Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier melting from below twice as fast as perviously thought

June 28, 2011ANTARCTICA – Stronger ocean currents beneath West Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf are eroding the ice from below, speeding the melting of the glacier as a whole, according to a new study in Nature Geoscience. A growing cavity beneath the ice shelf has allowed more warm water to melt the ice, the researchers say — a process that feeds back into the ongoing rise in global sea levels. The glacier is currently sliding into the sea at a clip of four kilometers (2.5 miles) a year, while its ice shelf is melting at about 80 cubic kilometers a year — 50 percent faster than it was in the early 1990s — the paper estimates. “More warm water from the deep ocean is entering the cavity beneath the ice shelf, and it is warmest where the ice is thickest,” said study’s lead author, Stan Jacobs, an oceanographer at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. In 2009, Jacobs and an international team of scientists sailed to the Amundsen Sea aboard the icebreaking ship Nathaniel B. Palmer to study the region’s thinning ice shelves — floating tongues of ice where landbound glaciers meet the sea. One goal was to study oceanic changes near the Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf, which they had visited in an earlier expedition, in 1994. The researchers found that in 15 years, melting beneath the ice shelf had risen by about 50 percent. Although regional ocean temperatures had also warmed slightly, by 0.2 degrees C or so, that was not enough to account for the jump. “The main reason the glaciers are thinning in this region, we think, is the presence of warm waters,” he said. “Warm waters did not get there because the ocean warmed up, but because of subtle changes in ocean circulation. –Science Daily

What’s really melting most of the ice under Antarctica?

How about submarine volcanoes as the above NASA infrared thermal imagery shows? Underwater vents are alive and well around the massive continental ice sheet as numerous expeditions have already proven but the stories of man-made causes of global warming by runaway carbon emissions continue to fill newspaper headlines. In 2004, numerous volcanic vents were found by Eugene Domack of Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y which you read about here. And then there’s the 2009 expedition which uncovered volcanic vents and a massive caldera on the Antarctica seafloor which you can see in the video.
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15 Responses to Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier melting from below twice as fast as perviously thought

  1. susan says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like the earth is disintegrating from the inside out?! What with sink holes, fissures, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc., etc., etc. it seems like the foundations are surely being shaken. Love the site, BTW. I check it several times a day to see what’s going on. I am a believer and love seing the pieces of the end times fall into place, although it may not be too pleasant for us before it’s all said and done. Thanks for the info–keep it coming!


    • You’re welcome, Susan. Glad it’s on the bus route…

      blessings and peace,


      • Suzanne says:

        I too enjoy this web site it is my favorite. I saw someone posted something about a book, have you written one Alvin? If so i would love to read it.
        Blessings to you in these times and thank you for the information you put out.


      • Putting the final touches on the 2nd updated version of the book. Should be ready in a few days…I’ll post a message letting everyone know when it’s ready. Glad you tune in and like the site Suzanne and hope to hear more from you soon.



  2. K80 says:

    Alvin, is all tis due to the volcanic activity under our oceans?


    • Submarine volcanism is an over-looked cause of sublimation of the Antarctica ice sheets as well as temperature differentials in the ocean which affects the flow of currents just as it is an overlooked cause of permafrost sublimation in the Arctic Circle. See the post for updated information.



  3. G, McCray says:

    I second that Susan! This is such a great site and ministry you are providing Alvin, as you connect the dots of the end times with the facts!

    I too, check it out several times a day to see what new “freakish” events are becoming the norm!


  4. ashuka says:

    This is no surprise to any of us. We knew the ice was melting.


  5. scott decker says:

    This is a great site. I have been trying to follow this kind of stuff on my own for a while now, but it is hard to find good information. The main stream media is either not reporting stuff, or just giving it a mention. I can’t believe how many people have no idea that things are changing. I try to tell them and they just look at me like i am crazy and change the subject like I never said anything. Have you run into this, and why are people sticking their head in the sand?


    • Yes, Scott some people are in denial and get angry when you bring these things to their attention. It’s rooted in fear and most of the time we can get too comfortable in our own self-fabricated embryo to look out and see the bigger picture of the world changing around us. We’re threatened by that change rather than being challenged to change because of it.

      Glad you like the site and wishing you all the best,


      • You are so right about people being in denial, Alvin. I share tons of articles on my Facebook page, hoping to slowly wake my friends. Instead, many have unfriended me. That’s ok, to each their own. I only wish the best for them.

        On the flip side, I have made a few new friends, thanks to you and the EP Facebook page. People who bring great conversation and like minded thoughts and feelings. I like that. 🙂


  6. K80 says:

    Thanks for that information, I am reading your book, about 1/3 so far. Great web site I really like the book—thank you.


  7. ashuka says:

    Alvin i can’t wait to read the updated version of your 2nd book.


  8. Mavis Stucci says:

    This makes so much more sense than carbon pollution. Australia’s just been handed a carbon tax to “fix” global change, though it won’t fix anything. Funny that nobody says what the tax will be actually used for. Government bunkers, maybe. Media, for some strange reason, is unwilling to look at any alternatives to carbon, just going along with mindless promotion; and “educationers” brainwashing kids that it’s all to do with carbon. In war this is called disinformation. Or propaganda. In our ersatz peace it’s just dissembling. Combine magma plumes and undersea eruptions with continuing/increasing above-sea eruptions and their colossal emissions, plus friction heat from earthquake zones and a bit of polar nudging thrown in and the heat factor is inevitable. But, shucks, untaxable. Sorry this post is getting a bit long, but want to add something. Earthquakes seem to trigger other earthquakes. Noticed this back when France was bomb-testing at Mururoa atoll; about 10 days after each test, there’d be a quake in California. I wrote to the seismic centre in Wellington, NZ, and suggested there was a link and got a reply stating it wasn’t possible BUT less than a month later was a small article in the Sydney Morning Herald that US geologists were postulating the same thing; soon after that the tests stopped. Now, many years later, I’m noticing that the bounce effect between big quakes is happening faster and faster. A few years ago it took 3 wks, then it got down to 10 days or so, but the latest Kermadec-Japan bounce was only a day (don’t panic yet – the next one (Japan-?) is taking longer).
    This is a great site. At last a place where we can find real facts. May God protect you.


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