New harmonic tremor detected at Iceland’s Katla volcano

June 22, 2011ICELAND – Today around 16:00 UTC there was a new harmonic tremor in Katla volcano. This harmonic tremor has two sources: Hydrothermal activity under the glacier, or magma moving deep inside Katla volcano (without creating many earthquakes in Katla volcano). It is unclear which is the case at the moment. These spikes are so far not related to glacier floods from Katla volcano. But that sometimes also happen without an eruption being involved. It is impossible to know what happens next. But it is also important to be aware of the fact that earthquake season is starting in Katla volcano. But that is normally from end of June to beginning of October (or when it starts to snow again in Iceland).  More earthquakes are going to be seen this summer also because of more SIL seismometers around Katla volcano. So there is no reason to panic about Katla volcano at current time. But it is worth to keep watch on it anyway. –Jonfr

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6 Responses to New harmonic tremor detected at Iceland’s Katla volcano

  1. David says:

    There are so many volcanoes that have become active in the last few months I have lost count ,is this a new one to keep an eye on, It has risen about 2 metres (6.6 ft) from ground level since 1970. It is a volcano capable of producing VEI 7 eruptions, as large as that of Tambora in 1815.


    • It’s as close to a super-volcano without being at VEI8 as possible. The day Campi Flegrei blows will be the day most of Europe is obliterated… See our post:


      • David says:

        Here is another volcano becoming active, there have been many shallow earthquakes in the Santorini area. That’s not usually an issue, EQs happen in Greece every single day. What caused seismologists and volcanologists to start worrying, is that these EQs may be shallow, but their depth keeps getting closer to the island’s surface, a phenomenon that can be explained by the rise of the level of magma from the bottom of the volcano, which pushes the cone of the crater. To make a long story short, they are all worried that the volcano might be waking up, so they decided to install five (!) new seismographs in Santorini, to monitor the earthquakes and the progress of this phenomenon.
        Here is the link for Athens Geodynamic Institute, with a detailed map of the EQs:
        Although the experts said there is no need for panic, people are beginning to worry. The earthquakes are much more common than they used to be, plus there is something more… The stinch of sulphur dioxide, which accompanies volcanic activity, is very intense in Santorini, and that is not common at all for the island…
        Here are some of the articles Unfortunately, they are all in greek, so I hope you could take the time to copy and paste them and have google translate them to you.


    • traurig says:

      It only takes another X 9 class flare + CME to trigger some of these S-volcanoes’s sound sleep, and we are bound for dozens of X class flares in the next two years.

      So the sun gives us life, according to the primary school books around the globe, now I’m keeping wondering whether it’s the time for the sun to collect what it endows upon us?


  2. Kelli says:

    David, that link you provided has a list of earthquakes, the most recent of which looks like it was today, a 5.5. Am I reading that right? The USGS site doesn’t show any activity in that area, so that seems weird.


  3. It is truth Kelli, everyday there happen small earthquake swarms. They are not very severe but they are very shallow and they worry the scientists a little. This link shows everyday earthquake activity. It is a bad situation now because our country is in serious financial condition and there is no place for accidents.


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