5.3 magnitude earthquake strikes western Mediterranean Sea

July 7, 2011 MARSEILLE –  A 5.3 magnitude earthquake has been reported in the western Mediterranean Sea southeast of Marseille, France. The earthquake struck at the shallow depth of 5.9 km.
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4 Responses to 5.3 magnitude earthquake strikes western Mediterranean Sea

  1. luisport says:

    Magnitude ML 5.2
    Date time 2011-07-07 19:21:48.0 UTC
    Location 42.01 N ; 7.52 E
    Depth 20 km
    Distances 167 km NW Sassari (pop 125,747 ; local time 21:21:48.8 2011-07-07)
    100 km W Ajaccio (pop 54,364 ; local time 21:21:48.8 2011-07-07)
    89 km W Cargèse (pop 1,032 ; local time 21:21:48.8 2011-07-07) Witness location : Ota (France) (105 km E from epicenter)

    A loud rumbling noise for about 10-15 seconds preceded a short but intense chock. After the shock the noise quasi immediately dissapeared. About 17 minutes later there was another rumble, but no shock felt anymore…[/b]

    Witness location : Bastelicaccia (France) (109 km E from epicenter)

    that was like a strong gale, like an explosion near me


  2. Whoa off the coast of France? Italy is gonna be in for some rumbling


  3. skywalker says:

    so far today there have been x6 quakes around the world that were over 5.2
    i have been looking at this site for the last 5 years and all i see is a steady increase in size and quantity worldwide


  4. kristoffer94 says:

    Oh My God!!!!
    I was on the other side in that time, good that that earthquake happened later, and of course If the earthquake have been stronger, and If it have triggered a tsunami I have maybe been dead in that time, I was first on the way on cruise-tour with Liberty Of The Seas from Barcelona 2nd of july, and on 7th of july I was in Rome.
    Thank God that it was not bigger and not happened earlier


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