Major geological change on the ground confirmed in Eritrea- 7 dead from eruption

June 22, 2011ERITREA – The eruption of the stratovolcano has created a new landmass, according to the director general of Mines at the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Mr. Alem Kibreab. Mr. Alem said that the ash and lava emitted from the Southern Red Sea region volcano has created a new land mass measuring hundreds of square meters. The director general also disclosed that a team composed of geological and volcanic experts is conducting studies in the area. Meanwhile, according to reports, 7 people have died while 3 people have sustained injuries due to the eruption. The Ministry confirmed that inhabitants of the area have been moved to safer locations while at the same time they are being given basic provisions. –Irishweatheronline
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5 Responses to Major geological change on the ground confirmed in Eritrea- 7 dead from eruption

  1. traurig says:

    Lava flow is also detected at Puyuehue in Chile.

    C-class CME detected on June 21th, expected to impact on Earth on June 23rd, Dst disturbance anticipated, tremor anticipated…


    • Maiden PEI says:

      This 2 part video can be seen on the ‘Earthquake-Report’ site…scroll down a bit.


      • traurig says:

        Many thanks for the video, the anticipated tremor has already hit us, and Alvin has notified everyone on this 6.7 in Japan. I’ve done a research on the last 20 years on the correlation between moon calendar (an invention dated back to 3000 years in my country) and quakes.

        Then the result of my founding is simple: besides full moon and no moon, the first quarter and the last quarter of the moon is also likely to trigger tremor, June 23rd is the 22nd day of the fifth lunar month of thiis year.

        So on the 24th, it will be “5/23rd”, coupled with the arrival of this CME, we are anticipating another 6+, together with activity at Puyuehue, or Nabro or Russia or even Iceland =,=


  2. concerned mommy says:

    ugh, video “removed by user”! I saw a vid last night of a french guy in Japan, talking about how the Japanese govt wants the rest of the world to censor any opinions/data/youtube posts that arent officially coming from the Japan govt or Tepco, he is vocal about the situation and has made many videos, now he’s a criminal. He’s outraged, which is the point I’m at as well, where I cant even watch a volcano lava flow.


  3. Maiden PEI says:

    The June 21st CME arrival has been revised. The following is from

    CME FORECAST, REVISED: A CME propelled toward Earth by the “solstice solar flare” of June 21st may be moving slower than originally thought. Analysts at the GSFC Space Weather Lab have downgraded the cloud’s probable speed from 800 km/s to 650 km/s. Impact is now expected on June 24th at 0700 UT plus or minus 7 hours. In this animated forecast model, the yellow dot is Earth:


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