More rain, less snow leads to faster Arctic ice melt

July 5, 2011ARCTIC CIRCLE – Rising air temperatures in the Arctic region have led to an increase in rainfall and a decrease in snowfall, making the sea ice more susceptible to melting, a new study has revealed. The research was presented today by Dr James Screen from the University of Melbourne at the XXV International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics General Assembly in Melbourne. The Arctic region is warming more rapidly than anywhere else on Earth. Dr. Screen of the University’s School of Earth Sciences, who led the research, said due to warming temperatures, on more days of the year and in more parts of the polar region, temperatures are becoming too warm for protective snow to form. “As a result of this temperature shift, we estimate that there has been a 40 percent decrease in summer snowfall over the last 20 years.” The reductions in snowfall in the summer months (when there is still typically significant snow in Arctic regions) have knock-on effects for the sea ice – the ice floating on top of the Arctic Ocean,” he said. “Snow is highly reflective and bounces up to 85 percent of the incoming sunlight back into space. Snow on top of ice effectively acts as a sunscreen protecting the ice from the power of the sun rays.” “As the snow cover has decreased, more sea ice has become exposed to the sunlight, increasing the melting of the ice. Measurements show that the sea ice has been getting thinner and less extensive,” he said. The study was conducted with Professor Ian Simmonds of the University’s School of Earth Sciences was published in the prestigious international journal Climate Dynamics.  –
London & New York underwater in 100 years: Low-lying coastal areas where one in ten people lives will be hit hardest if greenhouse gas emissions are not cut dramatically, say US scientists. The oceans surrounding Greenland and Antarctica could warm by up to 2C and 0.6C respectively over the century, research based on 19 climate models revealed. ‘This means both Greenland and Antarctica are probably going to melt faster than the scientific community previously thought,’ said author Prof Jonathan Overpeck. ‘This paper adds to the evidence that we could have sea level rise by the end of this century about 1m and a good deal more in succeeding centuries.’ Such a rise could devastate some coastal areas, forcing cities such as London, New York and Shanghai to spend billions of pounds on flood defenses. –Metro.UK
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10 Responses to More rain, less snow leads to faster Arctic ice melt

  1. Greg says:

    Is this HAARP at it’s finest?


    • PansPermia says:


      I don’t think Nikola Tesla meant for it to be used the way it’s used today. So many of the great geniuses of all time wanted their invention to work for the good of mankind.


  2. skywalker says:

    last year , the arctic circle was circum-navigated by a boat for the first time in recorded history , this was made possible becuase of the lack of sea ice in the summer.


  3. Tom E. says:


    Not completely correct, please refer to

    “People point out that recent sailing expeditions through the Northwest Passage and Northern Sea Route (along the Siberian coast) are not unique in history. This is true. Amundsen navigated through the NWP in 1903, the Canadian vessel St. Roche went through the NWP a couple times in the 1940s. In 1969, the ice-strengthened freighter, USS Manhattan went through with Canadian icebreaker support. There were a few others before 2000. Many required icebreaker support or needed more than one summer to complete the journey (Amundsen needed nearly three summers). The Northeast Passage has been used by the Russians as an icebreaker-supported shipping route for many years and several ships have made the voyage.”


    • skywalker says:

      lots of interesting info on that link, when i heard that someone had circum-navigated the arctic sea last year under sail and without the help of an icebreaker , the report i read didnt contain this extra info about greenland:-
      What used to be a risky proposition, carefully navigating through narrow openings between ice floes, has in recent years become a mostly open water cruise with occasional ice (though still dangerous because even relatively small scattered floes of ice can damage a vessel). This year two vessels circumnavigated the pole through the two passages within one summer. In addition, several other vessels went through at least one of the passages this year. This is really quite remarkable and something I doubt anyone in the 20th century ever thought would be possible in 2010.

      (Some complained when these expeditions were called “circumnavigating the Arctic” or “circumnavigating the Arctic Ocean” because they went south of Greenland. To technically circumnavigate the Arctic Ocean, one would need to follow the coast along the north coast of Greenland. This is true, but it in no way diminishes the feats nor does it contradict the reality that the Arctic is very different place than it was just twenty or thirty years ago.)


  4. PansPermia says:

    Third Adam

    What makes you think HAARP is a conspiracy? I think you need to do a bit of homework on just what the machine is capable of doing. Start with it’s inventor Nikola Tesla. By the way the ones who called him a mad scientist continued with his work, (after they got rid of him after all he was in his eighties and no longer of any use to the government – they had the prototype)

    Now that machine can cause problems when applied to specific areas on earth – so what makes you think that the problems it can cause on earth does not affect what’s happening with the sun? Sometime as crazy as the idea is you’ve got to think out side of the box – Tesla did and recently the inventors of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) You do know about LHC, don’t you and what it is capable of doing?


  5. Rick says:

    Third Adam, not sure if you are suggesting that HAARP does not exist or if you are complaining that too many things are attributed to HAARP (I tend to agree with you if it’s the latter). In case it’s the former, however, please note and visit this webpage:

    Notice that this is a military website (.mil) owned by the U.S. Navy. HAARP is real.


  6. Brian says:

    Lets not HAARP ~ but face reality : What is the purpose of HAARP and what do the Chinese do with theirs ?

    Most every invention known to man has first been exploited for its military capabilities
    whats changed ?

    With our new age apparent criminal goverments of the world and big business why is it so hard to accept that the human race is being exploited in all respects making weather modification and rigged disasters very nessesary for the proposed Agenda 21.

    Its all about the one world socialist goverment and id love someone to prove me wrong ?

    Its absolutely Amazing as to how complacent you guys all are with modern military tech ?
    Drones flown from computers in Arizona killing faceless people on the other side of the world just because they are considered bad by your goverment while importing these very same supposed enemies into your countries ~ Sic!

    We for all intents and purposes are Mushrooms ~ Kept in the dark & fed on political Bullshit !


  7. skywalker says:

    most people havent heard of HAARP, or if they have they know nothing about it, and the powers in control are not releasing the truth about it anyways.
    before haarp ,the military were developing microwave technologies (all hush hush at the time),they spent billions developing it as a weapon , but in the end they couldnt make it effective. wot they did discover in their research was that microwaves could be used to heat food and liquids, so in an attempt to recover some of the lost billions in research and development of weapons ,they produced the ” microwave oven” and sold it to the population as a “safe” product.
    now of course if anyone with brains has done there own research into these devices they will know that they are deffinatley “not” safe to the human body if used over a prolonged time.
    i have refused to eat or drink anything cooked in a microwave device for the last 22 years.
    whatever the HAARP is being developed for, you know its for millitary use first and foremost,and that we the public will never be told the truth about it.


  8. timupham says:

    One of the animals being affected by climatic change is the walrus. The cows will hauled out onto ice flows to have their calves. But thermohaline changes to ocean currents by the inflow of fresh water into the oceans, is causing ice flows to drift further out into sea. This makes cows swim far back close to the shore, to feed on the clam beds. Cows are getting exhausted and are drowning because of this happening. The calves are left on the ice flows, and with them rapidly melting, they are abandon out on the open ocean. So high fatalities are occurring among walrus cows and calves. How much longer until both the Pacific and Atlantic walruses become endangered and eventually extinct?


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