Scientists warn volcanoes in Australia are long overdue for an eruption

July 5, 2011 AUSTRALIA– Scientists are now warning that volcanoes in Western Victoria and South Australia are due to erupt. The prediction comes just hours after two earthquakes hit the state this morning. Using new dating techniques, University of Melbourne scientists have found that the volcanoes usually erupt every 2000 years, with the last eruption at Mt Gambier, South Australia, 5000 years ago. Earth sciences Professor Bernie Joyce says Australia needs a plan in case of an eruption. It comes as Victorians are warned to brace themselves for more tremors after a shallow magnitude quake hit at 11.32am, sending shockwaves through towns and suburbs more than 100 kilometres away. A series of tremors lasting up to 15 seconds have been felt across Melbourne’s CBD and southeastern suburbs. A second, smaller quake shook Korumburra, with reports it was again felt in Melbourne, at 12.37pm. Senior seismologist Clive Collins said people should prepare for aftershocks in the coming hours. “There will be aftershocks, that’s a certainty,” he told the Herald Sun. “We still expect lots of smaller ones. After the last significant quake in Victoria there were more than 200 aftershocks.” The tremors shook Melbourne office buildings and many homes across the state, including Warragul, Ferntree Gully, Sunbury and as far north as Melbourne Airport. Seismologist Adam Pascale told 7News it was the largest quake recorded in the area in the past two years, and warned there is potential for stronger tremors. “It’s significant for Australia, particularly because it was so close to an urban area,” he said. “There’s potential for larger events in this sequence. “We have had a 4.5 in the past, this is a 4, but we could have larger again. There’s no way of predicting what the magnitude could be.” Some Victorians say their houses shook violently for about 10 seconds, and many reported hearing the earth rumble. Daniella Augelli told 7News: “It was like a big push against the house, but at the same time it was vibrating. It was just a few seconds of terror.” She has cracks in her wall, as do the Bruch family in Croydon.”  –AU.News
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18 Responses to Scientists warn volcanoes in Australia are long overdue for an eruption

  1. Michael Kingsley says:

    Bout timw :()


  2. Gen says:

    Alvin, is posting off topic the only way to get news items to you.

    I notice the breaking news items I posted yesterday 4 July under Greenpeace Fukushima are still waiting moderation. Did you get those links? They might have scrolled over.



    • They might have Gen. We get so many. Yes, just send the link on the latest post. Big on things that have long reaching consequences or may be unique occcurrences that may signal a trend. I appreciate your diligence.



  3. Jens Skapski says:

    New Zealand and Australia! Something bad is going on there!


  4. Brandon says:

    Alvin and everybody, Do you follow any of James McCanney’s science and theories? He basically believes everyone is a disinformation agent and is lying. Seems very paranoid to me. Any validity to what he says, Alvin?


  5. Ron says:

    Preparing for aftershocks is one thing…easy to call. But saying a volcano is “due to erupt” is like warning that an asteroid is due to hit the planet. Of course it will, and the movie makers will make millions at the box office. Fearmongering is not what they need in that area of the world right now. They need our prayers. I wonder if someone is trying to make a name for themselves?


  6. Gen says:

    Ron, no they are not fearmongering and trying to make a name for themselves.

    We have many volcanoes here in Australia. We know that Chaiten volcano erupted last year after sleeping for 9,000 years.

    It is good to see that scientists are becoming responsible and giving us a wake up call. Do we Australians really think that we are going to escape what is inevitable.

    People living in those areas need to be made aware so that they can be PREPARED for any emergencies that they have to face.

    Do not think for one moment that we will never get hit with a tsunami either!

    Thanks Alvin for conveying info to people and helping them be prepared for these things.


    • Thanks Alvin for conveying info to people and helping them be prepared for these things.” The more information we have from ground reports across the globe; the more we can guage the serious nature of the degree of change and identify how fast this process is unfolding. Everyone’s eyes and ears become more important as events unfold. There is a trail of science and it’s based on event occurrence, scientific inquiry, and observation not fear.


  7. It could be but I would have to take a deeper look at the geology of the region to rule it suspect. If the quakes are of a magmatic nature and related to movement- it will be contrastable to identify as there will be more. When crust is devoured by magma, the earth trembles.


  8. Bone Idle says:

    The “Australian hot spot” is thought to lie offshore southeast of Mount Gambier.
    Mount Gambier has been technically classified as “Active” rather than “Dormant”. i.e. has erupted within the last ten thousand years and “has the potential” to erupt again.

    It is thought that some Victorian sites have been “active” – but not eruptive up until the last 700 years.

    There is a case that some of these other dormant volcanos “MAY” potentially become active again. There would be some seismological forewarning proceeding any activity.

    Australia has many many extinct and dormant volcanos. Many more than you will find on lists.


  9. Gen says:

    Bone Idle, I believe the hot spot is basically under Bass Straight. The following link, Romsey Australia:Volcanic Eruption Risk and Maps is a good link.

    To those who look at some of the comments on this site as fearmongering can I say this. Soften your hearts, listen, observe and understand this.

    If the shock/surprise element already has been dealt with, how much easier will it be to handle the unspeakable if it happens. If it never happens good.

    This is why responsible scientists, governments and the media should EDUCATE people as even little things happen. This approach would take away a lot of panic when seemingly unforeseen events unfold.

    Of course, there will always be complete shocks that no one saw coming.

    Again, listen and observe. Prepare at least a 72 hour emergency kit.

    Then get on with life and enjoy each day to the fullest. Most people I know have insurance policies and know the peace of mind that gives them. So why not have the peace of mind of being in control to the best you can.

    Time after time, when disaster strikes what do you see. People standing for hours to get a few litres of water, disappointment because they can’t get hold of their favorite food. No power and no portable radios, batteries, torches, candles, matches, etc.
    A day or two before the 11 March Japan tsunami, there was a M7.2 and a very long list of M6s and M5s one after another. At the time, I remember thinking this does not seem normal and mentioned it to a few people who thought I was crazy.
    So when it happened I was in awe but not really surprised.


    • Ron says:

      I am sorry that you seemed to have taken my comments so negatively. I read this site for just those same reasons as you do…to stay informed. Alvin does a wonderful job of looking a things from a different slant that others might call extreme. I do not.
      I do believe, however, that in this age of instant communication, that the scientific community has a responsibility to word their statements very carefully so as not to feed the tabloid headlines. The simple words “overdue for an eruption” have led to headlines like “Australian regions should brace for volcanic eruptions soon” and “Volcanoes due to erupt!”
      The “Volcanism Blog” put it best…”the word ‘overdue’ is never a wise choice when it comes to the behaviour of volcanoes. They are not trains and do not run to a timetable. Such loaded terminology is always going to feed sensationalism in the press and create a misleading and unnecessary public apprehension of danger.”
      Such headlines feed the fear and scenarios such as the fiasco in Italy over the “prophesied earthquake” are bound to happen. When Alvin says “Stressed out: on the verge of a major geological event in the Pacific?” I listen. I study. I make my own conclusions based on the info he provides. However, news reporters say OMG!!! 3,000 years overdue! Stop the presses, this babys gonna blow! And then those people that you say should enjoy life to its fullest will quit heir jobs, sell all their belongings, lay low and cower in a corner.
      I suppose my first post should have been a bit more detailed.


  10. Mike says:

    I live in Oz and have always been told that we have no volcanoes, so please what is the truth.


      • Bone Idle says:

        John Seach only lists the notable points of interest. In reality there are an uncountable number of extinct/dormant volcanos in Australia. If you live on the east coast you probably pass some volcanic remnants every day.

        It’s been well known in Australian geologic circles that Mt. Gambier has been placed back on the active list rather than dormant. The report by Professor Joyce is actually old news. It’s just been caught up by the local MSM because of the Korumburra earthquakes of the last few days.

        It was thought up until the fifties – early sixties that Australia was seismologically inactive – i.e. allegedly earthquake free. It took a couple of Mag 4’s back in the sixties to dispel this myth.
        Engineering standards had to be revised because of the previous thinking.


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