe the oceans are warming due to volcanic eruptions under our seas,we have very little to do with this climate change/ocean warming, its just a cycle the earth might have gone through many times before.Things change all the time same goes for our planet. Someday most of the current land will be coverd by ocean and new land will form in the oceans,kinda like a swap,thats my thinking. http://www.iceagenow.com/Ocean_Warming.htm


    • Though humans are wreaking havoc on the natural ecology and that is no question; they cannot be the cause of the current changes. It’s impossible by all the laws of science we know and understand- the carbon tax is being levied on people who know the reality of what’s coming but are trying to find a way to profit from it to make up for indiscriminate and undisciplined government spending and their failure to levy proper taxes on the very corporations who are contributing to the planet’s ecological deliquency at the expense of profit.


      • NickKo says:

        Well said !!

        I think that one of the problems with imposing a so-called ‘carbon tax’ is that it would be cumbersome to implement, and therefore, inefficient.
        As another reader / poster here said, what will the governments spend the money on, that they collect from these taxes, and how would they be distributed ?? Who would oversee them ??

        However, conservation of our energy resources, is still a very good idea… ‘global warming’ or not.
        Some scientists disagree with the outcome of ‘global warming’. Some think we are heading into another ice age ! (Maybe for the ‘short term’, geologically speaking )
        I am not saying this to point fingers at anyone, or ‘blame’ scientists, etc.
        It is just that the experts themselves, disagree on some of the data, and what the outcome will be.
        However, climate changes, seem to be a certainty at this point.

        – Nick


  13. Chondra says:

    so the governments answer to climate change is taxing the air we breathe becuase man can, by taxing the people to death, change the weather…right!


  14. A_lad says:

    The truth of the matter is these Knuckle Heads in office can’t predict the unpredictable. With the change of the Earths Wobble, the Suns Solar Cycle, incoming Planets, Pole Shift etc etc How can they? These changes are out of the scope of their perceived reality. A lot of these changes are blowing mans Finite Knowledge out of the water, so these Political Org’s neatly package it up as “Climate Change, or Global Warming” so the can peel your tax dollars and leave you off balance.

    At least the term Climate Change is somewhat true, but it should be Catalysmic Change, or Biblical Change……


  15. its a mad world! says:

    Climate Change –
    Avoid the Unmanageable
    Manage the Unavoidable.

    *Road side sign in Pune – India


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