Massive jellyfish invasion shuts down coal-fired plant in Israel

July 6, 2011ISRAEL – Another power station was shut down by jellyfish today amid claims that climate change is causing a population surge among the species. A huge swarm clogged up the coal-fired Orot Rabin plant in Hadera, Israel, a day after the Torness nuclear facility in Scotland was closed in a similar incident. Hadera ran into trouble when jellyfish blocked its seawater supply, which it uses for cooling purposes, forcing officials to use diggers to remove them. A new report warned changing conditions in the world’s oceans are causing an explosion in jellyfish populations. The report, published in December 2010 by the UN Environment Programme, warns that the acidification of oceans makes it harder for coral reefs and shellfish to form skeletons – threatening larger creatures that depend on them for food. The decline in creatures with shells could trigger an explosion in jellyfish populations. The report, written by Dr Carol Turley of Plymouth University, said: ‘Ocean acidification has also been tentatively linked to increased jellyfish numbers and changes in fish abundance.’ Jellyfish are immune to the effects of acidification. As other species decline, jellyfish will move in to fill the ecological niche. Populations have boomed in the Mediterranean in recent years. Some marine scientists say the changing chemistry of the sea is to blame.  –Daily Mail
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15 Responses to Massive jellyfish invasion shuts down coal-fired plant in Israel

  1. Nat says:

    What is going on?


    • Nat, the oceans are being overturned just as I warned they would be. I have stated for two years that we have entered a period of extreme volcanism. It has been visible on land since 2010 but without parity; it is also occurring in the hydrosphere. These changes are occurring with a rapidity beyond present human comprehension beneath our oceans. When alas, the verdict is finally in; the planet shall be in a state of crisis such as we have not known in human history.


      • Nat says:

        How long do you think we have left to prepare? And thanks alot for this site. We would probably have no idea without it.


      • That’s part of the danger of the times we live in and the relevancy of this message- three-fourths of the planet is hidden from our view by oceans. By the time, line-of-sight observations of these marine signs become widely visible- 3/4 of the planet is or has already morphed. The changes will expontentially increase with time/event and as interdependence systems collapse in concert, so the time factor can be illusory. If these processes are now irreverible (as I believe they are); that means we’re well past the Rubicon and that indicates we have a fraction of the time bandied about from our most conservative scientific estimates. Glad you like the site and we thank God and the many contributors, the world-over, who continue to tell the planet’s story.



    • David says:

      I have posted this web site here before on EP,this is whats going on in our oceans,


  2. goodbyemilkyway says:

    Also,most jellyfish feed on the same kinds of prey as adult and young fish, so if fish are removed from the food chain, jellyfish are likely to move in and take control. We have seen this also when the species predator has with all the spiders that hatched, etc…food chain is unraveling…

    As Above. so Below….

    **side note**..I had a dream last night of the ‘world’ when humans will not be able to buy their meds anymore..or alcohol or chem street drugs….no wonder media flooded the movie theaters with all those zombie movies and natural disaster/plague movies…hummm makes one wonder


  3. Tracey says:

    Maybe the jellyfish are lobbying against nuclear power?….


  4. Tina Marie says:

    I know there is scripture in the Bible about the oceans and rivers turning to blood and it’s always puzzled me how this could be taken literally, but I’m begining to wonder if it wasn’t meant in a more metaphorical way with most everything in the oceans dying off due to these volcanoes erupting and all the pollution in the water already. People are so blind to how fragile our eco-system is and always have been. I was sickened to see a documentary on all the garbage we’ve dumped and other countries continue to dump into the ocean. It showed an island in Hawaii that’s beaches were littered with trash from China. We have been so careless and destructive when it comes to our home, our planet and I believe we are now reaping what we sowed. Many thanks Alvin, for keeping us informed about these happenings. I have yet to find any other site that offers such extensive coverage of what’s going on around the world. If I had to rely on traditional news sources for information like this, I wouldn’t have a clue about any of it.


  5. ashuka says:

    Tracey that’s a good thought!


  6. Fernalea says:

    As an aside, Alvin, I have to wonder: How does it feel to know you wrote about all this and now you are seeing it come to fruition? How does one deal internally with knowing the coming events and being powerless to stop it or to convince the majority of the severity of the problem? I thank God for your tireless efforts on this website and for your putting the information out there for those of us who wouldn’t find it anywhere else. I get so irritated with the media for not being more informative and for trying to “whitewash” the news. So many are so uninformed. Thank you, Alvin, for all you do and for the Christian heart in which you present it.


    • It puzzles the will and makes us rather bear those ills we have than fly to others that we know not of.” -Shakespeare

      Fernalea, Reality can never be more scary than having to live it twice. I thank God for you as well Fernalea and may humanity be served and He gloried even if it’s in some small way by what I and others do here.

      Grace in Christ,


  7. Shane says:

    Have Faith people that all the wrongs shall made rite , and that is the process we are all seeing now , for every action there simply must be a re-action the very basic laws of physics , because mother earth is such a massive living organism on such a large scale and is insink with the universe she shall rite all the wrongs made against her , providing peoples hearts are in the correct place people will come through the coming alignment with passing colours , and no more heavyness shall exist , the most amazing thing about the TRUTH is that every single thing is ment to be simple and is very simple, its mans per-ception that has made it the opposite , which is why mans laws are trying their absolute hardest to copy the TRUTH (NZ)


  8. G, McCray says:

    This explains all the dying fish and sea life phenomena doesn’t it?


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