Town pond in East Hampton Village turns florescent green

July 5, 2011NEW YORK –  Town Pond in the heart of East Hampton Village has turned a bright green. What caused the change in color remains a “phenomenon,” according to Mayor Paul Rickenbach, Jr. He said he noticed a change in color last Friday and on Saturday, when the color of the pond turned fluorescent; he reached out to officials for answers. Larry Penny, the East Hampton Town Director of Natural Resources, was asked to take a water sample earlier in the week. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation was also called, but officials there told the mayor they would not be responding over the holiday weekend as it was not an urgent matter. On Saturday, passersby on foot and in cars gawked at the pond’s color. A group of teenagers were sure it was a prank. “My best guess is that it was an act of nature,” Rickenbach said. “I’ve seen it happen before and it was determined it was a natural act,” he said, adding that it may have something to do with the temperature gradients changing. Reached at home on Saturday, Penny said he hadn’t seen the Town Pond’s bright green hue yet, but would assume the discoloration is an algal bloom, or a rapid increase in the accumulation of algae in the pond. He said it’s generally not harmful. Meanwhile, the pond is a natural habitat for waterfowl, including swans and their cygnets. The mayor is not concerned for their well-being, as he said he believes they know best when to stay away from something that might be harmful. –East Hampton Patch
contribution David
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4 Responses to Town pond in East Hampton Village turns florescent green

  1. Raven says: Hi Alvin..I was reading about this on a website where the person says : I am paying attention to these strange stories of ponds and rivers turning into bright colours and I wonder whether this is related to our world becoming more bioluminescent. Bioluminescent life forms make their own light and carry it around in their bodies, but scientists find this hard to study because when creatures are captured they often lose this ability. I do believe that increased cosmic radiation on the planet will cause viruses and bacteria to quickly mutate, but I am also wondering whether increased bioluminscence is symptomatic of our planet starting to turn into a world of light…. All I know is that this can happen locally overnight, but what about a whole world, how long would that take?

    Very interesting!


  2. signalfire says:

    “Fluorescent” means ‘glow in the dark’. Does it? Or is it a normal algae growth from sun, heat, good weather and perhaps an increased CO2 supply in the water from incoming snow melt? Of course, it could be toxic runoff from all the crap they put on the golf course lawns in the Hamptons. I suggest that all the ludicrously rich people there take a good long swim and report back on evidence of toxicities.


  3. loreen says:

    the *mayor* thinks the birds would just “know” to stay away from poison?




  4. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.


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