Measuring the speed of earthchanges by monitoring the planet’s pulse

July 8, 2011 – How do we do this? The planet’s internal gradient is increasing and this means more chaotic conditions are in store for our planet. Among the most visible of these will include further deterioration of the planet’s magnetic field, the collapse of climate stability and the occurrence of more adverse weather extremes, hypervolcanism, and increased tectonic related earthquakes. Thermal energy is a driving force behind tectonic plate movements and so is magma plumes as I discussed in my book and as science has only recently concluded this week. If we look at the earthquakes occurring at Etna, the increased seismic and volcanic activity under Iceland’s divergent rift, the earthquakes in Southeast Australia, the rapid formation of storms in the Eastern Pacific north of Galapagos, and the 5.3 magnitude earthquake on the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge- we find two important common denominators in all these events: They are all happening simultaneously and they are all occurring around magma plumes. Increased activity at the magma plume at Eritrea and the subsequent eruption of the Nabro volcano is another indication this process is accelerating. (See African hotspot below)
Increased activity at magma plumes:If magma levels within the Earth’s crust are precipitously rising due to fluctuations in the thermal gradient- then pressures would be greatest at mantle plumes and the deepest fissures and faults in the earth will become more active. Technically, that’s what we’re beginning to see at agitated seismic fault zones across the planet…shallow plumes of magma are deep fissures in the earth’s surface which would be early flashpoint indicators of expanding uniform magma levels.” –The Extinction Protocol, page 564, 566
Plume activity and magnetic reversal: Some scientists, such as Richard A. Muller, believe that geomagnetic reversals are not spontaneous processes but rather are triggered by external events that directly disrupt the flow in the Earth’s core. Proposals include impact events or internal events such as the arrival of continental slabs carried down into the mantle by the action of plate tectonics at subduction zones or the initiation of new mantle plumes from the core-mantle boundary. –Wikipedia
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25 Responses to Measuring the speed of earthchanges by monitoring the planet’s pulse

  1. Passing says:

    As far as the earth’s magnetic field is concerned, you say it is deteriorating? Is this avoidable? Can it be restored?


  2. Stephen says:

    Why is there magma anyway (the purpose of magma?) and what’s causing the fluctuations in thermal energy? Does the problem lie in the Earth’s core? Or in something like the cosmos?


    • Magma (liquid rock) is the planet recycling itself otherwise it would either be a static ball with no life processes or an expanding Earth where land would be constantly experiencing fissures. We have oceans, we have an atmosphere and we have volcanoes and they are all driven to some degree by thermal processes through complex heat exchanges or gradient flucuations. When you’re dealing with such tremendous heat (5778 K or 5505 °C at core) and pressures 3.6 m GPa —- any minor flucuations can cause the system to go wild. In the human body, something as simple as an invasion by a microscopic virus is enough to send the body into thermal acceleration and the homeostasis 37 C (97.8 F) body temp is broken by a fever in an attempt to kill the invading host. Radiation can produce a similar effect on our planet- tilting the whole system towards chaos.


      • Stephen says:

        I see. But allow me to ask a few more questions. Do you mean an ever expanding Earth is the planet itself, the ball, gets bigger and bigger?

        If we use the human body as an analogy, can I safely say that our planet is being “invaded” by something that’s causing all the brewing chaos? So what could be that SOMETHING?


      • The analogy was more about the process unfolding…


      • That was a beautiful explanation, Alvin.

        I guess that at the age of nearly 42, I find it amazing that people do not realize that our planet in itself, is an actual living, breathing, growing and ever changing creature. It’s very sad that we have not treated her with the respect and consideration that she deserves.

        For without our earth, not any one of us, would have life.

        Without our own mothers who birthed us, we would not be alive. If anyone ever treated your mother, in the horrendous ways we treat our planet, none of us would ever tolerate such behavior. In fact, most, if not all of us would stand up instantly to defend and protect our mother’s.

        So why is it ok, within mankind, to treat our Great Mother Earth, with such disdain, hatred and disrespect? It’s not ok. It’s not at all. And now our mother is speaking to us. Serving up her own punishments. Punisments, which we as humans, fully deserve.


  3. Gen says:

    Another 2.1 quake at Korumburra, Victoria.


  4. Emaalee says:

    Alvin, I have read nothing in the media about the Canadian earthquake that is recorded on the USGS
    Thursday July 7 2011, 23:27:54 UTC 27 hours ago Canada -0.3 178.0 Detail
    As a -0.3, it looks very large to me, is this a mistake??
    Please excuse my ignorance.


  5. cdkanas says:

    It’s like the entire planet is getting ready to blow from within. Like the deathstar.


  6. Texas Listening Post says:

    If the scientific community is just admitting that thermal energy is driving the increase in tectonic plate movements, do they have a clue has to how the core of the earth is gaining energy? Generally energy systems reduce from a high energy state to an energy resting state. Is the true nature of the earth’s core know? Is there a nuclear reaction at the earth’s core like the sun that is increasing it’s energy output? Traditional wisdom seems to me to be unraveling?????


    • It’s been an established fact for sometime that the tectonic plates were motivated by thermal energy. Yes, it is a nuclear process and it is not gaining energy; it’s losing energy by a type of fission or internal conversion by emission to produce heat. It’s part of the geo-nuclear climate theory and the Earth produces heat by a process called radioactive decay. Most of the planet’s heat is generated by this process.The Sun works on the opposite principle of fusion by converting hydrogen to helium.


      • Stephen says:


        I love your website. It’s wonderful…really wonderful. It acts as a warning device to everyone. At the same time, it exposes some of the cover-ups by world governments, and highly-paid scientists. They keep on insisting that the world is safe and we have nothing to fear; deceiving many by hiding crucial information away from the public. I bemoan that most of the media does not give a damn about these things. It is time that world governments admit that we are in a time where world issues do not simply lie on wars, oil, money, celebrities, and mediocrity. There is something more important, and everyone is involved.

        The Lord bless us all.


      • We have been blessed by the Lord’s bounty and may the site and the stories of the Earth cntributed by so many continue to be told. We have a hope of a better world which like a rainbow rests at the port of the storm. Thank you Stephen and may the Lord richly bless your life and bestow upon journey the bounties of joy, peace and happiness.

        Grace in Christ,


      • Texas Listening Post says:

        The “fission or internal conversion by emission to produce heat” is more understandable than the explanation taught to me years ago that the earth was just big and took a long time to cool down.



  7. Brian says:

    There is No New History Only History Repeating Its Self…
    There is more to Heaven and Earth than meets the eye…
    And in the End Of Times ~ All Will Be Made Known
    As Science catches up with Biblical Prophesy
    Another source of confirmation of what is to come !

    Extinction Protocol Rules ~ excellent reads !


  8. Greg says:

    Alvin – We all thank you for your level headed teaching and advice. God bless you and your website. God has truly blessed you with a scientific mind.


  9. Patty says:

    Hi there – here’s something for all the Spiritual Sleuths from Isaiah 24:18-21:

    “Yes, the sluice-gates above are open, the foundations of the earth are quaking. A cracking, the earth cracks open, a jolting, the earth gives a jolt, a lurching, the earth lurches backwards and forwards. The earth will reel to and fro like a drunkard, it will be shaken like a shanty; so heavy will be its sin on it, it will fall, never to rise again. When that day comes, Yahweh will punish the armies of the sky above and on earth the kings of the earth;”

    If you read this as the “sluice gates” being the magnetic protection surrounding earth and surmise that when they “open” which is the current action right now because of the solar activity and storms, the rest of the prophecy can be read properly for our particular order in God’s Time…..if we are truly here in God’s Time, mankind (all of us) are certainly in trouble…and the Beastly Indicators are pretty noticable in true facts…..hmmmm


  10. Tina Marie says:

    Thanks for this post and the follow up replys to other peoples posts Alvin. You explain things in a way that most everyone can understand and take away some of the mystery that surrounds us on planet earth in regards to how it works. I believe our government and scientists know far more than they are letting on and do their best to surpress this knowledge from the general public. I do have a question though. I noticed on the map above that we have deep plumes on both sides of the U.S with a more shallow one up near Alaska. Since everything is so inter-connected, I wondered what your thoughts were on that being responsible for all the quakes (small ones so far thank God) that have been happening in that area and others close by such as Oregon and Washington state in recent months?


  11. everyone talks about Global “warming” but what about the internal Planetary COOKING? i am thinking about all those nuke detonations, UG & in Seas, over 40,000 of them!? If it’s a 3000degree F each time…how can it be called a “test” this many…later…? If you shoot nukes into the ocean, also cesium 137 explodes on contact; is there anyone talking about these detonations, & the extreme cooking, not heating, this is creating?


  12. George says:

    Well said Laura Gifford


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