Israeli leaders practice evacuation drills to nuclear bunker

June 22, 2011 JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli leaders holed up in a new underground nuclear bunker on Wednesday as part of annual maneuvers to prepare for a possible missile war with Iran, Syria and their Lebanese and Palestinian guerrilla allies. Officials said it was the first time the security cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, had tested the “National Management Center” carved out beneath the government complex in Jerusalem over the past decade. The bunker includes living quarters as well as command facilities. It can be accessed through the western foothills leading to the coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv. “This is the proper place from which to run the State of Israel in wartime,” Homefront Defense Minister Matan Vilnai told Army Radio in an interview. Israel instituted increasingly sweeping civil defense drills after the 2006 Lebanon war in which Hezbollah fighters fired thousands of short-range rockets at its northern towns. There have been similar salvoes from Hamas and other Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip to the south, and Israeli officials say a future war could involve non-conventional missile strikes by Syria and Iran. Wednesday’s exercise, dubbed “Turning Point 5,” envisaged heavy shelling and thousands of dead and wounded on several Israeli fronts. Police and medics practiced mass-casualty incidents and air raid sirens were scheduled to sound twice. “It is certainly an extreme scenario (although) we assume that our enemies would not dare to operate this way, given our deterrent power,” Vilnai said. Reputed to have the Middle East’s only atomic arsenal, Israel bombed an Iraqi reactor in 1981 under what it called a policy of denying foes the means to threaten its destruction. –Yahoo News
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29 Responses to Israeli leaders practice evacuation drills to nuclear bunker

  1. Raven says:

    I don’t like the look of this Alvin…


    • I just was reading an article from a Middle Eastern source which stated the time of the End is here and the planet will soon be engulfed in an unimaginable war. He was saying have at least 90 days of food stored and avoid any cities in the world where there are military bases.

      Grace in Christ,


      • David says:

        We’re seeing the alignment of Russia and Iran. This is a key alignment predicted in the Bible, and sets up a future invasion of Israel by Russia; the Bible predicts that Russia will lead the battle against Israel. “The SCO alliance is evocative of the eastern-portion of the biblical alliance foretold in Ezekiel 38-39 that will come against Israel and seek to destroy the Jewish people in what the Bible calls the “last days” of history. When one considers how closely Russia and Iran are currently growing to the western portion of the prophetic alliance – Sudan, Libya and Algeria, for example – it’s not hard to envision these prophecies coming true in our lifetime, or even in the next few years. That said, I believe it is currently too soon to draw any conclusions. There are many intriguing trends and developments, but it remains far from clear that we’re seeing Bible prophecy come to pass.”

        We live in interesting times.


  2. Luca says:

    I saw that Israel making mass grave sites incase of a national disaster and a bible verse came to my mind when I saw it. Anyone else see this? Never heard of a nation doing this before and i promise I saw an article on ynetnews
    God Bless


    • Kathy says:

      Luca, I saw this too. It sounds to me like they’re worried about and appropiate burial, in accordance with Jewish law, in the event of any disater. They may just be being proactive, as I hope we all are.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Ah…..this is definitely remarkable times we live in. Thank you again for your humbled service to us Alvin and also for the book. I am reading in the 300’s now so won’t be long and I will be done with it. Remarkable indeed, and again, I appreciate you very much!


  4. Golfdad641 says:

    “None of Syria’s allies would accept the fall of Syria even if it led to turning the table upside down — war (with Israel) could be one of the options.” YIKES!!!!


    • As I wrote in my book- Syria is the wild card to peace or war in the Middle East and is the bulwark for the fundamentalist movement oposing Israel. Iran, Lebanon, the Palestinians, and Syrian leadership all knows what is at stake if Syria falls —– Israel looses an enemy and Iran, the PLO, and the Hezbollah lose a key ally on Israel’s northern border. Syria is already surrounded by pro-western nations, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq. Syria is the connection to Iran and Iran is the connection the East (Russia, North Korea, and China) has to the Middle East. A very dangerous power game is escalating and any miscaculation by either side could ignite a apocaylptic firestorm in the region. Damascus is also believed, by some Muslim clerics, to be one of the final enclaves for refugees of Islam who flee the war of the apocalypse in the Middle East.


  5. DENNIS says:

    oh yes, very interesting. Alvin the bible also speaks that Damascus, perhaps the oldest continously inhabited city on earth will cease to be a city : Isaiah 17.1is taken away from being a city and shall be a ruinous heap.
    As these words are written, the USA has a marine landing force off the coast and a ageis missile destroyer in the black sea. Several other military assets are in key positions.Turkey reportedly has moved troops to the syrian border. It is believed tha twithin a period of days, military action will be taken against the Goverment of Syria.
    But I believe Israel is the key. I believe we are going to see God’s divine intervention on their behalf in the near future. Everyone seems to have turned their back on Israel but God is their protector. And when Israel sees
    his hand in their deliverance, then they will wake up spiritually and you and me will see a rebuilt Temple on the temple Mount, we are that close.
    God bless.


    • Till says:

      Only God knows the absolute truth. May be we will see, that the bible is only a way to the truth.


    • J.M says:

      Normally I don’t intervene but I shall say this, the bible clearly states that the Jewish people ARE NO LONGER God’s people by virtue of their birthright, only those who accept Jesus message in its ENTIRETY and accepted him as saviour will be saved, sorry there is no rapture, you will see the show until its bitter end (or shall I say sweet end….?)

      Acts 13:46- “Then Paul and Barnabas said boldly: To you it behoved us first to speak the word of God: but because you reject it, and judge yourselves unworthy of eternal life, behold we turn to the Gentiles.”

      Of course I pray for the Jews conversion before it’s too late but I hope you know they will not be saved by virtue of their bloodline. Specially since their fingerprints are all over the decay of your once great nation US. How the wicked will enter heaven?


  6. A_lad says:

    Hi Alvin. Have you heard of Jerry Golden? Here’s a link of what he sees on the ground in the Mideast. I read his weekly report.


    • His assessment bears taking note… Thanks for the link A_lad. I’m sure others will read it.



    • Dennis says:

      I have monitered his site for years.
      He has good information.
      Another one if you have heard of it is Is making similar comments on the middle east as jerry golden. has geo-political background.


      • A_lad says:

        Thanks Dennis for the link 🙂


      • Golfdad641 says:

        Thanks A_lad and Dennis for the links, I added them to my Favorites and I will be checking them out. Alvin, I finally ordered your book and can’t wait to receive it, this week I hope ( I put a rush on shipping on the order). I think it would be great reading material on one of my breaks during a trial run or hike. (I just hope it is in large fonts with pop ups and pictures, sorry I am kid at heart.. Also I hope I am smarter than a 5th grader to comprehend 🙂 )


      • Warren, I hope you enjoy it…It’s a dense read but it has lots of pictures, charts though no pop-ups- sorry.

        May God bless you friend,


  7. Mike says:

    I have been reading doomsday prophesies from people who quote Nostradamus and other such soothsayers, and have been growing ever more frustrated as they beleive everything and everyone except for the Bible and our Lord and Saviour. I am so glad to read the comments on the posts. They link to the scriptures, and make so much sense.
    Thank you for this post Alvin and thank you to one and all for your comments.


  8. J Guffey says:

    Hey Alvin,

    Wondering if you have seen this video. I’ve been hearing about this (uprising) for quite some time and a friend just posted this on another site. You may post it if you like, but I thought you may like to view it. It certainly appears everything is falling in place to usher in the anti-christ.

    God bless you and continue to enlighten you so you may enlighten others. Your faithfulness to the Lord is appreciated by many.


  9. father ted says:

    all religion is designed for controlling the masses why are you people so twisted


    • As opposed to the godless, New Age, alien, New World Order agenda that runs the State, global public media and the financial system? Religion for me is not a belief system- it’s a personal interactive love and life-imbuing relationship with the divine God- something one can’t possibly understand if they don’t have it. God is the Creator and law-giver of the universe regardless if people acknowledge Him or don’t acknowledge Him. He needs no nor is He looking for human validation- a fact that will remain unequivocal long after you and I pass from the scene.


      • J Guffey says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself Alvin.

        You’ve probably heard the following statement:
        God said it. I believe it. That settles it.

        As we know, it should read:
        God said it and that settles it (whether anyone believes it or not).


      • Well, everyone has their right to believe what they choose but I think it shows biogtry and egoism of the human mind to assume someone is wrong because they don’t think as you do. Everywhere non-believers have been ——- Christians, before they were converted, somewhere have already trod. That’s why we’ve found Christ, because we’ve lived a life once without Him. I’ve never gotten on one atheist site and called any of them crazy, or ridiculed their beliefs…which makes the point perfectly- It’s the power of Satan in the soul that is enraged by us spreading messages of truth about God and what is to come.


      • J Guffey says:

        Mutual respect is what keeps humans somewhat civil. Never did like name-calling. It was bad enough in childhood, but in adults comes across as immaturity.

        As far as the Satan statement Alvin, you are so right. And, don’t you think he is pulling out the big guns because he knows time is short?

        When you commented just a few weeks ago about how fast events would start to escalate I believed you. What I did not realize was that the escalation would be evident now. I was thinking a few more months from now.

        But by God’s grace, I have a peace and calm knowing He is in control and will not put any more on His children than they can bear. No matter what we may have to endure He will be right there with us. What an amazing promise and blessing!


  10. J Guffey says:

    Father Ted – My life is not controlled not defined by religion. I am a Christian and willing accepted the salvation Christ offered me. He did not force himself on me. He lovingly pulled on my heartstrings and drew me to Himself.

    He gave me the choice to say yes or no. No group of people or individuals twisted me and forced me. I chose to admit I am a sinner and needed God’s grace. He is my heavenly Father. He stands at the door and knocks. His love is perfect, so is His justice.

    His grace is there for the asking. It’s up to each individual to decide for themselves.
    Personally, I CHOSE LIFE. It’s the best decision I ever made. That was almost 40 years ago and I have absolutely no regrets for that choice. In fact, I have never met one Christian that has voiced regret over turning their life, heart, and soul over to God.


  11. J.M says:

    Alvin, and J. Guffey

    Even though I disagree with your beliefs I commend for your response to “Father Ted” God Bless so you can find His love and mercy.


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