Earth’s morphing skies: noctilucent cloud formation spreading from poles

July 7, 2011COLORADO  – When noctilucent clouds (NLCs) first appeared in the 19th century, they were a high-latitude phenomenon. You had to travel toward the poles to see their electric-blue glow. Not anymore. Just this past weekend, NLCs spilled over the Canadian border into the lower United States as far south as Denver, Colorado. The latest outbreak continues a trend in recent years of NLCs spreading to ever-lower latitudes. Is this a sign of climate change? Some researchers think so. Sky watchers everywhere are encouraged to be alert for electric blue just after sunset or before sunrise. –Space Weather
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11 Responses to Earth’s morphing skies: noctilucent cloud formation spreading from poles

  1. Sue says:

    This is quite interesting and may answer the unusual sky I have witnessed here in South Wales Uk, twice. A few weeks ago I was up in the middle of the night and I looking out at the night sky which was very cloudy. There was a small break in the cloud displaying the most intense blue. Again last night. I thought it was my eyes playing tricks and looked away then back again but it was still there. It gave the impression it was moving but obviously it was the clouds that were moving across the sky. Last night the clouds were very dark rain clouds but through the break it looked as if it was day time the sky was so blue.

    Could this be the same phenomenon you are referring to above – as this was not sunset or sunrise? Last night, it was about 3.30 am.

    Thank you and God Bless.


    • Yes, Sue – it could be. They are among highest altitude clouds and appear to glow when sunlight across the horizon shines through the ice crystals.


      • Sue says:

        Thank You Alvin for your quick response. I read this site religiously and take on board the comments from yourself and others who respond. Many (like yourself) seem to have so much knowledge of the situation at hand and I feel so niaive about many of the subjects discussed – but I am content to keep up with the situation on the fringes of this site. I rarely comment, but to be acknowledged so eloquently and calmly, for me it is like a voice of wisdom in a world of chaos.

        Again I thank you friend.


      • Sue, I thank you for the kind sentiment. We’re all learning together as more of these events unfold. I’m delighted you’re with us in the journey.

        peace and blessings,


  2. Erik says:

    maybe its scary because we havent seen this before, but its also very beatiful.
    mother nature is both beatiful en destructive at the same time^^

    I dont think we need to be scared for earth changes, i think we must learn to adept. In time we will find our way.


  3. Laura says:

    Hi alvin, I trust you are well? I know this maybe isn’t relevant to this post but I’ve been watching the seismic server for weeks now. Yesterday and today the graphs are showing very black. Would this be in response to the latest earthquake?

    I’ve stocked up on supplies by the way even though my friends think I’m completely mad!!!

    Take care,



  4. VK says:

    Is the link to the original website article here somewhere? I would like to check it out.


  5. skywalker says:

    i get to see alot of sunrise’s and sunset’s and have been observing these clouds all over europe and uk. in the last year, they are always very beautifull to behold.
    I check every day ,same as this site, i love the pictures of the sun they have and as we get closer to the solar maximum we all stand a really good chance of seing the northern lights at much lower lattitudes.
    there was a huge display 11 years ago,during the last solar maximum, i was in wales at the time camping in the mountains and the whole sky was just amazing to look at for hours,a friend of mine saw the show in london ,even with the light polution.
    of course , back then we didnt have satelites looking at the sun to warn us of “CME’s”that are coming towards the earth,so there wasnt any advance warning to go ouside and look up.
    this time however we have plenty of advance warning , and is the place to find out first if there is going to be a great show in your area.


  6. King kevin says:

    Times they are a changin. Johnny Cash couldn’t have said it better. Routine extinctions over the past years always leave an uneasy feeling when so many different things are going on that are considered unprecedented, or rare because it’s never been seen before. Best to just be prepared. Erik may be right, maybe there’s nothing to worry about, but all past extinctions never really allowed much life after the fact, just enough to grow again. I don’t think BILLIONS of people are going to be just fine if something like this happened again, our population is 100 times greater than what it was in previous extinctions. If sparsely populated Earth gets wiped out, how could one think Earth as an extremely overpopulated planet, would be fine is beyond me. Prepare, watch for yourself, and watch this website(Best I’ve found by a long shot). Facts don’t lie, and that’s what we get here! Things are becoming obvious. People that live somewhere NOTHING has happened yet, think it’s fine. The ones who’ve only heard and seen what’s going on mindset. When it strikes close to home, then people realize oh…maybe it IS something to be scared of. Stay safe everyone


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