Nerves frayed as Christchurch hit by another wave of violent tremors

June 22, 2011 NEW ZEALAND – Last night another wave of violent tremors shook Christchurch residents again, and disrupted exams for some university students. The most violent earthquake – 5.4 – hit just after 10:30pm, scaring the wits out of exhausted Christchurch residents. “For us it wasn’t a rolling, it was very sharp upheaval and really threw everything up and dropped it on the ground,” says Peter Claridge. Mr. Claridge lives directly above the epicenter where the quake hit. “It emptied everything out, including the nails,” he says. Inside, bookshelves are thrown to the floor and split open. “It felt really close and was just so violent, and everything was shaking all around,” says Jake Claridge. Fifteen-year-old Jake was spared injury when his bedroom cupboard spun and twisted off the wall, crashing to the floor. “It was just so scary, everything was shaking, things were flying everywhere, and just no idea what to do,” he says. “Just sit there, it’s all you could do, it was so scary.” Last night’s earthquake was thought to have occurred way over the hills near Akaroa. They said it was a 5.3, down 12km, but have upgraded it today to 5.4. In Leadleys Rd the aftershock rattled nearby shop shelves, Halswell’s New World supermarket taking a direct hit – stock is now destined for the land fill. As the tremors continue, nerves are starting to go. “I’ve had enough of it and I understand why people are leaving, and I can’t blame them,” says Mr Claridge. His family is staying around cleaning up yet again. –3
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1 Response to Nerves frayed as Christchurch hit by another wave of violent tremors

  1. Gen says:

    Akaroa. Isn’t that where the volcano is.

    I think you people living in the Christchurch area should be praying for guidance on whether you should stay or leave. If you feel prompted to leave follow that prompting. It might not be easy but you will be looked after.

    I know Christchurch is or was known as “the city of churches” and I hope that the situation there has not made you lose faith. Geologically, it is just not a safe place to be. At least at the present time.

    A friend of one of my nephews was in Christchurch just before the quake in February. He was prompted to go to the airport straight away, even though he was planning to go much later. He always listens to that little voice within so went straight to the airport and was there when the quake struck.


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