Lava erupts from Chile’s Puyehue volcano

June 22, 2011CHILE – Lava has begun spilling from Chile’s Puyehue volcano, 18 days after it first erupted, but there’s no danger to nearby residents, according to the National Service of Geology and Mining. But the ash cloud created by the eruption continues to wreak havoc on airlines around the world. “Viscous lava has flowed slowly westward in a channel roughly 50 meters wide and 100 meters long,” the national geology service known as SERNAGEOMIN said in its latest report. Last week, SERNAGEOMIN chief Enrique Valdivieso said the appearance of lava would signal “the end of the eruptive process” and would not put any of the local population in danger. Authorities had subsequently authorized the return of more than 4,000 people to their homes. But on Tuesday, SERNAGEOMIN acknowledged that “eruptions continue” and that volcanic activity could “increase again.” Puyehue had been dormant for a half century until June 4. The ash cloud created by the eruption threatened to put an end to the tourist season at the Argentine skiing resort of Bariloche, some 1,600km southwest of Buenos Aires and just 100km southeast of Puyehue. –
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