19 Responses to Violence erupts on streets of Athens as Greece inches closer to the abyss

  1. pam says:

    And, the “austerity measures” benefit the IMF and bankers – not the “in the streets” guys. IMHO, we’d better all watch – could happen anywhere –


  2. Tracey says:

    Wonder what will happen here in the UK on Thursday as there is a public sector strike…..


  3. NickKo says:

    Are the regular folk being consulted, before decisions are made, regarding the ‘austerity measures’ ??
    No wonder people are so angry.
    They have lost their stake, in the decision making process.

    It’s like the E.U.and the Greek Government is telling the people, “We’ll make the decisions for you, and you’ll carry them out for us.”
    Perhaps if the Greek people were given a bigger stake in the decision process, they wouldn’t be as angry.
    It’s called ‘democracy’. 😦

    – Nick


  4. Silent Storm says:

    What happens to Greece if it defaults? With no money to pay for the public sector/ police/ hospitals etc. It will be total chaos. Is this the future for the West?
    the Silent storm is coming.
    This is the beginning of ‘The Great Western Decline’.


  5. K says:

    ok someone dumb this down for me. If the vote doesnt happen what exactly will happen? Like are we talking worse than depression hitting Europe and the world? thanks and GOd Bless


  6. What is this? Calling for patriotic duty? Greece is sold out. Normal people have to take the burden of the last corrupt Governments and politicians.All the big international Banks and Company’s made tremendous money on Greece. The situation looks so sinister, I am wondering why there are only 20.000 protesters today at Syntagma-Place in front of the Parliament and not 2 millions or 20 millions. 40% of the youngsters without job. Cuttings on all levels. Raising of all kind of taxes.The Troika wants them to cut some more spendings, sell everything like harbours, Airports,Highways and so on and want to bailout. The Greek people will be the first of modern day slaves. There will be no way out to repay the debts and loans, and they even would not owe their own country any more. Best thing for the people would be when the Parliament decides not to agree on the terms set by the Troika of EZB, IMF and EU. Better to be insolvent then slaves in your own country and pay back for the next 30-35 years.


  7. I like to add a good article in English: In a SPIEGEL interview, leading German economist Stefan Homburg argues that euro-zone members should not bail out Greece, discusses who is making a profit from the crisis and explains why he himself is buying Greek bonds. “I believe in the boundless stupidity of the German government,” he says.http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,770673,00.html
    I share this point of view.


  8. olivia says:

    well done to the Greek spirit who can never be fooled. This is all about feeding fat bankers a bit more on the back of the poor and old. They are bullied into accepting austerity cuts , so they get a loan with enormous interest. they ‘re also told to liquidate their national assets , i mean who on earth cannot see the trap.


  9. Dennis says:

    Greece is in monetary/debt crisis and yet these people are only adding to the problem.
    Everybody is going to have to tighten their belts and take a step backwards. it is like the advertisement ” its my money and I want it now!” if they would pull together, learn from their mistakes, Greece could pull out of this. They don’t have a much of a choice now.
    We should take note of this.


  10. PansPermia says:

    Steady as she goes Athenians but not with violence.


  11. Blaze says:

    Welcome to the US dress rehersal! People…please we can have a collective unification however violence should never be on the agenda. These times are a changing….go with peace and unity.


  12. Megan Vance says:

    I was in Greece a couple years ago. It was so beautiful there. I remember seeing all the little shops in the market places and today watched a video of them being lit on fire and knocked over. How much has changed in just three short years.
    This is so very sad, and I wonder if our nation maybe next in line to see these kinds of riots. I once heard a quote saying something to the effect that we are only one missed meal away from anarchy.
    Scary times indeed.
    Seek the peace that only God can give through His Son Jesus Christ now, before its too late.


  13. Blaze says:

    I totally agree with Olivia! And PansPermia! Stop quibbling over semantics and look at what is truly happening and take our power back. Unfortunately we freely gave our power away to the corruption. We can “collectively and peacefully” take our power back. Have No Fear!


  14. Luca says:

    I agree with you Megan about seeking peace through Christ that is how I sought my peace many years ago. And Greece is such a beautiful country with a rich culture and it saddens me to see how the people are suffering.



    Greece who believed in freedom and democracy for over 3,000 years is now being in-slaved by the elite ( an handful of Parasites) who will in-slave the entire world soon. Don’t ever believe that we are immune in the USA because we are not – WAKE UP AND LOOK AROUND AND YOU WILL SEE IT IS HAPPENING IN THE USA NOT JUST IN GREECE – LET’S WAKE UP AND UNIFY AND PUT A STOP TO THIS MADNESS BEFORE ITS TO LATE.



  16. Most counties around the north sea never joined the Euro. Why not found the Hanse trade block again with UK , norway GER.


  17. Hercules says:

    Current goverment of GRC set MPs & ppl in this dillema, “U either accept the new asterity metters, or U bankrupt as a country” which is an unacceptable blakmail.
    The case is that these kinds of “metters” are gonna be continued, until they take all money from low & middle class citizens & redistribute it to the rich ones.
    I served in the AAvn for 35 years & I was retired last year. Many of our classmates we started together are now at the bottom of Egean sea feeding the fishes, which means no one is certain while serving that he’s gonna live another day, or till he gets the retirement. According to the existent financial laws, they should have given me a pension of 2.600 euros & now all of a sudden, due to these austerity metters, they cut it to 1.700 euros, been a father of 3 daughters which are unemployed..
    I can’t say that ppl’s violent struggles lead to the best results, but due to many reasons, I’ve started to believing that its better to burn it down & start from the begining..


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