28 Responses to Reloaded: A 2004 secret report warned of catastrophes and coming global upheaval

  1. skywalker says:

    the horse has bolted and we are still arguing about who should shut the door


  2. Logman says:

    Doom ON I guess. 😦


  3. Lee Pierson says:

    But what does the report say is driving the changes? It is defined not because of the normal activities of men and their carbon emissions, that is a poor cover for what is happening. There must be a much greater driving force such as changes in the Sun, the arrival of the so called Planet X/Brown Dwarf/Nibiru, or the use of new super weapons to create a New World Order. Or is it the result of a combination of things that are working in concert to fulfill biblical prophecy?


  4. F B Vann says:

    So much time has been wasted on the scam of “man-made” global warming. If only that was really the case we might actually be able to do something about it. Just do a study of earth history. We are on the cusp of entering an ice age AND IT IS A NORMAL CYCLE THAT WE CANNOT CONTROL. The countries that could should have been storing food, fuel, and other supplies years ago along with plans for shifting their populations if needed. It is probably too late now.


    • concerned mommy says:

      yes, F B – countries could have been storing food and supplies years ago, but they chose not to warn their citizens. Some of us, have made the decision on our own, that we dont need the government to tell us to prepare, (thank God for my own intuition, and that my family supports my strange desire to survive) reminds me of something I think of from time to time “There but for the grace of God go I” – even in North America we are learning that poverty can hit anyone.


      • F B Vann says:

        It is good you are looking out for yourself and family. Because they have not been warned there will be way too many folks that have no supplies or plans of any kind. The safety of all the prepared people will be put much in peril by the the multitudes of unprepared. Good luck at holding on to your supplies. Maybe you will be able to relocate before the panic hits.


      • sara :) says:

        Concerned mommy! You sound just like my dad and our family!!! Hahaa, he even uses that saying…a lot! Right on! good work, see you on the backside…love and light


  5. Gen says:

    Alvin did you get that Geoscience Australia link under Kermadec. If not here it is again.



  6. luisport says:

    This is the begining? There are many ways to look at the weak June jobs report and this is one of them that captures more broadly the lack of labor market activity. It’s the ratio of 16-and-overs that are employed to the population of that group. In June, the employment-to-population ratio returned to 58.2%, matching an eight-month low. (To get a number worse than 58.2%, one has to go back to 1983!) Of course, some of the younger group are students, and the older group retirees, but a chart of those between the ages of 25-to-54 looks pretty similar. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/in-charts-us-labor-market-in-all-its-ugliness-2011-07-08?link=MW_home_latest_news


  7. pam says:

    I think that if we get caught up in “what’s driving the changes” that argument will so fill the available space that people won’t get to the fact that climate change is actually happening. As long as they’re arguing the “why” issue, no one is doing any preparing, on any level – from spiritual to food storage. I could care less about the why – I think the tipping point has come and gone, and mankind has survived ELEs in the past and undoubtedly will in the future – but not without mental, physical and spiritual preparation. JMHO.


    • Kelly says:

      I am afraid I have to agree with you Pam and Skywalker’s original one liner. I believe that we are beyond the tipping point for a number of significant issues, natural and man made. It seems to me we need to be focusing on how to deal with the changes and trying to do some damage control instead of continuing to point fingers and hoping for radical changes from those who lack both personal and political will to do so.

      As F. B. Van pointed out however, the changes will be so significant for some people/countries that preparation should have started a long time ago. Those who do not have their heads in the sand and eyes wide open will be doing what they can do to adjust.


  8. Kate says:

    Sounds like a promo for the 2004 movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. Sadly, they are on the mark…


  9. Sergei says:

    Whatever you might make of that Guardian article and “a secret report, suppressed by US defence chiefs and obtained by The Observer” – the key point here is this:

    “…the since the world cannot prevent the ensuing catastrophes that will happen as a result of climate change, it would instead develop strategies to benefit from their aftermath by Britain and America militarily positioning themselves to control the world’s remaining resources before the crisis engulfed the Earth…”

    I’m not saying it’s all Britain and America’s fault. What i mean is that the powers and the governments and the financial oligarchy want to ensure that they stand to benefit from any changes to our planet even if they are of catastrophical nature. I would add that in my mind they think that would be even better – population reduction. But that’s how it looks to mind only, never mind if you don’t like that way of thinking.

    When people panic they seek shelter, food, order, authority and explanation. The powers that want continue to be will gladly provide you with all the above. And by the way, they’d rather have you panic and clueless and anxious about what’s going on in the world. So much easier to lead the way. Just a small tip – look up how everything happens ‘unexpectedly’ now, literally everything. Watch the use of that particular word in mass media. You don’t know what to expect and you just want to be safe and who else can keep you safe but your own government. Again, that could be my twisted mind’s logic only and power clans will just stand aside and watch it all happen.

    Through mainstream media sources you will hear more about the need to adopt worldwide carbon tax policy, to vaccinate yourself against what you’re being warned of, to believe that politicians and large corporations always act in your best interests.

    By this moment, many people have understood that climate changes are not bound to our planet only, but are taking place througout our solar system. You will not hear about that in MSM.

    My 2 cents. We need to research our own planet, the way it is functioning. We still don’t know most about it. We need to be less dependent on our governments and know how to do things with our own hands. We need to re-establish a sense of urgency about space exploration – each and everyone. This is the last and final and never-ending frontier for humanity. And it will also be our guarantee that we will not follow dinosaurs and their carefree fate. We’ve got brains bigger that that, we just have to use them.
    And of course, we need to change. We won’t go anywhere from here with a consumer-based attitude towards things (That’s what i like about Alexei Dmitriev’s work – he speaks a lot about that kind of “cosmic ethics”, google “Alexei Dmitriev solar system changes” by the way)
    Some of this might sound like bush-hippie crap. But i think it’s the only way to evolve. You only evolve up and forward, beyond a planetary-cleptocracy-controlled civilization, or you choose to remain a mushroom, stay in the dark and eat what they feed you.
    (forgive me my pathos, there was probably some, it’s just the way i’m wired:)


  10. Mya rocks says:

    And no body takes into account that this was all written in a two thousand year old text called the Book of Revelation in the Bible that even shows what sides will join together to make war (red and yellow anyone) (China/ Russia) It shows a one world Government that will take over (they are evil) promising peace but after 3,5 years the peace will end causing chaos, also a false God will come from the Abyss and tell everyone to worship his image and take a mark in thier right hand or forehead, or you cannot buy trade sell, but If you take the mark, and worship the image of the beast you will be plagued with evil sores pain suffering for 3.5 years. (seven total) Dont take the mark, dont worship the beast, turn to the real Lord Jesus, call his name and you will be saved. Whoever loves his life will lose it, but whoever loves the Lord will gain life. There will be a counterfeit Jesus, dont beleive him, Look to the Jesus of the Bible or youre doomed. Look people the next woe to come is the days wages for a bag of Wheat, you wait its happening now, then this is followed by a Great Earthquake, mountains and islands will be moved from thier places, and then theres a meteor shower so great mens hearts will fail them for fear they will hide in the caves and ask the rocks to fall on them. People will see the son of man coming in the heavens every eye shall see him and mourn. Three days of darkness fit in here too. The sky unravells like a scroll, after this The wind is held back on the earth so it does not blow, then an angel takes a burning mountain and throws it into the sea, and 1/3 of the earth is burnt up. Then shortly after this is when the Antichrist comes in preaching peace and safety. Half the earths population will be gone at this time. Then thats when the mark of the beast comes in…please research this there are many Youtube vids about it, and get back into the End book of the Bible and read it for yourselves.


  11. Ian says:

    Do you think the UK government knows this – I don’t, otherwise why would they announce the sharing of aircraft carrier with France? This is not the way to control anything via military force.


    • It’s obvious you can’t win a world war without copius supplies of oil. Before U.S. oil production peaked, the U.S. supplied the Allies with 6 billion barrels of oil out of the 7 billion used during World War II. Sir Winston Churchill understood the importance of oil as he was Lord of the Admiralty during the Gallipoli Campaign of WW I when Britain was transitioning from coal to oil. The Anglo-Persian Oil Company (British Peteroleum) built their first pipeline terminus oil refinery in Abadan, Iran starting in 1909 and completed it in 1913. By 1938, it was the largest in the world. To this day it remains a vast facility for refining petroleum. On November 6, 1914 British troops landed first in Abadan, Iran after the UK declared war on the Ottoman Empire. Wherever the U.S. has gone in the Middle East with its vortex policy of spreading democracy in petro-states- the British have not only followed and shouldered the burden but in some cases, blazed the trail before the Americans.
      Study your history —– http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7230141745866817660#


  12. The US and Britain taking control? What about the emerging super power China?


  13. A_lad says:

    Governments know what is coming, they create the man made events, and now they are incorporating natural and supernatural invents into there agenda to eliminate the population. Hence ” Disinformation and total Deception “.

    The only thing you can trust any more are sites like EP that deliver news as it unfolds, then connect the dots.

    God, Israel, Earth Changes and the Heavens are good barometers to gage what’s happening. Thank God we still have Internet. The governments are a bunch of liars and think we the sheeple are disposable.

    Quite honestly they can have there little homes in the bunkers when this devastating cycle is finished. I’d rather be with the Lord on the other side than a slave to the New World Order.

    But in the meantime pack a backpack and try to enjoy the ride…..


  14. Isis Sod says:

    A new beginning for sure … we’re in process of a new star .. and the earth core is ground zero .. the whole purpose of a New Earth and a New Heaven …

    John 14:3 King James METAPHOR Version (KJV)
    3 … And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

    Our next stop are colonies of the stars ..


  15. Childoflight says:

    I have been watching MI5 weekly Sunday nights on PBS here in USA. I am convinced that it is preparing us for major catastrophe. The series is extremely interesting, well-written well acted and informative. It seems to ‘connect the dots’ in a very surreal way! It is almost as if we are being given a peephole to spy through into the world of espionage high treason, dirty tricks …………….perhaps MI5 is trying to recruit? Chrck it out on Sundays if you havn’t watched it already……


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