California Omen: Rumblings from the San Andreas fault

June 25, 2011San FranciscoA small swarm of tremors have erupted in Northern California over the last 7 hours. The depth of the earthquakes, all measuring under the 3.1 magnitude is incredibly shallow- ranging from a depth of 0 to 8.7 km. The straight-line pattern eruption of the quakes also reveal they are occurring along the San Andreas Fault line which is a transform fault between the North American and the Pacific Plates. The quakes indicate stress from a southward movement of the American Plate along the fault. What is perhaps even more interesting is the last quake in the swarm, a 2.7 magnitude earthquake in San Francisco (37 lat, 122 long) at a depth of 8 km, is virtually the identical spot and depth of the epicenter of the 7.9 San Francisco earthquake which struck in 1906 and killed about 3,000 people. While we are not sounding any alarms, we are saying the same geological forces that generated the 1906 disaster are now awakened and very much alive on the West coast. These forces reflect the growing dangers of the potential occurrence of large-scale earthquakes as tectonic plate agitation increases across the globe and faults are revitalized. –The Extinction Protocol
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23 Responses to California Omen: Rumblings from the San Andreas fault

  1. K80 says:

    Headed to San Fran for vacation this next week, many friends and family there, I hope this is not the first sign of a large quake in the near future!!


  2. Silent Storm says:

    If a 7.9 struck this area now, what would be the estimated death toll?


    • San Francisco has a strigent building code and it would depend on the depth of the quake and the time it struck. The 1906 quake struck around 5am. The Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 along the San Andreas was only a 6.9 (18 km) that killed 63 people but the quake only lasted 10-15 seconds. We can be certain that if there was a massive slip along the San Andreas fault, it would be quite disasterous for the city and could even involve more than one event. Further, it could place San Francisco in a state of instability like Christchurch if the fault remained kinetic. Most of the deaths in the 1906 quake came from fires that erupted in the aftermath of the earthquake- but 3/4 of the population of San Francisco at the time was left homeless.


      • SC says:

        I was just there last week. I noticed they installed a loud speaker warning system too. I’ve never seen that before.


  3. Marshallrn says:

    I am about twenty miles by the way the bird flys from where this fault hits the ocean in the north. 40 minute drive north from SF. I have been watching this area for some time now and would not be surprised. ” I am waiting for it to start shaking any moment” I said this just yesterday morning before work. 3000 dead in 2011 from a big one would be a blessing because of the population today. Not that there is too many but that compared to 1908 so many more would be effected buy all of this. Peace and Stay Safe. I’m ready for what ever happens.

    I Hope.


  4. San Francisco is the cool place to be…


  5. Marshallrn says:


  6. Dennis says:

    Well, it has been predicted. As a matter of fact most people did not know other fault tines existed anywhere else in America except this one until we got educated and found that the San Andres Fault wasn’t the only game in town.
    However, however, it grieves my heart to think that 3,000 deaths is a welcomed sight. How many of these souls would go into eternity without knowing the Lord?
    Just a thought.


  7. i have a question and dont know where to post so i thought i would just ask it here… please answer … im located inbetween in Vancouver BC… now seeing the san fran and alaska activity im starting to get a bit antsy … do you think there is a chance we will be affected by all this .. we are sitting in a quiet calm right now .. but is it a quiet calm before the storm… vancouver has been awaiting the big one for quite some time now what are your thoughts ..

    in light and love…


    • The only worry Veevaletta would be if the Cacadia fault slips with a major quake and then the whole NW portion of the U.S. would also be gravely affected. While there is some risks and a large quake along the the fault is over-due; no one knows if there will be warning signs or if it will be from a sudden jolt. We can monitor the movement of tectonic plates and try and detect stress points where risks may be elevated but it’s not a predictor. This is not one to lose sleep worrying about.

      light and love,


  8. thanks so much alvin for the info… just another question to tickle my curiosity… what do you think the outcome would be if a quake hit the Vancouver area??? would there be a tsunami like the one that hit japan if there was something of that magnitude around the west coast area??? i live right on the coast and think its way better to be educated and prepaired then to be blinded and sorry

    thanks again in light and love
    wishing you wonderful weekend


    • You’re welcome Veevaletta. Tsunamis are probably the principle concern. Here’s an interesting 2010 Youtube video that covers your question rather well. I think you will the information in it helpful.

      A great weekend to you as well


  9. Kim says:

    Praying for everyone in the area. It worries me to see that Alaska just had a 7 earthquake and now stress along the San Andreas. I was in San Fran when they had a few small quakes. It’s my favorite city. Praying for you all

    Blessings in Christ


  10. carolyn says:

    I hope you all have at least a month of drinking water and ready to eat food and any other essentials. If water mains and gas lines rupture, the taps will not flow and you won’t be cooking. I’d prefer to say six months…..but at least start with one.


  11. Anon says:

    Do not remorse. All souls go back to God, since we are all from the Creator.

    Alvin; great job keeping your readers posted. It is places like this on the internet that help people judge for themselves what’s going on in the world.

    Light and Love to All.


  12. Luca says:

    Hey Alvin I just wanted to share this

    I just read an article that was titled Fear and trembling in Saudi Arabia and it goes into detail of how the media is warning of imminent earthquake, volcano though geologists discount risk. the article was in the Jerusalem post and I wanted to know what you think about it. I will post the link .


  13. JO says:

    Why people know this and they still living in california???? whay not to move some where else???
    if you know that you are in danger or your kids, why still there??? God bless , but we have to do something??? is not all in GOD heands.. we make choises too!.
    God take care of ours souls, we take care of ours bodys!!… I live in Arizona, I know we are no safe any were dead came at any time! but why be the ones looking for that? I not good writing English so I hope you andestood why I try to said>.


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