Atacama desert, one of driest places on Earth hit with record snowfall

July 8, 2011CHILE – One of the driest places on the planet has just experienced its heaviest snowfall in almost two decades. As the BBC is reporting, the Atacama desert region in Chile was virtually buried with an estimated 31.5 inches of snow after a cold front brought subzero temperatures to much of South America, including Argentina and Uruguay. Officials from Chile’s Directorate of Meteorology said the area had not seen this amount of snow in close to 20 years. Local media reports said authorities rescued a total of 36 people who had been caught in the storm, the Associated Press reports.  –Huffington Post
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7 Responses to Atacama desert, one of driest places on Earth hit with record snowfall

  1. Mavis Stucci says:

    I think that blaming climate change on carbon is patronizing and cynical. The reality has relatively little to do with man-made pollution (grow more trees and replace internal combustion energy with clean energy) and a lot more to do with tectonic and global alignment – but how can anyone tax that?


    • A says:

      I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not?


      • PhilFrog says:

        Well lets face it, the industrial by-products we produce have been time and again proven to be greenhouse gases. They do interact with our planet’s ozone layer and weather systems. This is just like volcanoes and events from the Sun, in that there are effects created that are random and not homeostatic. However, it would be really feeble and weak of humanity to say that our creations are not playing a role in how the world is shaping. It is time and again obvious that we ARE doing things that can be averted if we change our ways. There will long be irregularities in our lives seeing that we are dealing with a massive confulence of forces on and surrouding our planet. Lets face it, we came from an explosion, the existence of life is muraculous because it has come from such turbulence. We want stability. It comes from innumerable sources that are made more clear with criticisms and speculations about what we can do to make clarity, and it is no doubt that all these recent incrementing expulsions of caustic and hyperconcentrated chemicals that we create like orphaned children, are becoming a nuissance as we figure out how to use inorganic processes that have such potential for lacking ecological genius. If one could say that god is the balance and opportunity to thrive that has come out of the evolution of our ecology, we must recognize that we play god and must not innact the volcanic underpinnings of our nature out of sheer laziness and lack of perspective. Surely it must be recognized that we can be extremely irresponisble with our creations because life can exist in ungly conditions, but it is a choice to have our minds spending an extra 30% of our lives contemplating that malaise of toxic curcumstances, a real distraction on a course to contemplation of this amazing existence.


  2. J Guffey says:



  3. Frank says:

    I love snow. This must be all that global warming they are talking about. (sarcasm)


  4. Luis D. Rey says:

    Where is Al Gore (All Sore) and The Crazy Tree Huggers to come to the rescue of Mother Earth?


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