Earth continues to reel as powerful earthquakes shake Kermadec sea-floor

July 7, 2011KERMADEC – It feels safe to say the swarm of earthquakes plaguing the Kermadec trench is more than just mere aftershocks and may portend that a larger event is brewing. The earthquake intensity in this region has been consistently strong (mostly 5.0 + magnitude), rising and falling in depth, while all the time moving insidiously along the tectonic plate boundary separating the Pacific and Australian plates which splits New Zealand along the Alpine Fault. The quakes have rippled south of the Kermadec Islands and have even struck north of the North Island- a clear testament to the powerful geological forces that can be unleashed in a moment’s notice to grind or liquefy the earth in subductive zones. I’ve long said the unsettling of New Zealand would begin with extreme turbulence in the Tonga-Kermadec trench and since this is a flash-point for igniting volcanoes on the North Island and very shallow quakes in the South- it’s one that we should place close attention to. The tectonic plate boundary hides a volcanic killing field in the Pacific Kermadec Trench and it happens to be a nerve center for most of the recent seismic turbulence we have been seeing erupting in the South Pacific.  Let’s watch these events as they unfold. There is no need to worry because if events escalate- there will be plenty of tell-tale signs if these forces of upheaval pose any danger of spreading further.The Extincion Protocol
See prelude:  Are we on the verge of a major event in the Pacific?
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20 Responses to Earth continues to reel as powerful earthquakes shake Kermadec sea-floor

  1. There is a lot going on in that area. The potential for vertical activity jumps out at me. I’ve also noticed increased activity in that area, prior to large EQs in other parts of the Pacific.


  2. Supreme Siddha says:

    Just to let everybody know, I have been watching earthquake activity for about 1 and a half years(not that long) and I have never seen so many earthquakes happening all at the same time. Maybe it’s just me but activity on the San Andreas fault line seems to be very high. What are your thoughts on the San Andreas fault line, Alvin, at this moment in time? This is the site I usually use to check earthquake activity I would be nice to hear everybody’s thoughts on this. Thanks in advance:)


  3. christopher says:

    Before the japan quake there was swarms of quakes just like there is right now in this area same depth and everything and pretty close to the mags as well I fear that there may be a big quake in the next few days and I agree with Mr. Supreme up above the san adreas is has been active lately after a very long time of silence, is it possible that a Big enough quake could trigger other quakes? Let’s say that their is a quake in this area could it create a chain reaction effect and set off other faults? I would appreciate some feedback Peace!


    • Earthquakes can trigger other earthquakes but the scenario of what I think you’re eluding to involves something of a catastrophic nature. Geological change has always been relatively incremental and uniform by all our science and reckoning with the movement of plates in subduction zones measured by a number of millimeters a year. We’re use to that as are we to the current number of tectonic plates but what if that changed overnight by a sudden catastrophic event like the tearing of land mass, asteroid collision, or a super-drag from a megathrust event and we are introduced to the dynamism of a new tectonic plate suddenly thrust into the equation. Would the Earth become more stable or suddenly in a period of constant seismic kineticism as it tried to equilibrate to the new geologic paradigm? As we sit down to tea and crumpets, we have to entertain the argument on the other half of the axiom- If incremental change leads to more uniform planetary stability; then does catastrophic events leads to potential periods of planetary upheaval?


  4. Logman says:

    Earthquakes seems to be cyclic. Activity is on the increase right now but 2007 was active and and 2004 was an active year too. In terms of energy released 2011 is already close to the whole of 2010 but not yet as much as 2004 and 2007. It’s hard to make any conclusions.


  5. Jake says:

    Logman, your point is taken. I think it’s important to look at the bigger picture though while putting the earthquake activity into a broader context; the quaketivity (new word, someone call Webster), when added to the ‘bowl of uncertainty” that contains a high rise in volcanic activity, record-flooding, record-setting tornados, a major tsunami (Japan), raging fires, all the middle east tensions, a huge surge of Christian persecution around the globe, potential military conflicts on the horizons, and a global debt situation that threatens to rock a lot of unprepared soul’s worlds.

    Add it all up and it’s safe to say, The King is Coming!

    Pray that the Holy City of Jerusalem doesn’t get divided up, else the quaketivity we have witnessed so far, will pale in comparison to future rumblings.


    • TEXAS RED NECK says:

      Jake be prepared for some very possible major events in September if America tries to force Israel to give up more land, this could be devastating for the U.S. and it will be from God Himself. Talks are scheduled for Sept. between Israel and the Palestinians, we already know that obama has decided in favor of the muslims so that means that judgement WILL come to America unless obama changes his mind and we all know that will not happen because he is a muslim and he wants to see what all muslims want to see,
      that is the destruction of Israel.
      I believe the Lord is about to return and I look forward to His return with great joy.
      The birth pangs are increasing more every hour. All of the signs are here for everyone to see.


  6. Ynot says:

    HI Alvin. Great site and fascinating posts. Just wondering what you think might happen to Northland, (top of North Island) which seems to be on a different plate from the rest of NZ.
    thanks and regards ynot’s wife.


    • Hi Ynot’s wife. If events continue to unfold in random fashion with a measurable increase in intensity or frequency- the North Island could become more volcanically and seismically active and that carries with it certain risk factors due to the geology of the region of which you’re already familiar. As long as the change is slow and producing minimal effects, the risks are low- if there was a sudden shift in events- it could become a more unstable region. Now we’re looking for potential triggers as the tension mounts- what could set major events in motion?


  7. It sure is interesting watching the Pacific ring of fire at the moment. Something has set it into motion and it is sure angry about having been awoken.

    This all kind of reminds me of the very strange translation of Matt 24 / 7 in the King James version:
    “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.”

    See how for some reason it refers to ‘diver’s places’ – This may be a coincidence or a mistranslation, but as the more severe earthquakes of this year are showing, there are indeed many earthquakes occurring in divers places (undersea)


    • Troybach says:

      The ring of fire is indeed interesting. A few years ago i read a warning for those living in the coastal zones of this area to consider moving to higher ground. Same warning pointed out that the shape of the ring of fire had the same outline as the city of Jerusalem when Jesus walked there as a man. Can’t remember how that was connected to the warning, i should try to find that again – it was 2005/6 maybe even 2007.


      • TEXAS RED NECK says:

        I’ve never heard about the outline of the ring of fire being the same as the outline of Jerusalem in the time when Jesus walked there, amazing.


      • TEXASNYC says:

        I just compared the ring of fire to an old jersusalem map, the simirarities are astonishing to say the least.


  8. Gen says:

    8 July at 06.59.28 am – only gone on Geoscience in last hour or so,
    M2.3 Oatlands, Tasmania – not significant

    Alvin, first Victoria and now Tasmania – near hotspot. Could this be an indication that Kermadec agitation is more widespread than realised.


  9. Grace says:

    I think that ‘divers’ should be read as ‘diverse’ here…which is happening!
    Kind regards,


    • D. Grant Chee says:

      Actually, most do read “Divers” as diverse–but— God might have had it correct and you misinterpreted it; like most? speculation is a two-edged sword…. All will be revealed..


  10. Gen says:

    Alvin, that Tassie one was UTC 20:59:28 7 July. It is 8.10 pm Australian east coast time now. Dont know why that one took so long to get listed.


  11. Butcher Boy says:

    great site guys, I live in Christchurch, and to be honest its been a bloody hard year with all the quakes. what i would like to know is, do i take my family ans seriously move? or is this going to settle down. We are trying to build a house at the moment and get get insurance as there’s a band. I am honestly to stuck, and dont know if its just time to leave. as every one tlaks about the apline fault going and how bad it will be for us in chch. our section is right by the see too, so worried about tsunami? please help i am totally serious here.


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