Saskatchewan flooding closes portion of Trans-Canada Highway

June 22, 2011CANADA – A large portion of the Trans-Canada Highway in eastern Saskatchewan is closed due to flooding. A stretch of about 150 km — from Whitewood to Balgonie — of the province’s main highway is closed in both directions due to deep water on the road near the village of Sintaluta, located about 85 km east of Regina. The Saskatchewan government decided to close the highway Monday, when water up to 60 cm deep in some places drowned out the road. The flooding was caused by heavy rains which fell over the past few days in the already soggy area. “It’s still raining here. There was quite a bit of water out there,” Sgt. Paul Dawson, of the RCMP’s F Division, said Tuesday afternoon. Although the flooding is localized, a large stretch of the highway has closed between Regina and the Manitoba boundary. The Saskatchewan highways department advises that signs and barricades are in place, with flag-persons directing traffic at the closures. Travelers should expect detours and delays. Dawson couldn’t say how long the closure is expected to last. –Sun News
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5 Responses to Saskatchewan flooding closes portion of Trans-Canada Highway

  1. David says:

    I’m sure many of you have seen The Day After Tomorrow. Great movie by the way.For those who aren’t familiar with the movie, basically a supercell storm covering the entire eastern half of the United States, cripples it and causes a huge disaster. But are we starting to see so-called “supercell storms”, on a much smaller level? I have noticed that storm fronts are covering a much larger area
    than usual. They seem stronger as well – high winds, rain
    with flooding and tornados.Something to keep an eye on.


    • Kathy says:

      I agree David. Everything to do with the weather is larger, longer, harder… It does remind me of “The Day After Tomorrow”.


      • David says:

        There is so much going on in the past few years its almost like a having another full time job trying to keep up,very interesting times and days to come.The Day After Tomorrow might not be to far fetched,a few years ago I would have said yes,but seeing whats going on since that movie I am getting this feeling it could become some way a reality for everyone.


  2. David says:

    MINOT, N.D. — Residents here are being told that sirens are “imminent,” and they need to evacuate their homes as soon as possible to escape the rising Souris River The story and live feed


  3. David says:

    Major event about to unfold before your eyes, This is truly disturbing. I hope this dam doesn’t fail. Thousands will be affected. I can’t believe the government is just sitting there not doing anything about it! Now here is the part that no news organization is covering…. The damn is currently beyond the maximum level!!! you could wake up to a Tsunami fueled by the 5th largest man made lake in the US in your backyard soon if this dam fails


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